60 Best Disney Trivia Questions and Answers

A game night packed with Disney trivia questions might be a great way to have fun with your family or friends. In this blog post, we’ve compiled the best Disney trivia questions and answers and divided them into easy and hard Disney trivia questions sections, so you can choose the level of difficulty that suits you best.

So, are you ready to dive into the magical world of Disney? Let’s get started!

Favorite Easy Disney Trivia Questions

We'll embark on a magical journey with entertaining and easy Disney trivia questions that can be a fun and educational activity for you to enjoy with your kids during gatherings, parties, downtime, or even on the go.

trivia questions for kids disney

Here are the Disney trivia questions with answers that will keep you and your kids entertained wherever you are.

  1. Question: What is the name of the nursemaid of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling?
    Answer: Nana
  2. Question: What fruit did Cinderella's fairy godmother transform into a carriage?
    Answer: A pumpkin
  3. Question: What colorful animal was Moana's sidekick?
    Answer: A Chicken
  4. Question: Snow White ate a poisonous fruit. What was it?
    Answer: An apple
  5. Question: What does "Hakuna Matata" mean?
    Answer: No worries!

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  1. Question: Where was Hercules born?
    Answer: Mount Olympus
  2. Question: What was Mickey Mouse's first line?
    Answer: Hot dog!
  3. Question: Andy has a mean neighbor in Toy Story. What is his name?
    Answer: Sid Phillips
  4. Question: What are the names of the Dalmatian parents in 101 Dalmatians?
    Answer: Pongo and Perdita
disney trivia questions for kids
  1. Question: Who does the Little Mermaid fall in love with?
    Answer: Prince Eric
  2. Question: What are the names of the seven dwarves?
    Answer: Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey, and Doc
  3. Question: Where does Peter Pan live?
    Answer: Neverland
  4. Question: What is the name of Bambi's friend the skunk?
    Answer: Flower
  5. Question: What is Elsa's younger sister's name?
    Answer: Anna
  6. Question: What is the name of Tweedle Dum's brother?
    Answer: Tweedle Dee
  7. Question: How does Peter Pan fly?
    Answer: With faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.
  8. Question: What is the name of Alice's cat in Alice in Wonderland?
    Answer: Dinah
Disney kids trivia questions
  1. Question: In Beauty and the Beast, what country is the enchanted castle in?
    Answer: France
  2. Question: What is the name of the butler in The Aristocats?
    Answer: Edgar
hard disney trivia questions
  1. Question: Who designs the superhero costumes for the Incredible Family?
    Answer: Edna Mode

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  1. Question: What is the name of Goofy's son?
    Answer: Maximilian “Max” Goof
  2. Question: What were Aladdin's three wishes?
    Answer: To become a prince, to be saved from drowning, and to free Genie
  3. Question: What color was the fairy that brought Pinocchio to life?
    Answer: Blue
  4. Question: Who wants to build a snowman in Frozen?
    Answer: Elsa
  5. Question: What are the names of the three good fairies in Sleeping Beauty?
    Answer: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather
  6. Question: What is the name of the toy store in Toy Story 2?
    Answer: Al's Toy Barn
  7. Question: How many brothers does Prince Hans of the Southern Isles have in Frozen?
    Answer: 12
  8. Question: What are the names of Cinderella’s stepsisters?
    Answer: Anastasia and Drizella
  9. Question: Which Disney Princess sings “Once Upon a Dream”?
    Answer: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
trivia questions for kids disney
  1. Question: How many fingers does Mickey Mouse have?
    Answer:Four (three fingers and a thumb)

Hard Disney Trivia Questions to Test Your Knowledge

If you are an adult who grew up watching classic Disney movies and experiencing the magic of Disney storytelling and fun questions to ask kids aren’t enough, you can enjoy testing your knowledge with hard Disney word trivia questions and answers.

Let's take a closer look at all of the best Disney trivia questions for adults.

  1. Question: Genie was stuck in the lamp for how many years before Aladdin found him?
    Answer: 10,000 years
  2. Question: Who is Mufasa’s trusted advisor in The Lion King?
    Answer: Zazu

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  1. Question: Angelina Jolie brought which Disney villain to life?
    Answer: Maleficent
  2. Question: What is the name of Belle’s father in Beauty and the Beast?
    Answer: Maurice
  3. Question: How old is Crush in Finding Nemo?
    Answer: 150 (and still young!)
  4. Question: Emperor Kuzco turns into what animal in The Emperor’s New Groove?
    Answer: Llama
  5. Question: Who is Remy's culinary hero in Ratatouille?
    Answer: Chef Auguste Gusteau
  6. Question: Who composed the music for Toy Story?
    Answer: Randy Newman
  7. Question: What are the three mountains in Magic Kingdom?
    Answer: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Railroad Mountain
disney trivia questions hard
  1. Question: What was the first Pixar movie?
    Answer: Toy Story
  2. Question: What is Princess Mia’s full name in The Princess Diaries?
    Answer: Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi
  3. Question: Who said: "Fish are friends, not food"?
    Answer: Bruce
  4. Question: The Haunted Mansion is home to how many happy haunts?
    Answer: 999...(but there's room for a thousand)
  5. Question: What high school did Troy and Gabriella attend in High School Musical?
    Answer: East High School
good Disney trivia questions
  1. Question: How many Muses are in Hercules?
    Answer: 5
  2. Question: Who said, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible?"
    Answer: Walt Disney
  3. Question: Where does Mike Wazowski take his girlfriend Celia for her birthday dinner in Monster's, Inc.?
    Answer: Harryhausen’s
  4. Question: In Finding Nemo, what's the name of Nemo's mother?
    Answer: Coral
  5. Question: How many Toy Story movies are there?
    Answer: Four
trivia questions disney easy
  1. Question: In Beauty and the Beast, which animals does Belle show her book to in the town square?
    Answer: Sheep
  2. Question: What is the name of Ariel and Eric's daughter in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea?
    Answer: Melody
  3. Question: Where does Enchanted take place?
    Answer: New York City
  4. Question: What famous actor voiced Lightning McQueen in Cars?
    Answer: Owen Wilson
Disney trivia hard questions
  1. Question: What are the names of the fox and the hound from The Fox and the Hound?
    Answer: Tod and Copper
  2. Question: Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness guide what girl's emotions in Inside Out?
    Answer: Riley
  3. Question: What is the name of an Italian restaurant where Lady and the Tramp have spaghetti?
    Answer: Tony’s Restaurant
  4. Question: What year was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released?
    Answer: 1937
  5. Question: In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana's dream is to renovate what kind of building into her restaurant?
    Answer: A sugar mill
  6. Question: In 101 Dalmatians, what TV show was the pups' favorite?
    Answer: Thunderbolt
best disney trivia questions
  1. Question: What year did Disneyland open?
    Answer: 1955

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Frequently Asked Questions

So far, we have shared all the easy and hard Disney trivia questions and answers, we can dive into the most commonly asked questions about these fun Disney trivia questions. Let’s continue!

What is Disney trivia?

Disney trivia refers to a collection of Disney World trivia questions and facts about Disney movies, characters, theme parks, history, and related elements, often used in quizzes, games, or social gatherings to test knowledge and celebrate Disney's iconic entertainment.

Why is Disney trivia popular?

Common Disney trivia questions are popular due to Disney's immense cultural impact and widespread fanbase spanning generations. People are drawn to the nostalgic and magical world of Disney, making it a fun and engaging topic for trivia enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

What are some popular Disney trivia categories?

Some popular trivia Disney questions categories include identifying Disney characters by images or quotes, guessing movie plot details, and knowledge about classic Disney animated films, theme park attractions, and Walt Disney's life and achievements.

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