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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

Development of the Brain: It is the process of the brain completing its physical structure under the effect of genetic factors, eating habits and environmental factors. Development of the brain starts during pregnancy and the first neurons (nerve cells) are formed. Cognitive development does not depend on the increase in the number of neurons, but it depends on the increase in synaptic connections among neurons (synapses).

brain and mind development in children

At What Age is The Brain Fully Developed?

  • The cognitive development in boys continues until the age of 16-18,
  • The cognitive development in girls continues until the age of 15-17.


We have shared various articles about what to do for intelligence development of children, but let's remember those articles in this one:

  1. It is scientifically proven that it is possible to provide intelligence development with correct nutrients.
  2. It has been scientifically proven to provide intelligence development through sports and various physical exercises.
  3. It has been scientifically proven to provide intelligence development with cognitive development games.
  4. 4. There are 8 different types of intelligence. You can check out one of our article called "What are the ways to develop intelligence?" that we mentioned about 8 different types of intelligence in detail in order to answer the question of what should be done for the child's intelligence development?

Does Cognitive Development Games Improve Intelligence?

Child development specialists and pedagogues emphasize that games are as important as nutrients! Games are the most important tools that reflect the inner world of children and develop their level of imagination and intelligence. Of course it is possible to talk about hundreds of different games on this manner.

Along with the developments in information systems, cognitive development activities have also gained new perspective and toddler brain development games have been designed in which they can be effective on child's brain development. One of the best examples is MentalUP Brain Development Games, which succeed to be chosen by more than 100,000 families in its first year.

MentalUP is a reliable application that has received a PEDAGOGICAL PRODUCT certification from the Mental Health Center by showing positive contributions to cognitive development of children through exercises for the brain, which is designed in game structure. Your children can develop their cognitive skills using MentalUP safely and comfortably, whether they are gifted or have the normal intelligence potential. In addition to this, children who have problems in some of their mental skills can also use MentalUP safely to strengthen their weaknesses. Shortly, the MentalUP brain development program supports the cognitive development of all children at 4-year-olds and elders. It is also a scientific application that adults prefer to develop their attention, memory and concentration. You can subscribe and try the FREE trial.

MentalUP Brain Improvement Games: Try It Now

Child development courses in the form of games are in the educational curriculum of many schools, considering the motivating effects of games on children. Practicing the child development courses in the form of games facilitates the work of the instructors and increases the productivity of children.

We usually talk about school-aged children, but we are also trying to answer as many questions as possible like what are the brain development activities for 2-year-olds, what should be done to improve 3-year-old child's intelligence development? The most important factors affecting brain development of 2-3-year-old children:

  • Dietary habit,
  • Sleeping pattern,
  • Playing games

can be considered among those.

Deficiencies of brain development in infants sometimes appear with some physical symptoms. For example, some organs such as fingers, ears, hair etc. have physical disorders which indicate that baby may have faced with several difficulties during pregnancy. Of course, not all physical disorders are related to the brain. These require an expert consultation.

Remember: Children’s brain training games may vary at every age. Of course, suitable brain teaser games for all ages are available. You can find out more about brain tease games that suit your child’s age if you check out our other articles in this blog.

When Does Brain Stop Developing?

In other words, when does intelligence development stop?

We mentioned that children brain development continues until the age of 15-18, but remember that it does not completely end at these ages. Development of brain can occur in adults too even a little. So, we cannot give a specific answer to the question of “at what age is the brain fully developed?”. Experts explain that development of brain in adults can continue until thirties. It is necessary to be aware of the food for brain development or activities to do for brain development. Experts suggest that although adult brain development stops around at the age of 30, it is necessary to continue brain exercises in order to preserve existing mental skills. So, answers for the question of “what to do for brain development?” can be shape again according to new technologies and current conditions. This shows that even if the methods change over the time, the importance of brain exercises is always permanent.


Cognition: The processes of learning, remembering and thinking constitute the concept of cognition.
Cognitive Development: It is the development of cognitive activities such as thinking, learning, remembering by time. The rapid improvement of cognitive development creates the potential for brilliant or superior intelligence.

We answered the question of “What is cognitive development?” so, we can make a list like this:

  1. Development of brain begins during pregnancy,
  2. Cognitive development is related to the physical development of the brain,
  3. Cognitive development is a situation that is directly proportional to time (progression occurs as age increases)
  4. The fact that cognitive development occurs faster than normal conditions (according to peers) determines the level of intelligence development (normal intelligence, brilliant intelligence, superior intelligence)
  5. Cognitive development activities, social activities, and external factors accelerate brain development in infants, children and adults.

When we examine the Vygotsky Cognitive Development Theory, we also examine the environmental factors that support the fifth one of the list above.


Vygotsky's cognitive development theory deals with the concept of "the zone of proximal development" to support cognitive development in children.

What is the zone of proximal development?

The difference between the level of self-development that the child provides without any adult support and the level of development provided by adult guidance is the zone of proximal development. In other words: the area that open to improvement.

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Who is Vygotsky?

He is a philosopher psychologist who has worked extensively on cognitive development processes in children, genetics of thinking and speaking, and concept formation; and he wrote his masterpiece called "Thought and Language".

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