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Last Update Date: 25 April 2022

When you need easy ways to memorize things fast, you can’t help but wonder there are any simple tips to do this. We’ve good news. Don’t skip without visiting our list. Let’s start!

There are lots of games, activities, and exercises to memorize things fast. It is very important for you to choose the best option for you. Before doing it, you need to have the basic knowledge.

Keep in mind that everyone has unique and almost all people’s mental skills are varied. In this sense, you should have an opinion about yourself first and not give up instantly.

Don’t worry because we’ve compiled all the related information and the approaches you can use easily. After you understand this process, you can start working on your memory.

How Improving Games Speed Our Brains Up?

There are different ways to try memorizing things fast and learning how to think faster. You can choose the way that is most suitable for you and start to practice with boosting games, activities, or exercises.

Improving games develop our mental abilities such as attention, memory, logic. In this way, they also empower our neural connections and make them be more engaging.

Before you start to go on this journey and play the games that will boost your memory, it can be a good thing for you to understand your learning style and make some changes.

Sometimes changing the study environment, controlling your mood swings, and stopping being stressed about it can help us along with the mentally improving games.

Don’t forget this is a process and you need to try harder to have more strong mental skills. Moreover, it is very important to be prepared and use these skills correctly. Now it is time to learn more about it!

Boosting Games to Memorize Things Fast

When the question is “What are fast ways to memorize things?”, the very first answer is the boosting games that will provide you with a fun environment to develop your abilities.

Tricky Game

Brain training games to develop memory like this one is also helpful for our visual attention.

Fun Blocks

If you need to memorize things fast, don’t forget to empower your logic with this fun game.

Guess What

Memory games like this one is both entertaining and suitable to develop our visual memory.

Puzzle Game

You can benefit from this tangram game to empower your focus and decision-making.

Along with the mentally improving games, you can try to use different techniques such as supportive attention and concentration games. Let’s look at our favorite fun games.

Mysterious Balls

Reasoning is a useful skill to develop your memory. You can try to use this entertaining game.

Find The Clues

If you improve your conceptualization skill, memorizing things fast will be much easier for you.

Different Faces

Don’t forget that verbal memory can take a step forward. Play this game to boost your abilities.

Memory Cards

Card games like this one are the number one alternative to empower our spatial memory skills.

You can always find an appropriate way to memorize things really fast. Don’t be shy to try different alternatives and understand whether it is suitable for you or not. 👌

In this journey, MentalUP is here for you to help with its hundreds of fun games. You can develop your memory, logic, attention, and math skills at the same time. 📚


15 Tips to Memorize Things Fast

When you need effective ways to memorize things fast, the first thing you should do is to understand this a challenging process and supportive tips can make this easier. Let’s take a look at our most popular and beneficial tips together!

1. MentalUP Brain Games

MentalUP is an academically approved learning games app that targets to improve kids’, teens’, adults’, or seniors' minds by allowing them to be stronger in their daily lives

Because its brain games and exercises develop logic, attention, and memory at the same time, you can boost your mental abilities effectively by spending time with this activities.

Keep in mind that one of the most important things in this process is to be steady. So, you need to prefer the games or activities that are the best for you and keep moving on.

In the educational app MentalUP, there are lots of puzzles, brain teasers, riddles, and memory games for seniors, adults, or kids that are designed by experts, so you won’t be bored in your development process.

2. Preparing The Space

When you are studying and trying to memorize things fast, it is also important to have a suitable space where you feel comfortable. This will bring you the motivation you need.

Before you start to study, you should prepare your space according to your interests. But it is crucial to have a soothing and simple working environment. It shouldn’t distract you.

You can be sure that you have all the materials you need, and choose the best furniture you can be comfortable with such as an appropriate desk or chair. Try not to study on your bed or sofa.

It may be better to have suitable snacks and drinks near you or a playlist you like. Moreover, the lights need to be open if it is dark. Don’t forget that dark spaces make you feel sleepy.

3. Recording Your Study

One of the other answers to the “how to study and memorize things fast” question is to record the things you need to memorize. This will help you to learn on short notice.

If it is possible, you can also try to record a video when you are working. In this way, you can both observe yourself to correct your mistakes and listen to the records to memorize the study.

When you are recording your process, you shouldn’t try to do things differently and you should continue as in your routine. This will provide you to be more objective about it.

4. Writing Everything

Writing is another favorite approach when studying. Maybe you prefer to write your work on the computer but if you give a chance to hand-writing, it will be more effective for you.

If it is uncomfortable for you to write the things you need to memorize by hand, you shouldn’t push yourself. Try hand-writing and observe its effects, then move one according to this.

Because writing develops our hand-eye coordination, whether it is on a computer or a notebook, it will be very helpful for you. Moreover, you can look at your writing before you are finished.

Keep in mind that writing relaxes our mind and give us a personal space to take notes. In this way, it helps us to develop our verbal-linguistic intelligence in an effective way.

5. Sectioning Notes

After you finish taking notes, it is important to work on them. You can section your notes as an effective way that will provide you with how to memorize things as fast as possible.

When you are sectioning your notes, you can try to separate them according to their challenge level. It can be beneficial to work on hard notes first. So, you can use your focus and motivation to hard things to memorize to start with.

After you learn the harder stuff, you can continue with the easy ones. In this way, when you feel overwhelmed, working on easier notes will relax and motivate you. Also, you don’t need to do it at once. Take your time, have little breaks, and go on step by step.

6. Using Pictures

Using related pictures or photographs when you are studying is another efficient approach you can use as one of the fast easy ways to memorize things. Don’t be biased.

Maybe it seems a kind of wasting time to you. However, if you try to use pictures or photographs, it will trigger your visual memory which helps us to learn things shortly.

Don’t forget all people’s visual memory skills are different from each other and when you are trying to memorize things fast, this ability will be important to key in this journey.

If you have doubts about your visual memory or you need more information, you can always make a visual memory test. This will be beneficial for you to see the next steps.

7. Repeating Often

One of the other effective approaches that will open the door to fast ways to memorize things is to repeat. The more you repeat things you need to remember, the more it will boost you.

Repeating provides us to have a cumulative memory. This means that the things you need to memorize will become more solid and your brain will record them as permanent knowledge.

Keep in mind that when we don’t repeat the study we work on often, it will be recorded in our short-term memory. It can cause us to forget them if we try to memorize other information.

Otherwise, when we set our long-term memory in motion, this possible negative side-effect will disappear. Wherever you go, take your notes with you and try to repeat them.

8. Teaching to Someone

Teaching someone is one of the other best ways how to memorize long things fast. Because when you try to teach it, you have to take the knowledge from your memory and use it.

If there is no one around to teach the things you need to memorize, you can prefer to use a mirror or a video camera. Don’t forget that it is important for you to take this process seriously.

No matter who you tell or what the information is about, you should teach it as the most important thing for you. This way, when you listen to yourself, your memory starts to work fast.

9. Listening Recordings

The importance of listening to your recordings is the same as recording your work. Because if you don’t listen to them, you can’t benefit from its effects. It isn’t enough to look at the notes.

You boost verbal and visual memory skills but how about your aural memory? At this point, listening comes along. When you start to listen to your own voice, your brain will start to be more engaging and active.

Thanks to this auditory method, you can realize even the smallest details and record them in your mind whether you are aware of them or not. Don’t forget this is one of the best-known approaches that is used by professionals.

10. Taking a Break

After a hard-working day, our minds need to relax like our bodies. If you push your brain’s limits and don’t give a chance to brain breaks for kids, you probably couldn’t study effectively in the future.

The resting process is the closest companion of busy days. But keep in mind that there is a balance between these two. So, you shouldn’t take long or meaningless breaks.

Instead, you need to choose small breaks during your study when you feel tired and when you complete your daily task, you should take a long and relaxing break with fun activities.

In this process, you might want to listen to your recordings or read something about your study. However, you should try to rest with entertaining games to play at home or different social interactions.

When you need to take a break to have fun, you can choose to play the boosting games MentalUP offers. In this way, you can continue to improve mentally. 🎮

All its games are designed according to different interests, age groups, and levels. So, you can prefer whatever you need by considering your mood or feelings. 🌈

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11. Clearing Your Head

Sometimes you just need to clear your head. When you feel tired and overwhelmed, you shouldn’t push yourself other. Instead, you need to focus on what you are interested in.

Clearing the head doesn’t mean you need to stop working or studying at all. You should listen to music, go for a walk or eat something you love. Take your time and rest. Also, you don’t need to define the time for this. Your mind will tell you when it is relaxed.

After you relax, you will be surprised how you can work harder and remember the things you need to memorize easily. Don’t forget that it is an important part of how to memorize things fast and effectively. If you don’t do this, you can mix the things you need to remind.

12. Mindfulness

Mindfulness methods are among the most popular ways to clear your mind. When you feel that nothing helps you, you can try to take a deep breath and be aware of the present.

Because mindfulness provides you to realize yourself and your target, it is also beneficial for observation. After your hard work, you can use mindfulness activities and methods to take a look at the process. In this way, you can be aware of your mistakes and correct them.

Doing yoga, meditation, gardening, or even solving fun riddles can help you to relax and continue your study with a more relaxed mind. Whenever you need to manage stress, you can benefit from these techniques that will help you to solve these kinds of problems.

13. Relating Things

Relating the things you need to memorize with appropriate topics can support your mind to be more connected. Keep in mind that this approach engages our neural connections.

Making connections between stuff is one of the most simple ways for our brain to remember. Because it is a natural process of our mind, you can copy it for your purposes.

When you are relating things, the most important thing is to make the connection with the topics you are interested in. If you are familiar with something, you can recall it easily.

Moreover, you can use pictures, and symbols related to the information you want to learn. This effective memorization approach will also help you not to waste your time in vain.

14. Avoiding Multi-tasking

In the modern world, we all try to do lots of things together. Also, we push our limits to do these tasks perfectly. But don’t forget when we are studying, it won’t work like that.

If you try to be multi-tasking, you probably might miss the important details and you can’t concentrate on what you really should. This may cause you to fail in almost everything.

Instead, you can try to focus on memorization and the learning process for a while. After you feel tired, you can take a break and do all other daily activities by clearing your mind.

This will help you to be aware of the things you do. For example, when you are hungry, don’t eat your food against a computer screen by reading. Focus on it and then move on.

15. Understanding The Process

When you start to study or work on something, you can be impatient and restless. This is normal because your mind starts to think as you are in a race and react accordingly.

However, if you understand this is a long process and a marathon, you can act in peace of mind. This way, you will go on step by step and put up with all the bumps in this road.

Go easy on yourself, and don’t forget you are not a robot. You are a human being who can be tired, stressed, or bored, as we all. This will expand your horizon and clear your way.

The important thing is to know how to rest, relax and motivate yourself. In this process, you will continue by experiencing. Trust your feelings and go on studying in your own way.

Exercises Paving The Way to Memorize Things Fast

Memorizing process can be hard for you sometimes. In these kinds of situations, you can use these exercises that will help how to memorize things fast for a test or something else.

  • You can try to do yoga and any other mild physical exercises that suit you. It will be very helpful to throw the stress on your body and clear your head.
  • Different social activities are beneficial to become a little bit distant from our thoughts. You will see that after a group event, you can study more effectively.
  • Reading a book, an essay, or a blog post maybe support and encourage you to relax. You need to try choosing the stuff according to your interests and don’t push yourself.
  • Walking slowly is also a soothing activity. Sometimes, you should try to go outside and walk mindfully by not thinking anything instead of doing physical exercise.
  • A different alternative to empty our heads is to be busy with our loved ones. You can spend your leisure time with your pets, kids, family members, or close friends.
  • Learning what is working memory can be helpful in understanding the process, and how to improve working memory skills to memorize things fast.
  • Don’t forget that this is a two-step process. You should implement the tips to memorize things fast as we’ve told above and also try to relax your mind with fun activities.

We’ve talked about the tips and approaches you can use how to memorize things really fast. But you can also have a hard time finding an entertaining activity. 🎈

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