Free Online Preschool Math Games

Bird Counting Game

Bird Counting Game

This counting game for preschoolers improves visual attention and counting skills.

Candy Shape Game

Candy Shape Game

This shape games for preschoolers improves visual attention and counting skills.

Missed Balls

Audio Numbers

This matching math game for preschoolers improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and aural memory skills.

Education should start in early childhood. Developing math skills for 3 year old and 4 year old children is important for them to be ready for school. So, we brought together some easy yet educational math activities for preschoolers and baby games to engage them with numbers as soon as possible!

Play The Game



Forget about the dice math games! Those cubes are improves reasoning, spatial perception, and counting skills.

Giant Dwarf

Remember the Numbers

This sorting game for preschoolers improves short-term memory and sustained attention skills.

Missed Balls

Seen Many Times

This sorting game for preschoolers improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and visual attention skills.

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Preschool Math Activities

Printable Math Activities

These printable math games for early childhood education will boost your child’s math learning process as they play.

1. How Many Are There?

How many objects are there? These printables are great and easy exercises for your kids to learn counting.

Free Preschool Math Games

To play this simple game, ask your children to circle the number of items in each section.


2. Find the Same

This fun game is essential when it comes to differentiating objects, and it is also a great activity for Christmas!

Christmas Math Games for Preschoolers

Just ask your children to choose the two identical images from the worksheets.


3. Color by Numbers

This simple game is a great combination of number and color activities!

Preschool Math Worksheets Free

Ask your children to color the areas on the shape using the colors that the numbers represent.


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Number Activities

Introduce numbers to your toddler with these cool activities!

1. Learn Numbers with Playdough

Here is a creative game idea to develop your children’s early math skills by helping them recognize numerals!

Playdough Games for Preschoolers
What You Need
  • Wooden matchsticks
  • Wooden numerals
  • Colored play dough
How to Play
  1. Put numerals into balls of play dough and leave the matchsticks.
  2. Then, ask your children to stick the matchsticks into the pieces of dough according to the numbers in them.
  3. After that, check if they put the right number in each one.

2. Matching Cars

Who can say no to playing with one of the best educational toys for preschoolers, cars?

Matching Cars Game
What You Need
  • 20 toy cars with numerals on them
  • A butcher paper
How to Play
  1. Make a 5 x 4 grid on a large piece of butcher paper. Make sure you make each rectangle big enough to fit a car inside.
  2. Write one number (1-20) in each box on the grid. Mix the numbers up so that it would be more of a challenge.
  3. Put all of the toy cars in a pile on the floor and have the kids select them one by one. Then, ask them to put it on the correct box on the grid.

3. Roll and Dot the Number

If you are looking for dice games for preschoolers, then this roll and dot the number activity is the best way for kids to develop their sense of numbers.

Preschool Math Games with Dice
What You Need
  • Dice
  • A paper
  • A marker
How to Play
  1. Make a grid on a piece of paper with the numbers 1-12 on it. Make sure that each box on the grid is large enough to make dots on them.
  2. Ask your kid to roll the dice. They should then identify the number represented by the dots on them. They may need to count the dots to identify the number represented.
  3. After they say the number they rolled, they should look on the grid and find that number.
  4. Then they should dot the number with a marker. The play continues until all the spots on the grid are full.

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Counting Activities

Looking for counting games for preschoolers? We brought together some easy counting activities for you.

1. Beans and Flower Pots

This fun beans and flower pots game is a great way for your children to learn counting.

Pre-k Math Games
What You Need
  • Beans
  • Little planter pots
  • A marker
How to Play
  1. Set some plain beans into a basket and then write numbers from 1 to 20 on the planter pots.
  2. Set them out for them to play with on a table.
  3. Ask your kids to count the beans carefully paying attention to the numbers on the pots.
  4. Lastly, make sure they have the right amount of numbers in each pot.

2. Counting with Lego Blocks

We highly recommend this cool lego activity that will boost your little one’s motor skills as they practice their counting.

Lego Games for Toddlers
What You Need
  • 20 lego blocks in various colours
  • A marker
How to Play
  1. For this simple activity, you should first write the numerals from 1-20 on the sides of lego blocks.
  2. And, draw the corresponding number of dots on the opposing face of each one so that they could also be counted to match the correct amount.
  3. Then, put them out on the floor with the numbers showing and ask your children to build them into a tall tower in the right order.

3. Button Sorting Cups

Teach your children to identify colors as they count the buttons!

Sorting Games for Preschoolers
What You Need
  • Plastic bowls with lids in different colors
  • Buttons with matching colors to the bowls
  • A utility knife
How to Play
  1. Grab a utility knife and cut small openings in each of the lids. Make sure the hole is big enough to slip a button in.
  2. Snap the lids onto the bowls. Then, show your child how to slip the buttons into each cup.
  3. Encourage your child to match the color of the buttons to the matching color cup. They can also practice counting as they slip each button into a cup.

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