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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

Tutors, parents, educational environment, and students can be considered as one of the factors affecting school success. We prepared a very detailed article about the ways of success at school. If you have any additional questions, you can discuss it in the comments panel below.

In this article we shared detailed information about;

  • Success at school (how to be hardworking)
  • Factors affecting school success,
  • Parental involvement and academic performance
  • Practical suggestions for school success,
  • Daily work plan to increase school success
how to succeed in school


1.The importance of understanding the lecture when it is first covered at school is always reminded, but the student must be convinced why it is so important. The student needs an explanation about:

  • If you give your full attention to the course during the lesson, and you understand the topic at that moment, you do not have to work all the topics all over again when the exam comes. It is going to be good enough the read once to refresh your knowledge.
  • You may also need to take a few hours to understand the topic later, if you already did not give your 30-40 minutes of attention for the course at the first place at school. It means that understanding the lesson at the first place is the most effortless and effective method. If you do not like to study too much, it is best to concentrate on what the teacher tells during the course.

There are motivators and goals among the golden rules to succeed in school, but this is not the all.

2.Teach the child and give advice about asking lots of questions. It becomes important the role of parental involvement and academic performance and the role of the tutors in this kind of situation. When the student asks a question, do not react like “I have already told you! Why do not you understand?". Be patient and tell it again.

Whether during the course or while studying with the parents at home, the child should be able to ask questions about the topic that is not understood without any hesitation. Make children feel that asking questions is an appreciable behavior.

3.Make sure that you do not let the close friends sit side by side who are talking each other continuously. If this responsibility is yours (if you are a teacher), do not let them know why you did it. When you seat the student with another friend who will not occupy each other during the lesson, cheer them up by telling this: "I want you to seat you together because I think you will get along very well".

4.Suggest them repeating, but do not encourage memorization. Repeat the exercises as you would repeat the information that needs to be known.

5.Children are highly self-sacrificing when they are doing their favorite activities in their favorite environment. This makes them successful. In that case, enjoying the school and the activities in the school will show the same effect. Parents and educators should collaborate in order to make children to love school. Do not make them feel like they are going to the school because it is compulsory. Remind them school is a nice place to make friends, and it is a place allows them to learn a lot of good information and play very nice games. So, you always make sure that you make them see the beautiful sides. Instructors should also make various plans in order to increase the interest and sympathy of the children through the method of gamification of education. Teachers are already very enthusiastic and volunteers in this regard. If the children like school, they will be more successful.

Intelligence games are suggested to improve children's reasoning skills and improve their performance in the classroom. Make them play these games regularly.MentalUP Educational Games is one of the good examples for this. You can try it now.


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In the following part of the article, check out the topic “tips for studying at home”.

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Practical suggestions for school success are not limited only with those ones. What we have told you so far was the suggestions that could be useful during lectures at school. It would be good idea to have a look at the tips for studying at home in order to find out “How to be successful in school?”



Some of people study more effectively by reading, some of them by writing, and some of them by listening. The method which is more productive for the child must be discovered and implemented.


The required equipment for studying must be prepared in advance. If the child loses time for searching some tools during studying, the total working time seems much longer and the child quickly gets bored.


Successful students usually study in front of a desk. If you really want to find out how to succeed in lessons, you should avoid to study while the TV is on, or by lying down, or by sitting in uncomfortable positions.


Distracting objects (toys, aquarium etc.) should not be found in the studying environment. The study room should be as calm and light as possible.

hw kid


  • The interest of the student for the lecture
  • Mental skills of the student
  • Correct leading

Among the factors affecting school success, – except the problems such as ADHD, dyslexia – the interest of students for the lectures has an important role. Your child's mental skills and interests can lead to become successful in some lessons and to failure in some others. Actually, this situation is very likely to happen.


A student who is successful in verbal lectures such as language, grammar may become unwilling and unsuccessful in mathematics as well as vice versa. There are also successful students in every field.


Identifying the areas where the student is successful as early as possible and leading them to the right direction.
Some approaches are definitely not right like "You are successful in mathematics, why you are not in Language? If you want, you can, but you do not…”


It is quite right to look for the causes of being unsuccessful in lectures. Are there missed topics; are there parts that are not understood well, what is the level of interest on the topic? While searching for those, you will actually discover new ways in which your child can really enjoy the lecture. Enjoying the lesson will bring the success with it.


The role of the family is quite important for school success.


Now we know the answer of the questions "How to succeed in school?" or "What to do to be successful in school?" After that, all we have to do is apply these simple methods. Ways to success in school depends on successfully applying our studying plan. Do not forget to get help from MentalUP Educational Games.

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