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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

We shared several scientific articles about ADHD in children, which is our area of specialization. So, what about adult ADHD?

If you are parents of a child with ADHD, you need to consider this question well because genetic factors are one of the causes of ADHD. Although attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more common in children, it is not only a children’s disease. Adults can also have ADHD. Let’s remember:

adult adhd

Lack of attention:It is a condition that prevents people to gather their attention on a job, cannot concentrate, or cannot keep an eye on something.

Hyperactivity:It is a disease that causes undesirable situations such as excessive mobility, getting bored quickly, and making quick decision without thinking.


ADHD symptoms in adults and symptoms in children are not the same. Children often experience difficulties in learning while adults may experience problems in their work and social life. If you feel doubtful about you have ADHD, you can check the following list. Do you think you have any of those attention problem symptoms?


  • Having difficulty to listen someone for long periods and not getting enjoyed the details
  • Being day dreamy while somebody is talking
  • Not being able to do two jobs at the same time and focusing one job that you are good at it excessively. Example: When you are working on a computer, you do not see what goes on in your office, or you do not hear when somebody calls you.
  • Being late for work in the morning, always postponing things that you should do, and?
  • To forget the frequently used items like forgetting the wallet in the office or in the car, or forgetting the mobile phone on the desk.
  • Talking and acting without thinking, regretting afterwards.
  • Having anger management problems.

Even if you only have one of those conditions, it may be a sign of ADHD. You may have couple of those or all of them together at the same time. In this case, you need to take immediate precautions. You may need to take an ADHD test and do concentration exercises. We will soon be talking about ADHD medication for adults, but first we also need to quickly mention about the symptoms of ADHD for adults. So, keep reading.

Am I Hyperactive?

Are the following symptoms of ADHD familiar to you? Do you observe such behaviors in yourself?

  • Being impetuous, impatient, and angry. Example: Moving the car while waiting in the red light in the traffic, or getting angry with the drivers ahead of you.
  • Getting reactions from people like “you are impetuous”
  • Being fussy, getting into an unnecessary panic
  • Getting bored pretty quickly after you start a job or activity
  • Seeking excitement and doing risky activities
  • Speaking a lot

These are the symptoms of ADHD in adults. If one or more of these symptoms suits you, it shows that you have ADHD and maybe you should receive the medication for ADHD. You can consider these possibilities and get an expert psychiatrist help. If your complaints are not as much as big to affect your life negatively, you can avoid yourself from ADHD with a variety of exercises and foods.

ADHD Medications for Adults

Exercises and Foods

Those who do not want to use medicines, do not have symptoms enough to use medicines, and want to overcome the lack of attention problem by themselves, there are some solutions for you too. You need to reorganize your own habits. For instance, reducing the use of sugar and drinking carrot juice are good for lack of attention. As an exercise, doing sports and doing exercises for the brain is good for attention problems. Particularly, one of the best solutions is to do exercises for the brain.

In order to solve this problem, you should definitely check out the MentalUP Brain Exercise Games which is certificated as a pedagogical product. MentalUP, which is a sophisticated tool for developing the brain in children, is often recommended and preferred by the experts because it also provides a solution for attention problems in adults. You can use this application in your computer or phone. 20-30 minutes will be enough in a day and you can perform these activities in your spare time during using public transports, waiting, or resting. You can make sure that you will definitely get benefit. You can subscribe and try the FREE trial. During this process, you can analyze which part of you is stronger with the help of your performance reports.

MentalUP Concentration Exercises: Try Now

Medication with Drugs

Various antidepressants or synthetic stimulants can be used after diagnosis by expert psychiatrists. Medicines for lack of attention are recommended for those with advanced attention problems.

Prescribed medicines may not give good results at the first try. That's why your doctor can try several different medicines. This process does not hurt you, but you should not give up and leave medication immediately if you do not get good results at the first try.


You can receive the cognitive-behavioural therapy with the help of expert psychologists. A variety of awareness can be created in the patient with lack of attention problem and their habits can be managed with various task lists.

Social Support

The closest environment (relatives, colleagues, etc.) should be informed that the patient is experiencing lack of attention problem or hyperactivity impairment so that they should be aware of this situation and learn how to behave. In addition to this, it is possible to get the patient together with other people experiencing the same disease.

Example: can be an organization of a forum page. In this way, individuals with lack of attention can discuss and improve each other with the methods they found for themselves. Those who have hyperactive impairment can also discuss how they are dealing with their problems and how to improve the treatment.

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