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Mathematics is fundamental to encouraging kids’ logical reasoning, problem-solving, and mental rigor. Also, it plays a critical role in helping kids understand other subjects, like science, social studies, and even art and music. Thus, having strong math skills is essential for kids' academic success.

math word problems with answers

In this blog, we’ve aimed to help you reinforce your kid’s core math skills and created lists of math word problems for all grade levels. So there is no need to look around for math word problems worksheets – all the useful math word problems and answers are here! Let’s get started!

Math Word Problems for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the first step of getting kids familiar with mathematical concepts and providing them with a strong foundation in mathematics.

Math word problems kindergarten

Throughout the kindergarten years, kids need to practice math word problems with kindergarten math games including easy four operations, like addition and subtraction.

Here are beneficial math word problems examples for kindergartners.

Marker Problem

Sue has 2 markers. Tom has 3 markers. How many markers do they have altogether?

They have 5 markers now.

Block Problem

There are 4 red blocks on the rug. There are 4 yellow blocks on the rug. How many blocks are on the rug in all?

There are 8 blocks on the rug.

Cat Problem

1 cat is in the yard. 4 more cats come into the yard. How many cats are in the yard now?

There are 5 cats in the yard.

Insects Problem

Emily saw 9 ladybugs and Alex saw 2 ants. How many insects did they see in all?

They saw 11 insects altogether.

Ornament Problem

There are 4 ornaments hanging from the tree. Susan hung 6 more. How many ornaments are on the tree now?

There are 10 ornaments on the three now.

Flower Problem

James has 5 flowers. He gives Lisa 3 flowers. How many flowers does James have left?

James has 2 flowers now.

Bird Problem

8 birds were on the playground. 5 birds flew away. How many birds are still on the playground?

3 birds are still on the playground.

Peanut Problem

Karen had 4 peanuts. She ate 3 of them. How many peanuts does Karen have left?

Karen has 1 peanut now.

Box Problem

There are 6 boxes on the truck. 4 boxes are blue. The rest are green. How many boxes are green?

2 boxes are green.

Donut Problem

Frank has 7 donuts. If he gives 3 away, how many donuts will he have left?

Frank will have 4 donuts left.

Book Problem

Ava has 2 more books than Lucy. Lucy has 6 books. How many books does Ava have?

Ava has 8 books.

Pizza Problem

Sarah bought 5 pizzas and each pizza has 4 slices. How many pizza slices does Sarah have?

Sarah has 20 slices of pizza.

Swing Problem

There are 5 swings at the park. On each swing, there are 2 kids. How many kids are there at the park?

There are 10 kids at the park.

Bus Problem

There are 2 buses with 6 kids on each bus. How many kids are there in all?

There are 12 kids altogether.

Lollipop Problem

10 containers are filled with 4 lollipops each. How many lollipops are there in all?

There are 40 lollipops in all containers.

Plane Problem

30 people are on the plane. 15 of them are girls. How many boys are on the plane?

There are 15 boys on the plane.

Vase Problem

Tom has 12 flowers and 3 vases. He should put the same amount of flowers in each vase. How many flowers should go into each vase?

Tom needs to put 4 flowers in each vase.

Cookie Problem

Martha is inviting 4 friends to the party. She has 12 cookies to offer equally. How many cookies will each friend get?

Each friend will get 3 cookies.

Toe Problem

There are 30 toes in the swimming pool and each person has 10 toes. How many people are in the pool?

There are 3 people in the pool.

Apple Problem

A teacher bought 2 apples for each of her students. There are 6 students in the classroom. How many apples did she buy?

She bought 12 apples.

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1st Grade Math Word Problems

Generally, math word problems for 1st grade are slightly harder than the ones included in the kindergarten curriculum and they might be difficult for kids to grasp if questions are not well written.

grade 1 math word problems

Let’s explore all the high-quality 1st grade math word problems that can boost confidence in mathematics and enable kids to enjoy solving mixed operations word problems, time word problems, or subtraction.

Treat Problem

Gina’s dog got 3 treats on Sunday and 10 treats on Monday. How many treats did Gina’s puppy get in all?

The puppy got 13 treats in all.

Zoo Problem

Joel went to the zoo with his family. During the first hour, he saw 1 bear, 2 tigers, and 3 lions. How many animals did Joel see in his first hour at the zoo?

Joel saw 6 animals during the first hour.

Car Problem

Jackson sorted his toy cars by color. He has 6 blue cars, 5 green cars, and 4 black cars. How many cars does Jackson have in all?

Jackson has 15 cars.

Age Problem

There are 3 kids in the Clark family. Tina is 3, Joshua is 4, and Samantha is 7. If you add up all their ages, what is the sum of the Clark kids’ ages?

It's 14.

Vase Problem

Rachel’s mom had some flowers in a vase. Three of the flowers wilted and Rachel’s mom took them out of the vase. Now there are 5 flowers in the vase. How many flowers were in the vase to start with?

There were 8 flowers in the vase.

Dessert Problem

In the fridge, there are 4 chocolate puddings, 7 brownies, and 5 ice creams. How many desserts are there?

There are 11 desserts.

Cookie Problem

Alvin’s mother baked 37 cookies and 10 muffins. They all ate together and there were 3 cookies left. How many cookies were eaten?

34 cookies were eaten.

Subtraction Problem

Write a subtraction sentence that fits this: “Tom was writing thank you cards for the 21 guests that came to his birthday party. He finished writing 7 cards and he still needs to write 14 cards.”

21 – 7 = 14

Candy Problem

You have 5 pieces of candy. Your mom gives you 3 more, but your brother eats one of them. How many pieces of candy do you have left?

You have 7 pieces of candy.

Balloon Problem

You have 7 balloons and your friend has 5 balloons. How many more balloons do you have than your friend?

You have 2 more balloons than your friend.

School Problem

School starts at 9 o’clock in the morning and ends 6 hours later. What time does school end?

3 o’clock in the afternoon

Meeting Problem

The principal started a meeting on Monday at 10 o’clock in the morning. The meeting ended at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. How long was the meeting?

3 hours

Time Problem

All students left the school at 3 o’clock. The vice principal stayed for 3 more hours. When did the vice-principal leave the school?

6 o’clock in the evening

Parking Lot Problem

There is a parking lot in front of a building. There are two rows of parking spots. There are 15 spots in each row. How many parking spots are there in total?

There are 30 parking spots in total.

Fee Problem

The fee for parking is $2 for one hour. How much is the parking fee if a car is parked for 3 hours?

The parking fee is $6.

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2nd Grade Math Word Problems

Kids need to practice their math skills with mixed addition, subtraction, and multiplication word problems as well as money and measurement problems with math word problems in 2nd grade. Money counting apps can be useful too!

grade 2 math word problems

Let’s dive into the math word problems for 2nd grade and learn how to get better at math easily!

Grocery Problem

Lucy went to the grocery store. She bought 12 packs of cookies and 16 packs of noodles. How many packs of groceries did she buy in all?

She bought 28 packs of groceries in all.

Reading Problem

I read 21 pages of my English book yesterday. Today, I read 117 pages. What is the total number of pages that I read?

You read 138 pages.

Candy Problem

Linda has 34 candies. Chloe has 128. How many candies do they have together?

They have 162 candies in all.

Subtraction Problem

Alyssa had 129 cookies. Aiyanna has 140 cookies and 34 crackers. How many more cookies does Aiyanna have than Alyssa?

She has 11 more cookies.

Noodle Problem

Daniel had some noodles. He gave 12 noodles to William. Now Daniel only has 54 noodles. How many noodles did Daniel have to begin with?

Daniel had 66 noodles to begin with.

Bird Problem

29 birds were sitting in a tree. Some more fly up to the tree. Then there were 142 birds in the tree. How many more flew up to the tree?

113 more birds flew up to the tree.

Multiplication Problem

The class is doing a math activity. There are 5 groups of 4 students. How many students are there in the class?

There are 20 students in the class.

Length Problem

Ashley bought a new Christmas tree that is 75 inches tall. The height of the old Christmas tree was 68 inches. How much taller is the new Christmas tree?

The new Christmas tree is 7 inches taller than the old Christmas tree.

Aquarium Problem

The aquarium opens at 10:00 in the morning and closes at 8:30 in the evening. How many hours is it open?

It is open for 10 and a half hours every day.

Train Problem

Trains arrive at the station every 45 minutes. The first train arrived at 6:15 in the morning. At what time will the next train arrive?

The next train will arrive at 7:00 in the morning.

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3rd Grade Math Word Problems

The math word problems for 3rd graders you are about to explore are relatively harder by including variables. Still, they are fun to solve and practice some math concepts.

math word problems for 3rd graders

Now, it is time to dive into 3rd grade math word problems!

Mixed Addition and Subtraction Problem

Janine owns a catering service company. She was hired to cater for the mayor’s 50th birthday. For the dessert, she needs to make 750 mini pies. She divided her crew into 3 teams. If the first team made 235, and the second made 275, how many pies should the third team make?

The third team should make 240 more mini pies.

Cookie Problem

Helen baked 435 chocolate chip cookies yesterday and 139 cookies this morning. How many cookies did Helen bake?

Helen baked 574 cookies.

Height Problem

Ken is 5 feet 11 inches tall. Ken is 7 inches taller than his younger brother Mike. How tall is Mike?

Mike is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Lunch Problem

Abby had $24. After she spent $3 on snacks and $x for lunch, she had $12 left. How much did she spend on her lunch?

She spend $9 on lunch

Shelf Problem

There are 6 books on the desk and b books on the shelf. There are 37 books in total. How many books are on the shelf?

There are 31 books on the shelf.

Book Problem

Last week, the first graders borrowed d books and the second graders borrowed 15 books. The third graders borrowed 24 books. The three grades borrowed 54 books in total. How many books did the first graders borrow?

The first graders borrowed 15 books.

Water Park Problem

The admission for a water park for adults is 9 dollars. The admission for a child is x dollars, which is 4 dollars cheaper than the adult admission. How much is the child's admission?

It is 5 dollars.

Student Problem

Smith Elementary School has 286 boys and 241 girls. What is the total number of students that attend Smith Elementary?

There are 527 students.

Money Problem

Michelle searched through all 6 of her drawers and found ten $5 bills. What is the total value of money she has in $5 bills?

She has a total of $50.

Milk Problem

A carton of milk has 32 fluid ounces. If we pour the milk into four mugs evenly, what is the volume of milk in each mug?

Each mug has 8 fluid ounces of milk.

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4th Grade Math Word Problems

It is essential to learn how to use data and solve problems by understanding the context of 4th grade math word problems for kids.

math word problems 4th grade

Here are grade 4 math word problems that will enable kids to practice their math and logical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical thinking skills.

Hotel Problem

A hotel has 7 floors. The guest rooms are on the 1st to 6th floors. How many rooms are there if there are 35 rooms on each floor?

There are 210 rooms.

Clinic Problem

There are 4 doctors working in a clinic. Each doctor has 2 nurses assisting them. There are 2 receptionists, Jay and Molly, working at the reception. How many people are working in the clinic?

There are 14 people working in the clinic.

Pot Problem

The capacity of a pot is 1 quart and the volume of a can of soup is 8 oz. How many cans of soup can the pot hold? Hint: 16 ounces = 2 cups = 1 pint, 2 pints = 1 quart, and 4 quarts = 1 gallon

The pot can hold 4 cans of soup.

Flagpole Problem

The flagpole outside the school is 12 feet tall. But the school decided to change to a taller flagpole that is 14 feet tall. How much taller is the new flagpole?

The new flagpole is 2 feet taller.

Length Problem

Carrie was 4 ft 11 in tall last year. She grew 6 inches in the past year. How tall is she now?

She is now 5 ft 5 in.

String Problem

Jack has a piece of string that is 24 inches long. If he divides it into 6 equal pieces, what is the length of each piece of shorter string?

The length of each piece of shorter string is 4 inches.

Bench Problem

The bench is 3 ft 1 in long. If four benches are put alongside the gym, what is the total length of four benches?

The total length of four benches is 12 ft 4 in.

Time Problem

Liam usually gets up at 7:35 a.m. Since he was sick, he got up 1 hour and 35 minutes later than usual. When did he get up?

He got up at 9:10 a.m.

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Math Word Problems for 5th Graders

Math word problems for 5th graders are like a milestone in all kids' math learning experiences. The problems in this grade include various components like four operations, decimals, measurements, fractions, and many more. It’s a good time to discover the best apps for 11 year olds to make them love math!

Math word problems 5th grade

Let’s check out the 5th grade math word problems that will challenge their math skills and encourage them to practice even more.

Population Problem

There are about 795 houses in the region. The average family size is 6 people. How many people live in the region approximately?

Approximately 4,770 people live in the region

Survey Problem

In 2017, a survey found that there are 34 babies born for every 1,000 families in a city. Of these babies, 20 of them are boys. There are 88,326 families in this city in 2017 and the total number of girls born this year is about __________.


Equipment Problem

The school has $20,000 to buy new computer equipment. If each piece of equipment costs $50, how many pieces can the school buy in total?

The school can buy 400 pieces of equipment.

Decimal Problem

Ashley is making cookies for her office’s Christmas party. Each batch of cookie mix needs 0.4 cups of sugar, and each batch can make 16 cookies. If Ashley is making 4 batches of cookies, how much sugar does she need?

She needs 1.6 cups of sugar.

Sugar Box Problem

There are 2 boxes of sugar in the kitchen. The green box is 1.26 kg, and the red box is 1.026 kg. Which box contains more sugar?

The green box contains more sugar.

Croissant Problem

A baker is making croissants. He has 18 pounds of dough. Each croissant is made from 1/8 pound of dough. How many croissants can he make?

The baker can make 144 croissants.

Sewing Kit Problem

In Charlotte’s sewing kit, there are 𝑡 bundles of thread. Each bundle has 34 feet of thread. Write the expression for the total length of the thread in her sewing kit.


Parking Spot Problem

Each parking spot is 8 feet wide. A parking lot has 24 parking spots side by side. What is the width (measured in yards) of the parking lot?

The width of the parking lot is 64 yards.

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6th Grade Math Word Problems

Now that your kids get into middle school, they need to practice math with equations, inequalities, variables, and much more to solve the problems.

math word problems 6th grade

Here are the best 6th grade math word problems that will benefit your kids’ mathematics knowledge.

Hall Problem

In front of the wedding hall, there were 20 private cars and 12 buses. Each bus was carrying 35 people and each private car was carrying 3 people. How many people were in the hall?

480 people were in the hall.

Working Hour Problem

Matty worked for 450 minutes on Monday. On Tuesday, he worked half the number of minutes he worked on Monday. On Wednesday, he worked only half a day, which was 300 minutes. How many more minutes did he work on Wednesday than Tuesday?

He worked 75 minutes more.

Ratio Problem

There are 5 people in a room, three of which are boys and two of which are girls. What is the ratio of boys to girls?


Train Problem

Two trains are passing each other on the train track. One has 18 carriages and the other has 90 carriages. How many times fewer carriages does one train have compared to the other?

5 times fewer

Cupcake Problem

Jemima brought 10 cupcakes and Eddy brought 6 cupcakes to share with their class. What is the ratio of Jemima’s total cupcakes to Eddy’s?


Feet Problem

Convert 100m to feet if the ratio of meters to feet is 1 meter to 3,28 feet.

328 feet

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7th Grade Math Word Problems

During high school, kids need to practice math word problems that help them develop an understanding of how to pull apart a problem and separate it into important sections before solving it.

math word problems 7th grade

So let’s see what 7th grade math word problems look like.

Ball Problem

In a bag full of small balls, 1/4 of these balls are green, 1/8 are blue, 1/12 are yellow, and the remaining 26 are white. How many balls are blue?

Six balls are blue.

School Problem

In a school, 50% of the students are younger than 10, 1/20 are 10 years old, and 1/10 are older than 10 but younger than 12. The remaining 70 students are 12 years or older. How many students are 10 years old?

Ten students are 10 years old.

Square Problem

If the length of the side of a square is doubled, what is the ratio of the areas of the original square to the area of the new square?


Book Problem

John had a stock of 1200 books in his bookshop. He sold 75 on Monday, 50 on Tuesday, 64 on Wednesday, 78 on Thursday, and 135 on Friday. What percentage of the books were not sold?


Word Population Problem

In 2008, the world population was about 6,760,000,000. Write the 2008 world population in scientific notation.

6.76 109

Math Word Problems for 8th Graders

Eighth graders need to be able to apply various math concepts simultaneously to solve problems and use their comparison and analysis skills.

math word problems 8th grade

The math word problems you are about to explore will be challenging their multiple cognitive skills simultaneously and challenging them to use all math concepts they have learned throughout their academic life.

Radius Problem

Calculate the circumference of a circular field whose radius is 5 centimeters.

10π centimeters

Car Problem

A car is traveling 75 kilometers per hour. How many meters does the car travel in one minute?

1250 meters per minute

Pet Store Problem

If a pet store has a total of 66 cats and dogs in a ratio of 2 cats per dog, how many cats are there?


Bowl Problem

Tammi has a bowl of fruit that only has apples and bananas. The ratio is 2 apples to each banana. If there are a total of 15 fruits in the bowl, how many apples are there?


Discount Problem

John bought a shirt on sale for 25% off the original price and another 25% off the discounted price. If the final price was $16, what was the price before the first discount?


How to Understand Math Word Problems

As kids advance in school, they might be struggling a bit more to solve math word problems in their grade levels. Actually, solving math word problems is only about seeing the math behind words and using a step-by-step method.

Let’s check out how kids can understand and solve math problems in easy steps:

  • Read the problems slowly and carefully.
  • Underline the important sections, numbers, data, or phrases.
  • Draw tables, pictures, or any kind of visualization that will spark your spatial awareness.
  • When you want to solve a math problem, think, “What do I need to find?”
  • List the given information or data.
  • Find math word problems key words.
  • Solve your problems and check for the answers.
  • Practice as many math word problems as you can.
  • Memorize the multiplication table.
math word problems solver

How to Do Math Word Problems

Clearly, solving math word problems is all about putting your cognitive skills to good use. Kids should understand the problem in detail, determine which part of the problem is asking for an actual answer, and use the information they have to get the appropriate answer.

The process of solving math word problems is easier said than done. Therefore, kids need to practice a lot with beneficial resources like math activities and math jokes to improve not only their math skills but also their cognitive skills to achieve solving any kind of word problems they encounter.

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