Having strong muscles is essential for a healthy body. Playing gymnastics games for kids is one of the most preferred ways to make their muscles work. Carefully designed, kid-friendly gymnastic games significantly impact kids to love exercising, especially at early ages.

We’ve collected some of the best gym games for kids! You can benefit from the entertaining and useful gymnastic moves at home or outside and aim to reach the most healthy body and mindset. It is time to learn how to get fit for kids.

The Best Online Gymnastic Games

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Fun Gym Games

These gymnastics games above are fun but offer you limited counts of exercises. What if we tell you that you can reach unlimited fun with hundreds of new gym games in one app? 🤸🧠

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Fun Gymnastics Games and Exercises

Are you ready to have so much fun while exercising your muscles with the best gymnastics games? These cardio exercises are specially picked up to make children love exercising. Don’t forget to check out warm up games for kids before the exercises below! 🤸

1. Pikachu

What is your favorite Pokemon? After this gym game, it will be Pikachu for sure!

Stand tall before beginning the move. First, you need to lean your knees, then jump and open both your arms and legs. After that, shake your arms like you are making an electric attack!

2. Monkey

Monkey is one of the most fun gym games that kids can benefit from! Who wouldn’t want to be as fast as monkeys? Now you’ll experience that feeling with fun exercises for kids.

Imagine yourself climbing. Up your one arm and another like you’re reaching the higher branches of the trees! Support your climbing move with your legs too. It’s an excellent game to strengthen your arms, legs, and abdominal muscles!

3. Butterfly

Butterflies are gentle, but don’t let this make you think this gymnastics game is easy because of that!

Stand tall before the beginning, then hold your arms straight. Now it’s time to move them forward and backward like you are circling with your arms!

4. Octopus

The exercise named Octopus is one of the best gymnastic games for children! Besides being beneficial for upper and lower body muscles, it also offers much fun.

Open your legs shoulder-length, and lean slightly. Put your arms up in the air. While walking from side to side, swing your arms freestyle as an octopus does!

5. Frog Jump

What do you imagine when we say Frog Jump? Frog Jump the gym game is what you think 100%!

To make your muscles stronger, you should try this. Lean with all your body, touch the ground with your fingers, and jump just like a frog!

6. T-Rex

Make your gymnastic games more effective with the power of the mighty T-Rex!

Take a big step forward when your hands are on your chest level. Make your hands like a claw of dinosaurs while doing it. Meanwhile, don’t let your knees touch the ground!

7. Turtle

What would a turtle look like upside-down? Now is the time to be a turtle who has strong muscles!

Lay down on your back, and lift your right leg and arm at the same time. Repeat the move with the opposite legs and arms.

8. Lion Claw

Are you ready to feel as strong as a lion? Then do this gymnastics challenge!

Make your hands like claws, and move one leg and another while standing still.

There are hundreds of more gymnastic games on MentalUP for keeping kids active and entertained, but these are not the only benefits of these workouts:

👉 Boost kids’ self-confidence,

👉 Support well-being, both physical and psychological,

👉 Help them spend their energies,

👉 Teach kids how to do these exercises safely by following directions,

👉 Make gymnastics a part of their daily routine.

For a healthier lifestyle, exercising is the best habit your kid can have! 👟


Gymnastics Activities for Kids

Online gymnastics games make your kids enjoy working out anywhere by themselves. In addition to that, they can play other gymnastics games with their group of friends and parents. Don’t forget that they also function as childhood obesity prevention activities.

It would be a brilliant idea to give them brain balancing exercises by using online gymnastics games and teach them other gymnastics activities that they can play at home or outside. This way, they can make a habit of it in time. Here are the most effective gymnastics activities that children enjoy so much:

1. Coach Says

You must be familiar with one of the most popular attention games, “Simon Says.” In this version, Coach gives the directions!

gymnastic games for kids

If you play this game in a large group, line up the kids on one side of the room and set the rule as "the first one who reaches the other side wins."

In every round, there must be some directions to perform. Here are some examples:

  • Jump 5 times,
  • Hop backward,
  • Up your hands and clap 5 times,
  • Take 3 steps forward, etc.

The tricky part is that kids should do these only if you say "Coach says" at the beginning of the sentence. If you don't say this, they should not make any move. That’s why it’s one of the most excellent free gymnastic games to play that boosts attention skills too!

2. Scale Challenge

Here is one of the best fun gym games for kids.

gymnastic games for kids

Kids love balance activities and coordination exercises. All they need to do is start the contest by standing on one foot. Those who lose their balance and put their feet on the ground will be eliminated.

If you are looking for gym games for kindergartners, this version is enough for them. If you want to modify it as gym games for middle school, you can make the rules more complicated.

For example, make them play it with closed eyes. It will be pretty challenging!

3. Balance Ball

There are some gymnastics moves for kids to make their lower body stronger. This game is especially beneficial for leg muscles.

gymnastic games free

Give 2 players a ball, and make them start playing on their one leg. The players' positions should be close at the beginning because they should jump farther than the other in each throw of the ball.

Remind them to use their alternate legs to make these activities more effective and fun gymnastic games!

4. Parent Pull

In some gymnastic games, bars are necessary to make a move. What if we would say sometimes a chair is more than enough to do the pull-over exercise?

gymnastic games online free

There are many gymnastic games to play at home and here is one of the best. An older sibling or a parent must help the player kid make this gymnastic challenge.

As the older one, all you need to do is sit on the chair. The player kid should try to pull the heavier person with his/her hands to a standing position. To make this game harder, the sitting person can slightly resist!

5. The Add On

As one of the real gymnastics games, the Add On is quite useful for younger kids. Even though this exercise is designed for gymnasts, all children can play it with their friends in the schoolyard or at home.

gymnastic games ideas

Besides being a gym-friendly game, this game is also one of the best memory games.

Make kids stand in a line. The first player should make an exercise move, like a jump. The second player should perform the jump first, then add another activity, like clapping. The third player should perform the first jump, then clap, and finally, add their own move to the routine.

The game lasts until a player forgets the order of exercises.

6. MentalUP Fitness Youtube Channel

Do you know that you can find many cool gymnastic tricks and virtual gymnastic games on MentalUP Fitness Youtube Channel?

That’s right! You can check the videos we’ve created and watch many gymnastic games for free! Here is one of the gymnastics games you can play anywhere:

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A strong body and mind is the greatest gift, so it’s a perfect time to start exercising with MentalUP’s 150+ brain games and 240+ gymnastics games! 🧠🤸