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Last Update Date: 15 April 2021

With the rapid development of technology and the digital progress in learning systems, e-learning is now adopted by the masses.

E-Learning has significantly changed the educational and learning process in the classroom. Parents started to understand this new concept of education most clearly during the school closures and social isolation caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Let's look at the e-learning definition, benefits and most efficient resources to support the children’s education in the most efficient way through e-learning for kids.


What Is E-Learning?

E-Learning, or electronic learning, is the name given to learning and education using digital resources. E-Learning is based on traditional education. But it is provided through electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices that can be connected to the internet. The E-Learning industry makes it easier for users to learn whenever and wherever they want.

To summarize, e-learning is education or learning received online, via a computer or other digital devices.

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What Makes E-Learning Effective?

It is possible to see in every e-learning article how effective and useful this system is for childhood learning. In today's "always connected" world and a new generation growing up with the internet, e-Learning online courses create great advantages for young students, teachers and organizations.

e learning days

1- E-Learning Meets the Needs of Every Student

The method of e-learning is suitable for everyone regardless of age. Online eLearning courses offer lots of different subjects and content for students with special needs, as well as for teachers who want to develop education methods at their most convenient time.

2- Quick and Easy Access to Courses

e-Learning is the most effective way to ensure courses are delivered quickly and effortlessly. It is stated that the time required for e-learning courses is 25-60% lower than the time required for traditional education methods.

3- Affordable Education

e-Learning is very low-cost compared to traditional learning styles. This is because learning takes place quickly and easily without the need for a physical space like schools and classrooms. Both students and teachers go through a much more economical process in terms of transportation, course materials, etc.

4- Scalability

e-Learning has given education a very different perspective. It brought many new concepts, ideas and policies. Thanks to e-learning and online tools, it is also possible to measure how much a student studies, how they score on quick end-of-exams and to track their grades or progress on the course.

5- Multidisciplinary Development at a Young Age

E-learning days enable students to develop themselves in many different areas at a young age, as they can access different content quickly and easily according to their needs and interests. Students who develop themselves in different areas have the prospect of a brighter future.

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10 Resources for Online Learning During School Closures Due to Coronavirus Quarantine

The most important resource of e-learning is educational apps. Learning apps offer children the opportunity to develop in many areas from science to art.

We have listed the 10 best educational apps for students who have to spend time at home as a result of school closures due to the coronavirus outbreak:

1- MentalUP Educational Games

MentalUP is one of the best e-learning resources and most reliable scientific, educational brain teasers and learning app, which has been a participant of University College London Institute of Education EDUCATE Programme. The MentalUP app was developed by academicians and pedagogues to support the cognitive development of children aged between 4 and 13 years.

To improve your child’s cognitive skills, you can start using MentalUP immediately through their website, App Store or Google Play Store.

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2- Science 360

Science 360 was created by the National Science Foundation and only works on tablets. This educational app offers original and current ideas, engineering news, images, advanced grade science news and videos for kids. The contents are collected from universities and scientists around the world, but some are produced only by the National Science Foundation.

You can download Science 360 and start using it right away through App Store or Google Play Store.

Science 360 app icon

3- Amazon Kindle

Reading is the basis for learning. Amazon Kindle will be helpful for your child to enjoy reading. In order to make e-learning days more efficient, you can download hundreds of kits for children and make your child an e-reader.

You can reach Amazon Kindle and start reading books through their website, App Store or Google Play Store.

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4- YouTube Kids

YouTube is a great source of content for everyone. But it is also possible to get lost in the content. With Youtube Kids, where you can only find content produced specifically for children, you can ensure that they watch very useful educational videos for their development.

You can reach Youtube Kids and start watching useful videos through their website, App Store or Google Play Store.

YouTube Kids app icon

5- Spelling Stage

Using language correctly is another fundamental element of learning. Spelling is very important in language learning and can be difficult for many children. With the Spelling Stage educational app, children are both having fun and developing their own writing practice.

You can download Spelling Stage and start using it through the App Store.

Spelling Stage app icon

6- PBS Kids Video

The educational content of PBS is being consumed by children all over the world. Parents can now live stream this content of educational videos and TV shows to help their child learn and improve any time and anywhere. There is also an educational target tracker that helps monitor the child's learning. It is completely free and is undoubtedly a great learning app for the little one.

You can reach PBS Kids Video and start using it right away through their website, App Store or Google Play Store.

PBS Kids Video app icon

7- Duolingo

With Duolingo, your child can become an expert in languages. This educational app, which provides the opportunity to learn many languages such as Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Irish, Italian and English, is an excellent option for teaching your child a foreign language.

You can reach Duolingo and start using it right away through their website, App Store or Google Play Store.

Duolingo app icon

8- Quick Maths

Many children are prejudiced against mathematics. But if you make the mathematics fun, then situation can change. With this great e-learning application for students between the 2nd and 6th grades, you can make your child familiar with math concepts while having fun.

You can find Quick Maths and start using it right away through the App Store.

Quick Maths app icon

9- Flow Free

Puzzle games are fun home activities for kindergarten and, of course, for kids of all ages. You can access 2000 puzzles through Flow Free and support your child's practical intelligence development for free.

You can download Flow Free and start using it right away through the App Store or Google Play Store.

Flow Free app icon

10- ClassDojo

One of the best virtual classroom learning apps for kids is ClassDojo. Parents, teachers and students can communicate and interact with each other through this app. Parents can thus easily stay updated on their child's education.

You can reach ClassDojo and start using it right away through their website, App Store or Google Play Store.

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With e-learning, you can ensure that children will discover interests that they are not aware of, and that they can will develop their academic and social life to a high extent with versatile style of learning.

Whether schools are open or closed, homeschooling techniques are great resources for increasing children's mental development, knowledge and motivation for learning. To learn more about how to support children with online education, e-learning and homeschooling techniques, and to learn how to turn your children’s free time into fun learning sessions, you can check our blog post “Online Homeschooling - Learn How to Excel in Homeschooling with 15 Tips”.

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