15 Best Educational Websites for Kids

In this blog, we've meticulously selected some of the educational math websites for kids that’ll make learning math a delightful experience for your child. Let’s discover the best math-related websites for kids.

Favorite Math Game Websites for Kids

Here are the top five favorite math game websites for kids. These carefully selected platforms will not only make math enjoyable but also enhance your kids' skills related to learning math.

1. MentalUP Brain Games

MentalUP Brain Games takes a holistic approach to cognitive development, offering a diverse range of math games designed to enhance various skills like attention, memory, and problem-solving.

Tailored for children aged 4 to 13, MentalUP's math games not only cover basic arithmetic but also expand kids' critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.

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Engaging kids through gamified elements, MentalUP's math games incorporate a reward system that motivates consistent participation, making it one of the greatest math game websites for kids.

Beyond its math-focused activities, MentalUP Brain Games integrates a broader spectrum of cognitive exercises, establishing itself as a comprehensive platform for overall brain development.

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2. PBS Kids

Are you looking for fun math learning websites for kids at home for free? You can consider the PBS Kids app. It presents an immersive world of math adventures for students.

This engaging platform ensures continued excitement by intertwining learning with beloved characters like Curious George and the Cat in the Hat, creating an interactive learning environment that captivates young minds.

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Beyond entertainment, PBS KIDS crafts an educational journey specifically designed for grades 6-9, offering a diverse array of math games, videos, and activities. It nurtures mathematical skills through familiar characters and age-appropriate content.

3. Prodigy

Prodigy takes a personalized approach to math learning, adapting its content to each child's skill level. So, it is one of the best learning websites for kids' math.

Geared toward elementary and middle school students, Prodigy turns math into an exciting adventure, offering a curriculum-aligned experience.

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The platform's differentiator is its adaptive learning technology, ensuring that the challenges presented are always at an appropriate level. With a focus on curriculum alignment and adaptability, Prodigy is the go-to choice for parents looking to supplement their child's math education.

4. Math Playground

Math Playground is a free online resource suitable for elementary and middle school students. It offers a wide array of math games, number puzzles, and interactive activities.

The platform is tailored for ages 6 to 14 and aligns with educational standards, offering a seamless integration of learning and play. Its emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking promotes a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, encouraging practical application in an enjoyable manner.

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Math Playground seamlessly integrates learning and play, which makes this platform one of the best free math websites for kids.

5. Math TV

Math TV serves as an excellent supplementary tool for lessons by offering video demonstrations that correspond to various concepts introduced in the curriculum. It can be a great alternative to kids' websites for math.

For instance, when exploring topics such as 'Rates and Unit Pricing,' the platform offers a range of example problems at varying difficulty levels. These problems cover a spectrum, from fundamental division exercises to more intricate scenarios involving the conversion of measurements through multiplication, catering to different proficiency levels.

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The website is designed for students across various age groups, typically catering to middle school and high school learners. The platform ensures an ad-free experience, promoting focused and uninterrupted learning.

Top Educational Math Websites for Kids

Here are the top educational math websites that prioritize learning outcomes and provide a solid foundation for academic success. Some of them are free interactive math websites for kids math games and some of them have a subscription fee.

6. IXL

IXL is renowned for its adaptive learning platform, encompassing a broad range of subjects with a robust focus on mathematics.

Tailored for elementary and middle school students, IXL's distinctive feature is its adaptive algorithm, which adjusts to each student's skill level. This ensures that every child is presented with challenges suited to their proficiency, promoting the mastery of mathematical concepts.

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IXL places emphasis on skill-building through a variety of question types and real-time feedback, making it an engaging and educational tool for young learners.

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7. DreamBox

DreamBox revolutionizes math learning with its cutting-edge platform catering to students from kindergarten to eighth grade.

The platform incorporates a variety of interactive activities, games, and guided lessons, creating a personalized math curriculum for each student.

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With a focus on building conceptual understanding and critical thinking skills, DreamBox is a valuable educational resource. It is also one of the most challenging math websites for kids to help with math.

8. Education.com

Are you in search of free learning math websites for kids? Education.com offers a diverse range of math activities, worksheets, and brain games designed for children from preschool to fifth grade.

The platform's differentiator is its interactive and playful approach to learning. Education.com provides a variety of resources, from printable worksheets to online games, making math engaging for young minds.

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Its educational value lies in its ability to blend traditional learning methods with modern technology, creating a well-rounded experience that reinforces math concepts through hands-on activities.


PBS KIDS Lab caters to early learners with its collection of interactive math adventures. It is one of the most fun math websites to help kids improve for free.

PBS KIDS Lab integrates beloved characters into educational games. The platform focuses on foundational math skills, such as counting, shapes, and patterns in a way that captivates young learners.

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The platform creates a visually stimulating and interactive environment, ensuring that children not only learn but also have fun in the process. This makes it an excellent choice for early math education.

10. SplashLearn

SplashLearn is one of the most effective math learning platforms designed to address the diverse needs of elementary school students.

The platform's adaptive learning technology sets it apart, offering personalized learning experiences for children across different age groups within elementary school. Covering a comprehensive math curriculum, SplashLearn provides a wide range of topics and exercises suitable for various proficiency levels.

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So, it is a standout choice among free math websites for kids, ensuring that each child progresses at their own pace. With a focus on enjoyable learning, SplashLearn emerges as a top pick for parents seeking fun math game websites for kids.

Helpful Free Math Websites for Kids

Let’s discover the best math websites for kids that combine education with entertainment. Whether you're on the lookout for interactive games or educational resources, you’ll love these helpful math websites for kids.

11. Illustrative Mathematics

Illustrative Mathematics is an open educational resource targeting kids in grades 6 to 8. It is among the top math websites for young kids.

Illustrative Mathematics is dedicated to crafting versatile lessons that cater to various teaching settings—be it individual, group, or whole-class activities. The platform can enable teachers or parents to gain access to a comprehensive array of resources by selecting the desired grade, unit, chapter, and lesson.

top math websites for kids

MentalUP is a proven app designed to enhance kids' math skills and also keep them active! 💪

MentalUP Fitness offers a set of exercises dynamically adjusted to a child's performance. It challenges kids constantly without overwhelming them. Plus, MentalUP is pedagocially certified and multi-awarded. 🏆

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12. Math Game Time

Math Game Time is a go-to resource for free math websites for kids. With a focus on making math enjoyable, the platform caters to elementary and middle school students.

The website offers a vast collection of free math games covering various topics, from basic arithmetic to more advanced concepts.

kids websites for learning math

Math Game Time combines fun with education, providing a diverse range of interactive games that reinforce mathematical skills. As one of the best math websites for kids, Math Game Time offers challenges that make learning entertaining and educational.

13. Coolmath4Kids

Coolmath4Kids is a popular destination among free math websites for kids, offering engaging games and puzzles.

Designed for elementary school children, the platform's ability to turn learning into a playful experience is what makes it unique. It includes interactive and visually appealing math games that cover a broad spectrum of topics.

As one of the fun math websites for kids, Coolmath4Kids provides challenges that stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It is an excellent choice for parents looking for free interactive math websites that keep their children entertained while learning.

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14. Hooda Math

Hooda Math is one of the great math websites for kids, providing a diverse collection of free math games and challenges.

Suited for elementary and middle school students, the platform focuses on improving kids' real-world problem-solving skills. Its interactive games cover a wide range of math concepts, encouraging students to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios.

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As one of the best free math websites for kids, Hooda Math fosters a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts through engaging challenges.

15. Funbrain: Interactive Math Games for Various Ages

Funbrain is a dynamic and free math website for kids that caters to various age groups, from elementary to middle school.

As one of the best math websites for kids, Funbrain stands out with its diverse collection of interactive math games covering different skill levels. Funbrain can adapt to the learning needs of individual students, offering challenges that align with their proficiency.

challenging math websites for kids

This makes it an ideal choice for parents seeking free learning math websites that provide a range of engaging activities to support their children's math education.

15 Reasons Why You Need Fun Math Websites for Kids

So far, we’ve listed the most fun math websites for kids. Here are 15 reasons why these educational websites are crucial for kids;

  • Math websites for kids provide an interactive and engaging learning experience, making math more enjoyable for young minds.
  • Free math game websites for kids offer interactive games that reinforce mathematical concepts through play, turning learning into a fun and educational activity.
  • Educational math websites for kids cater to various learning styles, ensuring that children can grasp mathematical concepts through visual and hands-on approaches.
  • The best math websites for kids offer a diverse range of resources, from worksheets to games, providing a comprehensive learning environment.
  • Many school math websites for kids include features for progress tracking, allowing parents and educators to monitor a child's performance.
  • Fun math websites often incorporate real-world scenarios into their challenges, helping kids understand the practical applications of mathematical concepts.
  • Challenging math websites for kids encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Math websites for kids enable children to engage with educational content at their own pace and convenience.
  • Fun math game websites for kids often use gamification elements like rewards and badges, keeping children motivated.
  • Educational math websites complement traditional learning methods.
  • Math websites for kids can be accessed from home, making them a valuable resource for supplementary learning and homework help.
  • Fun math websites contribute to building a positive attitude towards math by associating the subject with enjoyable and interactive experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions left unanswered about math websites for kids free or not. Here are the most commonly asked questions about the topic.

Why is math so important for kids?

Mathematics lays the groundwork for critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning. It fosters essential skills, shapes their analytical abilities, and enhances decision-making.

How do online math games help students?

Free math game websites for kids use gamification elements to make learning enjoyable and interactive. By turning math into a playful experience, these websites motivate children to learn mathematics.

Are math apps or websites good for kids?

Math websites offer supplementary material and explanations that reinforce what children are taught in school, making it easier for them to grasp and apply mathematical concepts.

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