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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017


What is BOOM FEEZ Game, How to Play?

Unlike the standard "BOOM!" game, this one is three step game. That’s why it is suitable for 10 year olds. Instead of saying "5", the players says “BOOM” when they come to 5 and its multiplies such as 5, 10, 15 etc. For BOOM FEEZ game, players have to say BOOM when they came to 5 and its multiplies. And also they have to say FEEZ when they come to 7 and its multiplies. This is one of the games to play at home.

BOOM FEEZ example: 1-2-3-4-BOOM-6-FEEZ-8-9-BOOM-11-12-13-FEEZ-BOOM-16-17.. and so on.

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Of course, rules are not just that. The third and most difficult rule is that when players come to the common multiplies of 5 and 7, they have to say BOOM-FEEZ instead of BOOM or FEEZ alone. Isn’t that great! For example, the number of 35 is both multiplies of 5 and 7 together.

The Benefits of BOOM-FEEZ Game for Children:

BOOM-FEEZ game is a useful game for children in terms of digital intelligence development, improvement in math operations, and attention development.

It is suitable for 9, 10, 11 year olds, and elders.


What Is Change The Vowel Game, How To Play?

It very fun game that can be played with several people. Also, rules are so simple. For example, one of the players chooses one vowel such as ‘u’ letter. Then, game starts with the player who stays at the right hand side and player pronounce a word by turning all vowels of the original word into ‘u’. Example: The word "computer" needs to be pronounced "cumputur". So, each player pronounces different words like this. If any player pronounces incorrect, then the player picks another vowel and all of them start all over again by using the new vowel. It is very good and fun family game that you can play with your children.

The Benefits of playing change the vowel game:

It provides rapid thinking and verbal intelligence development.

It is suitable for 8, 9, 10, 11-year-olds, and elders.


What is MentalUP Brain Training Games, How to Play?

Children can play MentalUP brain training games by themselves, but it is also in the category of family board games because you can get an access on your mobile devices such as phones and tablets. MentalUP, which is an application consisting of scientific brain exercise games that you can prefer instead of some activities like watching YouTube videos for hours with your child, dressing up babies, or playing car racing games, has been preferred by more than 200,000 people in a very short time. MentalUP Brain Exercise Games, which adults also enjoy playing for attention development, is a unique game application developed by the academicians who are specialized in their fields. It supports the development of the intelligence by systematically processing games, which are the best method of learning for children. You can subscribe and try the FREE trial.

MentalUP Brain Exercise Games: Try Now

The Benefits of MentalUP Brain Exercise Games:

It provides verbal, visual, mathematical intelligence development, reasoning, problem solving, analytical thinking, and attention and concentration ability development. In addition to this, it ensures that children are able to go through a healthy way of using their everyday technology.

It is suitable for children at any age. (Users are mostly 5-16 years old)


What is Scrabble Game, How to Play?

Let's continue with scrabble which is one of the world's most popular vocabulary games among the list of learning games for 9-year-olds. Together with Scrabble, various box games suitable for your child's age can also be preferred. The goal in the Scrabble game is to create meaningful words on the game board by placing the letters according to various rules. You can prefer scrabble as your choice for learning games for 9-year-olds. There is an instruction booklet which explains every rule. Adults also love Scrabble. It is very popular among the games that can be played with friends at home.

The Benefits of Scrabble Game on Children:

Scrabble is an efficient game for the developing vocabulary of children and teaching them grammar.

It is suitable for 8, 9, 10, 11-year- olds, and elders.

You can click on the link to find out more about one or two player brain training games. In our blog page, we will be sharing useful and improving activities for children, like games to play at home and paper-based brain exercise games. MentalUP is with parents and educators. By sharing this article on your social media accounts, you can let many people know about these topics in order to support us.

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