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Last Update Date: 28 December 2017

Education is necessary for every human being since they are born in order to increase their own individual and social life quality. Even though people can be self-taught, they definitely need someone else to educate them too. The most important education comes with the family because family is the fundamental of type of education. Therefore, it is significantly important to talk about the role of the family in education together with the importance of education. We prepared a detailed article should be read by everyone who care about education. Let's start with the definitions.

importance of education and role of family in education


Education is general and personalized learning and teaching process which teach people the best way to live. Education aims to change and develop the behavior of the individual in a deliberate and appropriate manner with determined principles.


As it can be understood from the topic about "What is education?" we just described, it is the fact that education makes human life easier and more livable. Because of education, people are working in plazas instead of caves, they are all across the world instead of a small piece of land, and they even can go to the space.

It is a responsibility, even an obligation, to correspond to the educational processes which will never end as individually or globally.

A human life can witness very different living standards because nowadays it is easier to access and process the information. Technologies that we cannot even imagine twenty years ago now became very important parts of our lives.It is clear that especially children need to get an effective and accurate education process in order to get into this rapid change faster.

All parents want their children to be a beneficial individual to themselves and their environment. So, let’s talk about the importance of parents in education and raising educated children.


Intelligence is not the only factor that affects success in education! The important thing is the ability to use intelligence on the right things in an effective way. At this point, the personality characteristics and habits of an individual matters a lot. This topic is quite important as well as it is a very sensitive issue.

Research shows that 65% of children's personality development occurs between 0-6 years of age. This research re-emphasizes the prevalence of family in the child's personality development!

So, what kind of positive or negative effects do families have on the child?

In the pre-school period, the training and interest of family is important for children. In the 0-6-year-old preschool period, the fact that the family is in a positive attitude and raise their children conscious is becoming a sustainable success in the school period. On the contrary, it is known that problematic children are not successful in school life. Children with personality and behavioral disorders can experience adaptation problems when they start school.


A child who is constantly pampered by family members and had everything he or she wants has a difficulty accepting the reality of it is not always possible to get everything you want. A child who has to face with the reality shows anger, aggression, or oppositely shyness.

Such behaviors can lead to be excluded by society or some psychological pressures. When they face with such a situation, they lose their self-confidence, become uncomfortable, and want to run away from the social environment that they have been. Therefore, it can be resulted with academic failures after not enjoying school and lessons that much and running away. As you can see, education is always affected from internal and external factors all the time.

We have created two different titles for better understanding of the topic and contribute to make each parent do what they need to do.

These topics are:

  1. Common Mistakes in Family Education
  2. Family Education and Attitudes Needed for Raising a Good Child

When we go through these topics, we will both contribute to our own education and our children's education.

REMEMBER: Even if your kind a know most of the parts described in this article, you can still benefit from a single sentence or a clue and you update yourself. Like we said at the beginning: Education is a lifelong process. Now let's take a look at the 2 important topics above:

1- Common Mistakes in Family Education

  • One of the most common mistakes parents make is to not accept their children as an individual. Failing to admit that children are individuals can also cause for parents to find their children’s behaviors strange and wrong even if they are not. In this case, what we do is to personalize our children with our characters, not their personal characters. Moreover, we see it as a kind of education. Such an education method will have a negative impact on child and lead to personality problems so the academic life of the child will be affected too. Be careful, it is important to know that it is not about to interfere in the wrong behaviors, it is about unnecessary interventions should be avoided.
  • To be over concerned and to see the outside world as a threat for the child affects the social development in children negatively. Especially, thinking your child’s close circle of friend will hurt your child and so preventing your child’s socialization may cause him/her to become an asocial individual. However, the people are social individuals and also needs to be social. Social development in children is an important issue for success in education.
  • It is a huge mistake that when parents wish their children would live their dreams which have never come true. For example, we often see that a father who could not have been a lawyer although he wanted a lot try to convince his child to be a lawyer and other similar kind of stories. Each individual has its own unique qualifications and interests. Children are also individuals and their areas of interests must be discovered and they should be directed to those interests.
  • It is also not good to not take care of children, make them feel that you do not love them enough, and let children control everything. Parents should check that their children fulfill their responsibilities. Children should be supported in both preschool period and school age period. Those could be checking their assignments, doing educational activities together, helping their tasks and so on.
  • It is not right to compare children with their friends and peers. The only comparison can be made to check whether everything is okay with the development of the child. The comparison should be based on every child at that age, not on a person. Also, the child does not have to be aware of this comparison. At the same time, it is not true that if this comparison would be accusing or too much encouraging for children. Every child has different interests and personality. It cannot be expected that children would not be themselves as long as you compare them with someone else.
  • Finally, it is one of the biggest mistakes that parents do not question themselves when they faced with child's failures but instead they look for mistakes that the children might have made.

2- Family Education and Attitudes Needed for Raising a Good Child

While describing the mistakes above, we also mentioned about what is the correct thing to do against these mistakes. Apart from these, we have also shared below the new subjects that indicate the prevalence of the family in the education of the child and what needs to be done.

  • Psychosocial development (social-emotional development) of children should be monitored and conscious about this issue. According to Erickson's theory of psychosocial development, there are developmental goals and developmental conflicts of all ages. Erickson divides human life into 8 stages in terms of psychosocial development and argues that the conflicts of every stage must be resolved successfully. Unsolved emotional conflicts of any stage will be reflected in the next one and until finding a solution it will become personality problems. In this regard, the importance of family becomes more obvious.
  • It is necessary to make the child feels that he or she is a child. Approaches such as "You are a man, you are grown now, are you a child!" are abrasive and not educational. Children must play, move around, make little clumsiness, touch to stones and soil, dirty their clothes and live their childhood well. It has been excepted by all child development specialists that especially games are the most important tools for the intelligence development of children.

The fact that technology is developing very fast has enabled adults, too, to witness great changes in a very short time. Years ago, we could not even imagine that technologies like smartphones and tablets. This rapid change creates the consequences of resistance to anxiety and innovation. However, human history has been always going to the better one. It is also reminded by all personal development experts that resisting to the change is not the good.

The willingness of children to spend time with smart technologies or to play games on computers, tablets, or phones is not a something strange or requires prohibition. Families should be aware and careful about this. Instead of forbidding, experts recommend that it is the correct approach to allow them for a certain period of time daily. In fact, some special software is being developed to keep up with the families involved. One of the most important of these is the MentalUP Intelligence Games application.

MentalUP Educational Intelligence Games provide children with daily brain exercises that they can use for a certain period of time. Since these are game-like exercises, they attract children's attention and children do not consider them as an additional responsibility. So, children develop their mental skills while thinking that they are only playing games. If you are wondering MentalUP, you can subscribe and try it for free. MentalUP will give you very important clues about the attention and memory level and visual-verbal-mathematical intelligence potential of your child.

MentalUP Intelligence Games: Try It Now

  • The prevalence of the family in the development of the child is not only limited with the practices on the child. Providing a peaceful family environment to the child has a significant effect on both educational life and personality development. Child should be stayed away from all arguing and also physical and emotional pressure. Far from yelling at the child, even it negatively affects if family members would be yelling at each other. That's why it is very important to provide a peaceful family environment.
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  • We also need to share something about the importance of communication in the development of the child. The greater the ability of family members to understand each other, to interpret their behavior, and to perceive their expectations, the more the child will have the better ability to communicate. Communication ability is important not only in academic education but it is an important skill that gives the individual an advantage in every stage of life. Accept your children unconditionally and do not judge them in order to communicate well with children. This will increase their tendency and willingness for positive behaviors.

To Sum Up

Importance of education is based on the requirement for increasing the quality of human's life and endless development for a more livable world. The importance of family is based on the fact that it is actually the basis of a good education. In order to raise a successful, intelligent, and creative child, their parents must be educated and conscious. Because the children we are raising will be the parents of tomorrow, we would never forget the importance of education regardless of our age.

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