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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

What is intelligence and how can you develop it? What does brain boosting exactly mean for our brain and is that really a necessity? Actually you can guess the answers. Let's see one by one.


Intelligence is the ability of learning while doing something and or evaluating situations.

Human can be able to learn, adapt, act, and solve problems thanks to their intelligence. There are mainly 8 different types of intelligence. Also, for the ninth one, the philosophical intelligence, scientific studies are ongoing about it.

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We prepared a scientific content like an e-book about the ways to boost brain power for 8 different intelligence types. We explained for you the questions of how to develop your brain in daily life, how to provide cognitive development in children, and what are the ways to boost brain power?

We divided this article into 3 categories to make it more useful for you. It may require different methods to increase brain power in children and adults. Even children brain development activities and baby brain development activities are different than each other. So, it is worth to analyze them with 3 categories.

  1. Cognitive development of adults
  2. Cognitive development of children
  3. Cognitive development of babies


Biologically all nutrients and exercises required by the human body are important not only for muscle growth, but also for brain increasement. It is connected how to boost your brain with correct dietary habits, enough fluid consumption, and physical exercises. It means that brain boosting exercises are not only the exercises that force your power of thinking. Because intelligence is multifunctional system, brain boosting exercises should be shaped according to all external factors. Also MentalUP is specialized about children and this article we are going to explain how to support cognitive improvement of children. Let's start with the general techniques.


How to Improve Verbal Linguistic Intelligence?

People who use verbal linguistic intelligence are good at in writing their thoughts. For good communication, you can play verbal intelligence games that boost your language skills. They are kind of professionals in this area. There are some methods about how to increase linguistic intelligence like;

  • Writing a lot. Keeping dairy or blogging
  • Reading a lot. Picturing the things what you read

The best way to increase linguistic intelligence is writing. People who have good linguistic intelligence mostly keep diary, write blog, read a lot, and can picture the things what they read. People think that verbal linguistic intelligence can be improved by speaking but in fact it is mostly related with reading and listening.


How to increase visual spatial skills?

What is spatial intelligence?

The ability of thinking in terms of images, pictures, patterns, shapes, and abstract concepts, being highly imaginative and creative naturally, and designing is called visual spatial intelligence. Visual intelligence can also be the brainpower that visualizes concepts in the brain.

Perspective is an important factor for visual spatial intelligence. Likewise, visual memory is one of the factors that influence the level of intelligence. People who have a good visual memory also have good way of perspective too. So, here we are. The ways to increase spatial intelligence are as follows:

Visual spatial concepts are regarded as the first interpretation for the human brain together with the sounds. Therefore, it has been always improving during lifetime. Even the things we experience and memorize in our daily lives are kind of exercises to increase spatial intelligence.

  • Try to keep in mind or remember the places you visit (for attention and memory)
  • Focus on details
  • Separate colours and their tones

are the most natural ones for how to increase visual spatial skills. Also;

  • Engaging with fine arts (photography, graphic design)
  • Playing 3D games
  • Painting
  • Playing blind man's buff.

are answers of how to improve visual spatial skills. Playing blind man's buff is an important way to improve spatial intelligence with spatial perception exercises.


Brain Boosting Exercises for mathematical intelligence

Mathematical intelligence is one of the brain functions that enables us to easily solve mathematical problems or formulas. People who have a good mathematical intelligence are good at the things that required logical approaches. These kinds of people can be able to interpret various mathematical algorithms. If you want to learn how to develop mathematical intelligence, then you may look for the ways to improve logical mathematical intelligence. Here some of these methods:

  • Playing chess
  • Solving math puzzles

are effective ways for brain improvement. For adults;

  • Several pawn and card games

are some good ways of how to improve mathematical intelligence. Also, during our school life, always we have to deal with mathematical problems in our courses. So, that plays an important role to develop mathematical intelligence. In 2017, the mathematical exercises played in schools were quite common.

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Brain Boosting Exercises for social intelligence

Social intelligence is the ability to build strong and effective relationships with other people. Mostly, it comes in the form of understanding people, feeling their emotions better, and making an impression on their subconscious. People who have an improved social intelligence are good at to administrate and educate other people. So, how to improve social intelligence?

As you guess, trying to empathize people improves social intelligence.  Along with this, communicating with people and trying to understand their needs and emotions develop social intelligence as well. Also, another answer for how to improve social intelligence is exploring the causes underlying social behaviours. For this reason, the brainpower of people who are sensitive to social events is generally high in social intelligence.

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Brain Boosting Exercises for Bodily Intelligence

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is about using physically all aspects of the body in the best way to solve the problem. What are the ways for improving bodily intelligence? It begins after birth and improves significantly since then.

Many kinds of sports play an important role in bodily-kinesthetic intelligence improvement. Diction and body language training helps the effective control of facial muscles, and as well as dancing and other physical activities provide to improve bodily intelligence. As the human moves, the process of increasing your intelligence continues. You can also protect your body health by doing sports activities that boosters the kinesthetic intelligence.


Brain Boosting Exercises for Rhythmic Intelligence

Do you know how to improve your musical intelligence which is also known as musical aptitude?

People who have a good rhythmic intelligence use and record the sounds correctly. They are very good at notes as well as rhythmic thinking and movements. Therefore, playing instruments, listening to music, keeping rhythm and following musical activities are important to develop rhythmic intelligence.


Brain Boosting Exercises for Naturalist Intelligence

We may think that what naturalist intelligence is because we do not know that much or take it into account. Let us explain first. What is Naturalist Intelligence? How to boost brain in order to improve naturalist intelligence?

People possessing naturalist intelligence mostly overthink about the nature and constantly consider the characteristics, elements, tools, problems, and solutions of the natural life. People with naturalistic intelligence have an appreciation for animals, plants, and generally natural environment. Activities such as trying to interpret nature events (earthquakes, floods, etc.), observing and following the sun from sunrise to sunset, watching the documentaries etc. are among the ways of how to boost brainpower and to develop naturalistic intelligence.

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Brain Boosting Exercises for Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence has to do with how we consider our positive and negative aspects and what we can do, and being able to evaluate our self potential objectively. Also it is about interpreting the world in your own way, learning, and applying what you learn correctly. Those people are thought to be quiet and shy and seemed like passive from outside. That’s because having a developed intrapersonal intelligence.

You may want your intrapersonal intelligence exercises to be evaluated by others. What you find out about yourself makes it necessary for you to think again, whether it matches up with what you know about yourself or not. You may take various personality surveys and take them into account by evaluating the results. Setting personal goals is also an important step for improving intrapersonal intelligence.


Many of the methods we recommend for adults can also be performed by children, but not all of them! Also we might remember that games are the most important tools that improve brainpower in children and definitely it answers the question of how to develop child brain. Brain improvement in children can be divided into two main categories for preschool and school-agechildren. It is important to get a balance between school courses, games, and all activities carried out in the school, before school and after school. Read this section carefully. You will find out very important scientific knowledge that parents have forgotten or never knew about how to develop child brain (Everything will be clear when you read it all).

Research studies and scientific experiments on structure and functioning of the brain have revealed strong evidences that people use mainly the right or the left side of their brains more efficiently. According to this result, people who use the right side of their brain better are weaker on the left side, and those who use the left side of their brain better are weaker on the right side. The right and left brain coordination is considered as the most ideal situation. Performing sophisticated brain exercises makes it more effective for supporting brain development. There are many methods available from speed reading techniques to different attention and memory exercises for all ages.

  • The right hemisphere of the brain: It is active in concrete terms. The brain’s right side is mainly in charge of visual abilities and helps us comprehend what we see. It is not good at abstract concepts.
  • The left hemisphere of the brain: Successful in the tasks that have to do with logic. It is dominant in remembering the numbers, words, and letters and memorizing the formulas. People with good left brainpower are successful in mathematical fields.

Generally all education systems around the world are mainly focused on working the left hemisphere of the brain. The education system consists of titles and subtitles just as seen in this article. Courses like mathematics and grammar are important in that system. We see those courses in weekly schedules more than any other courses. Courses that have benefits on working the right hemisphere of the brain like painting courses are not cared that much in that system. For these reasons, it is really crucial to become aware of the facts about how to develop child brain.

Nowadays the homework issue is very controversial; we also do not approve too much homework because the time left after school is the time for “game”, which is one of the best ways of learning for children. Games and toys allow children to compensate the lack of right brain exercise appearing in the education systems, while they are targeting both sides of the brain. You can get benefited from MentalUP brain exercise games application for brain improvement in children.

mentalup learning game

The Most Fun Brain Booster for Children = MentalUP

MentalUP which is developed by the academicians who are specialized in their fields is a technological brain training game application that offers more than 60 alternatives. These games are brain training games designed to provide visual-verbal- mathematical brain development, analytical thinking skills, and attention and concentration skills. Your brainpower gets better with Mentalup

MentalUP works just like a school counsellor. It automatically detects the brain potential of your children and makes them start with the most suitable exercise. The activities for brain development in children becomes like games with the exercises that are getting harder and harder as they progress. That’s because MentalUP brain training game application got the official PEDAGOGICAL PRODUCT CERTIFICATE.

To sum up: MentalUP has become the most reliable assistant for parents, which is providing brain improving games while helping children to meet their needs in terms of using technology and playing games. You can subscribe and try the FREE trial.

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As the physical development of the brain affects the mental processes, it is important to mention the importance of breast feeding first. This is not a prediction; it is the result of scientific research. Mental improvement of babies who get breastfeeding becomes faster. Growing up by their mothers is one of the most important factors that influence a baby's intelligence. Playing with noisy toys like rattle helps babies to do visual exercises. The baby tries to interpret these sounds and images.

Story telling is also one of the most effective methods. They seem like they do not understand you but babies are really benefitted from stories.

Of course, enough sleeping and a healthy diet are one of the baby brain development activities that should never be forgotten.

In this article, we have shared the multiple brain development methods for babies, children, and adults. Perform these methods and keep your brain fit. It is possible to develop the brain with exercises in any age group, just as you do for muscle improvement. These exercises support attention, memory, visual spatial intelligence, linguistic intelligence, mathematical intelligence, analytical thinking, and concentration skills. It is also possible to be protected from various diseases by doing brain exercises. For example, you can keep your mental alertness with brain exercises against memory problems such as Alzheimer's disease. The best way to avoid Alzheimer's disease is to do brain booster exercises.

"We will continue to share new, learning, scientific, and fun contents for your baby and your child. Follow MentalUP."
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