In the first year of middle school, math subjects become way more complicated than before. But don’t worry, you can support your 11 year old’s learning process with these fun math games and activities we brought together for you.

Division Game

Division Game

Division math games for 6th graders improve short-term memory, sustained attention, and visual attention skills.

Multiplication Game

Multiplication Game

Fun math games for 6th graders to play in class! These games improve math skills, processing speed, and decision-making skills.

Geometry Game

Geometry Game

Looking for geometry games for 6th graders? This game improves reasoning, spatial perception, and counting skills.

Audio Math Numbers

Audio Math Numbers

Double fun! Also, this game improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and aural memory skills.

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Measurement Game

Measurement Game

Heavy-duty! This math game for 6th grade improves comparison, logical thinking, and visual attention skills.

Order of Operations Game

Order of Operations Game

Operations! This game improves logical thinking and decision making skills.

Number Game

Number Game

Interactive math games for 6th graders improve math skills, planning, and visual attention skills.



This free 6th grade math game improves math skills and processing speed skills.

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Top 9 Math Activities for 6th Graders

FREE Printable Math Games

Looking for free math games for 6th grade? These printable 6th grade math games worksheets are essential when it comes to K-6 math exercises.

1. Add and Multiply Equations

Addition and multiplication equations are the subjects 6th graders should master by now. These printable PDF’s are here to make sure of that!

Free Multiplication Games for 6th Graders

To play this game, children need to fill in the blanks with the correct answers. In each section, the number below should represent the addition of the two numbers in the middle, and the upper one should represent their multiplication.


2. Equation Puzzle

Equations may become dull for sixth-grade students sometimes, so why not puzzle them up?

6th Grade Math Games Printable

To play these equation puzzles, they simply need to identify the numbers of fruits and vegetables in expressions to solve the addition problem in the end.


3. Arrange The Fractions

One of the key points in mastering fractions is arranging them. Here are some of the best printables to practice!

Math Games for Middle School 6th Grade

To solve these colorful worksheets, all they have to do is arrange the fractions from the largest to the smallest.


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3 Fun Classroom Math Games

Interactive activities are essential for boosting math skills. We brought together for you 6th grade math games classroom activities and fun ideas!

1. Math Basketball

Here’s one fast-paced math division game for 6th graders to master fractions!

Basketball Math Games 6th Grade
What You Need
  • Waste paper balls
  • A waste bin or a bucket to be the hoop
How to Play
  • Two players stand side by side. If you are playing in teams, the teams can line up. The first player in each line takes the first turn and then moves to the end of the line.
  • The teacher calls a fraction and a number. (e.g. What is ¾ of 12?)
  • The first player to call out the correct answer has a turn at shooting a hoop. The player scores a point if s/he can shoot a basket.
  • If playing in teams, the next two players then have a turn. The team or the player who has the highest score when the predetermined number of rounds is complete wins!

2. Integer Addition Match

Integers are at the center of grade 6 math. Then, how about an integer addition match?

Interactive Math Games for 6th Grade
What You Need
  • A deck of cards (Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 0) (red cards are negative numbers, black cards are positive numbers)
How to Play
  • The two players divide the cards evenly and place them in a pile face down in front of themselves.
  • Then, each player turns over one card at the same time. Players must add the two numbers. (e.g.: The first player turns over a red 8. The second player turns over a black 3. Then they should add the two numbers: -8 + 3 = -5)
  • The first player who says the correct sum out loud collects both cards and wins the round.
  • When the piles are used up, players count their cards. The player with the most cards wins.

3. Simplify Fractions

This simple dice game brings math and luck together. Are you ready to roll?

Math Dice Games for 6th Grade
What You Need
  • A scratch paper for each player and three dice
How to Play
  • Each player rolls the dice to create a fraction. One of the numbers is used as the numerator (unless it is a one, which means the fraction can’t be simplified) and the other two numbers are left side by side to create the denominator.
  • For example, if the roll is 4, 3, 6; the fraction might be 4/36, which simplifies to 1/9. If the roll does not allow for simplifying, the player automatically loses.
  • The player who has the largest fraction when the predetermined number of games is finished wins!

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3 Best Math Board Games

Board games are the best math activities to enjoy at school, playdates, or family evenings. Check out some of the best options we brought together for you!

1. Prime Climb

Boost your children’s math skills with this fast-paced board game!

6th Grade Math Board Games

Prime Climb is a colorful, mathematical board game designed for 2 to 4 players. Roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply and divide your way to the center of the board, picking up Prime cards and bumping your opponents back to start as you go. The first to land both pawns on 101 wins the game!

2. Monopoly

What can be a better game for 6th graders than Monopoly? Get ready for a fun activity that requires math skills!

6th Grade Math Activities Games

Create a Monopoly by buying, renting, trading the world's most famous properties. Roll the dice, then move your favorite game piece as you wheel and deal your way to the top.

3. Mathological Liar

Become math detectives with this educational game!

6th Grade End of Year Math Activities

Players earn points for solving math mysteries in this entertaining game. In each round, players read about a crime committed and each player receives a suspect's alibi. Players must determine whether the math in their suspect’s alibi is correct or not. If the math is correct, the suspect is innocent. If the math is incorrect, the suspect is guilty of the crime!

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