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Last Update Date: 19 November 2019

When it’s April Fool’s Day, we all know it’s time to play a few fun tricks. This year why not swap places with your child and be the naughty one instead? April Fool’s Day comes around once a year, so let’s celebrate this day by pulling a funny and innocent April Fool's joke on your kids. Have fun surprising your child with one of our pranks below!

We prepared our 10 Best April Fool’s Day pranks for you and your kids to practise at home. You know your children better than we do, so choose the jokes you think they’ll like the most.

1. Upside Down House

upside down house april fools prank

After everyone goes to bed on the night before April Fool’s Day, turn as many things upside down as you can at home: frames, objects, clocks, toys, and chairs. Wake up before everyone on April Fool’s Day and enjoy the reaction of your family.

2. A Tasty Toothpaste

a tasty toothpaste april fools pranks

Your little one just wakes up and suspects nothing. It’s time to be a naughty parent and change the taste of their mouth for the whole day! Put some mayonnaise into a toothpaste tube and play it cool when your kid uses it to brush their teeth.

3. Waking Up in a New Bed

waking up in a new bed april fools pranks

When your kids are sleeping, switch them into each other's bed. They will be quite surprised to wake up in their sibling’s room.

4. Non-Sudsing Soap

non-sudsing soap april fools pranks

Paint a soap bar with colourless nail polish, let it dry, and leave it in the shower or next to the sink. You can be sure that after that, every time your child grabs the soap, they will be wondering if it is going to lather or not.

5. Shrink Shoes Overnight

shrink shoes overnight april fools prank

Stuff a small amount of toilet paper into the toe of your kid's shoes. Be ready to control your laughter while watching them struggle.

6. Frozen Morning Cereal

frozen morning cereal april fools prank

Prepare your kid’s favourite cereal with milk and put it in the freezer overnight. Then in the morning, watch your kid clanking their spoon against the frozen milk.

7. Non-Responsive Television Remote

non-responsive television remote april fools prank

Place small pieces of transparent tape over the sensors on the TV remote, and give the remote to your kid. But first of all, choose the TV shows that you want to watch! This is a win-win situation: you can enjoy your show while pranking your kid!

8. Clogged Shampoo Bottle

clogged shampoo bottle april fools prank

Unscrew the cap of your kid’s shampoo bottle, cover the top with plastic wrap, screw the cap back, and then cut off any excessive wrap. Let your kid squeeze the bottle for some time before helping :)

9. Blue Breakfast

blue breakfast april fools prank

Buy some food dye, squeeze a few drops into your kid’s bowl, and then cover it with cereal. When your child pours in the milk, their bowl will change colour as the food dye rises to the top. Let’s see if your kid is brave enough to drink blue milk.

10. Waking Up to Clown Face

waking up to clown Face april fools prank

Paint your kids’ faces while they are sleeping — and then discreetly observe their reaction when they see themselves in the mirror. Laughter guaranteed!

A Quick Fun Fact:

There are countless rumours on the origins of April Fool’s Day. Nobody really knows which one is true but many still continue to participate in the day. It’s quite fun to learn new things, so we wanted to share with you some theories on the history of this entertaining day. It’s still up to you to decide which story is more convincing, though.

  1. Some sources tell us that the connection between April 1st and playing pranks come from Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales (1392). In ‘The Nun's Priest's Tale’, a fox plays tricks on the proud rooster Chauntecleer.
  2. Other sources believe that April Fool’s Day originated from celebrating the coming of spring. As a matter of fact, many cultures hold celebrations around the beginning of April.
  3. Last but not least: another belief indicates April Fool’s Day started because of the adoption of a new calendar in 1582. In fact, many ancient and modern-day cultures celebrate New Year's Day around April 1.