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Last Update Date: 05 November 2019

I will talk about the attention development exercises that will be effective both in adults and children. I can even surprise you with a very quick introduction.

Even what you are doing now (you are reading this article) is an exercise for attention development because it draws your attention. Look, the underline part of the previous sentence gives a clue about the source and solution of attention deficits. Especially parents and trainers, please give our full attention to what I am going to say now.

Attention Development

Do the following situations seem familiar to you?

  • Failure to focus on lessons, unwilling to listen what is told
  • While listening what is told, being a day dreamy
  • While being already busy with something, easily affecting by external stimuli (an insignificant noise or movement) and changing the attention to different way
  • By moving the attention to different way, missing the main topic
  • Forgetting the places which you put your things and that’s why losing them
  • Missing details and making simple mistakes
  • Cannot conclude a topic and causing it to take longer than what it should be
  • Unwilling to do homework and assignments that require concentration

You see those kinds of indications on someone around you and that person (your child, student or relative etc.) has also similar attention-gathering problems. Is that correct? If it is, we have good news for you. You can overcome attention-gathering problems by doing attention exercises! So, what are those attention exercises?


Mental development occurs by forcing brain just like muscle development. Thinking actually means forcing for the brain. Of course, trying to find solutions or understand something mean the same. Therefore, we always force our brain very often in our daily life. As you guess, we can overcome diseases such as distractibility, lack of attention, and difficulty in gathering attention with mental exercises based on attention. I mean, we can make our brain do some exercises which require attention.

Solving a mathematical problem or watching a fascinating action movie can be considered as an attention exercise in daily life. The main point here is that a mathematical problem doesn’t attract your attention enough that’s why you may not focus on the problem and maybe distracted. Hence, an action movie may have a capacity to attract a great deal of your attention. So, watching an action movie might be a good attention exercise. Therefore, it is possible to use some games or toys which can be used as an attention exercise and loved by children who have problems of attention-gathering. (E.g. puzzle, toy blog etc.) In the same way, adults can play games to do attention exercises that they can deal with them without getting bored. This is exactly what the experts who insist on learning with the game want to do: "preserve attention".

Perform MentalUP Attention Exercises That Are Designed As a Game

MentalUP Attention Exercises are certificated as pedagogical products and designed and supported by the academicians who are specialized in their fields. These products include dozens of exercises designed in the form of a game and they are suitable for all the users at any age. Also, MentalUP attention exercises provide to develop visual-verbal-numerical intelligence, analytical thinking skill, problem solving ability, and depending all of these, they have an effect on increasing school success. On the other hand, these exercises also serve as helper to develop gathering attention for adults.

You can see this application as a game that provides you to have a good time which is also appropriate to use on all devices connected to the Internet such as computers, tablets, and phones. Actually, most of the children consider this application as a game already ☺ They don’t even realize that they have an exercise. Of course, this situation helps both parents and trainers. While the children are busy with entertaining games, parents actually give their children attention-increasing activities. Isn’t that great? Also, MentalUP gives you FREE trail for users who want to try the application. During this period, MentalUP provides important tips about the level of attention of your children.

MentalUP Attention Game:Try now

Attention Increasing Activities in Educational Centers

Attention-based learning disability is one of the most common diseases in children. That’s why, elective courses such as Intelligence Games are added to the curriculum in many schools by the National Education Centers (for the primary education students). Many private schools use MentalUP Brain Exercises for students of all ages. (See: Attention Deficit Treatment)

The conclusion is that the most powerful tools are games for the process of increasing attention and other mental development for children. Therefore, we are focusing on how important games are on that page which was built explaining the techniques to increase attention. Of course, the techniques for increasing attention are not limited with the games. Prescription medicines such as Ritalin, Concerta are also used as prescription drugs, but such medicines must be taken under the supervision of a doctor. Without specialist advice, please do not buy any medicine from any shopping environment.

If you want to be a bit more involved to the topic:


Focusing on the issue that we are interested in as the main duty without being affected by stimulating external factors; ability to paying attention to the interested subject for a long time by forcing our minds means gathering attention.

Problems related to gathering attention are observed in two ways.

  1. Attention-gathering problem in the case of hyperactivity and continuously taking new actions
  2. Attention-gathering problem in the case of being unconcerned, unwillingness and quiet and unable to focus on any subject by constantly dreaming.

While we are performing attention gathering exercises we need to think about the mental health of the child who is experiencing attention gathering problem. Those children who have difficulty in gathering attention may fail in the courses at school and in their social relationships. However negative feedback can lead to more serious problems. Attention gathering exercises should not be as a reminder of his/her problems to the child. That's why it would be very useful to list the tasks which parents and trainer might perform.

Give Your Attention, While Performing Attention Increasing Techniques!

Attention gathering problems are usually perceived as problems once the school has started, but sometimes parents may suspect that their child may have problems with attention during pre-school period and they may get a professional help. After that, children receive brain exercises with pre-school attention activities. Pre-school attention activities are followed by school term attention increasing exercises. In fact, these exercises are not only required to be performed against the disease but also in normal situations because attention exercises improve the functions of the brain related with attention.

We have mentioned about the importance of interest and willingness factors among the attention gathering techniques. In order to focus on something for a long time, it is necessary to preserve the attention. When you focus on something for a long time, your brain will be forced and performed exercises which are improving as we explained before with the example of muscle development. So, our new mission is to provide to preserve the attention.

  • Try to provide a quiet studying environment to the children who are having problems about gathering attention because they can be easily affected by external voices. (At least enabling for them to turn their homework into a attention gathering exercise)
  • Being ambitious is source of motivation. If you have some difficulties with the games you are playing or the problems you are trying to solve or the exercises you are performing about increasing attention, remind your children their previous achievements. Also, support them by mentioning about the importance of completing the task and its achievements.
  • The room or environment where the attention gathering activities are performing should be free from distraction objects. For instance: Keeping unrelated toys on the table where attention increasing exercises are performed or performing these exercises in a messy environment. This situation will prevent to preserve attention which is our first purpose.

Attention gathering techniques vary according to the age of the person. But the thing is attention gathering techniques which are performed with preserving attention will be successful for the person at any age. The attention gathering techniques mentioned in this page may be therapeutical for those with attention disorders. If medication is needed, these exercises could also be regarded as a helper attention increasing activity.


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