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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

How much useful is it to support mental development processes of children with brain booster games? This is the question that most families are wondering about what would be the most correct way of leading of their children’s mental development process.

Scientific research shows that learning through play is the most effective way of learning and it is an organic method too. Child development specialists often mention about how important is to play game for children’s mental development.

brain booster games

Increasing in the number of digital library-like blogs in these areas has started awareness among families. However, providing mental development with games is a proven knowledge based on the years 1712-1778. Therefore, seeking an answer for the question of “What are the brain-boosting games?” would be a time-saving rather than the question of “Do the brain boost games work?”.

When children think about an exercise as an assignment or work to do, it would not be enough to attract children even if the activity is really fun. Choosing the correct method for games in order to support child’s mental development is important to increase the attention and interest level of the child. So, brain teaser games can be considered as one kind of brain boost games. That’s why educational content of courses have now been started to be revised at schools in order to be more game-like. We recommend parents not introduce brain boost games as planned and ordered tasks. Let your child play which game they like and whenever they are free.


1- Jigsaw Puzzle Game/Toy

When it comes to skill games, jigsaw puzzles are the first toys that come to mind. Joining together the pieces by imagining a robot enables a child to improve imagination and trying to make a home by looking at its model improves the analytical thinking skills of the child. Jigsaw puzzles are preferred the most among training games because it involves detecting the parts that cause wrong construction and joining the correct pieces together with the correct observation and experience. As you know, analytical thinking is required for trying to reach whole from the pieces of different shapes and characteristics.

puzzle game

2- Guess Who Game:

It is one of the oldest popular games among the brain booster games for kids. The one who is trying to guess the opponent’s mystery character within the many other character cards asks yes-or-no questions about character’s eye and hair colour, and appearance. The most important factors are that asking the correct questions and keeping the characters in mind. Guess who game can be classified in the category of brain-boosting games. It is a fun game that children play and also it is quite effective in terms of logic and memory development. Your child may not have any siblings or a friend. This game is one of the brain booster games for kids that parents can easily accompany.

guess who

3- Jenga Game:

Brain boost games for kids are sometimes quite fun for adults as well. One of these games is Jenga. It is played with 54 wooden blocks. Once these blocks are built like a tower, a block is taken out by pulling it out and then placed on the top of the tower without falling the blocks. The player who makes the Jenga Tower fall loses the game. It is one of the training games that require strategic training. But it also requires physical training and attention. Choosing games like these allows children to improve brain functions quite a lot.


4- Computer Based Brain Booster Games:

As a matter of fact, kids love technology and, as the experts say, “It is rather a good idea to provide a controlled usage than forbid it”. MentalUP Brain Booster Games are certificated as pedagogical product and recommended by child development specialists. We cannot talk about only one feature of it just like other games because MentalUP offers brain booster games in wide range of topics such as verbal, visual, and logical intelligence development, attention, memory, and analytical training skills. Also, it is a platform that children can spend their time in the most efficient way, that they are already spent by using computers, smart phones or tablets.

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5- Battleship Game:

It is a game which consists of 10x10 squares and aims at sinking the rival’s ship. If you notice, brain boost games played on paper often require strategy. This game also requires prediction skill and numerical intelligence as well. This is one of the most popular and fun game among math games played on paper.

Battleship Game

6- Solo Test:

Solo test is one of the most popular brain booster games. It is played with 32 pawns arranged on a stand. The hole in the centre remains empty and the game starts. A pawn can move both forward and backward, and left and right by jumping over another pawn into a hole without any pawn in it. The pawn that is skipped over is being captured and removed from the stand. The game has to be continued until the only one pawn is left. However, it is not easy to finish the game with only one pawn left. Players mostly leave more than one pawn at the end of the game. Solo test are preferred the most among brain-boosting games because it always requires calculating few steps forward. It is a strategy game like chess. If you are looking for skill games for your child, you can get a solo test which you can find even for couple of dollars.

solo test

7- Game to play with parents:

You must've heard of these games very often that we mentioned in this article to find the answer for the question of what are brain games. Of course, cognitive games are not limited to these games alone. There are brain booster games that you can make your own rules. For example, you may want your child to describe an object. Also, you may ask your child to pronounce names reversibly (Alexander>rednaxela). Of course, it would be the best to start with Ben ☺. You can find out more games if you think about it. As a last example, you might want your child to count by twos to 20 forward and then backward.

Game to play with parents

8- Question-Answer/Riddle:

Math games are one of the brain booster games. Example: I have 5 marbles. How many marbles am I going to have if I give you 2 of them? I bought twenty candies from the store and I ate 3 of them. I gave 5 candies to you and 5 candies to your sister. How many candies left? The answer is 20-3-5-5=7. Of course, it would be better if you ask your child to not use her/his fingers in terms of her/his mental development.

soru cevap bilmece oyunu

9- Puzzle:

One of the most popular brain-boosting games are puzzles. It is mainly based on trying to fit separate pieces together to get the whole picture. There are puzzles that are consisting of 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 and more pieces. You can find the right size puzzle for your child's age and potential easily like other brain training for kids.


10- BOOM Game:

Remember, intelligence is a multi-faceted concept. While playing brain-boosting games, you should think that each game is a different mental development tool for you. BOOM game is one of the games that require attention span and concentration and you can play with 2-3-4-5 or even more people. It has the easiest rules among the brain boost games. Firstly, the players make a circle together and count from right to left like 1, 2, 3, 4. When it comes to 5 and its multiples, the player says BOOM! instead of 5 and its multiples and then point out any other player. So, next player stars to count after 5 or its multiples like 6, 7, 8, 9, BOOM! The important point here is that each player says BOOM should point to someone else, so the player who says the multiples of five will be always changed. If anyone use the multiples of five during the game will be eliminated.



Congratulate your children for the results they get after each game which requires using mental skills. Play with your children very often and motivate them by reminding their success during the games. Do not forget, these games are brain boost and they are also very good for adults to keep their brain fit. Thus, it would be beneficial to both you and your child to accompany during playing brain-boosting games. Moreover, it provides family happiness :)

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