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Publish Date: 28 October 2021

Technological developments in the last 100 years are much more than in the rest of the historical process.

From this point of view, while some occupational groups will face the danger of extinction in the next ten years, some occupational groups will come to the fore.

future jobs

While technology is running at an incredible speed, scientific, social, cultural, environmental, and economic developments are also affected by it. And some professions are starting to stand out as the professions of the future.

This incredible development of technology also brings us some advantageous products, especially in the education of children.

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With that comes technology addiction, but is it that much of a dread?

When we say the professions of the future, we are talking about the possible professions of those born in the present day when technology is used very actively and who have children in this time period.

50 Best Jobs for the Future

Just as some occupational groups are known only as names we see in books, today's children will read some occupations only from history books. They will spend their lives as technology-oriented professionals.

They've already tended to take advantage of technology and learn so much from educational apps for kids, so this result will not be a surprise.

Let's take a look at the most popular professions of the future together:

50 - Urban Farming

In a world order where urbanization is increasing rapidly, and agricultural areas are decreasing day by day, who knows, maybe our balconies and even our street pavements will turn into agricultural areas.

Urban Farming

49 - Robotic Veterinary / Doctor

Robotic veterinarians or doctors will be waiting for you at the robot hospitals where you will take your home robots when they get sick!

Robotic Veterinary/doctor

48 - Robotic Psychology

If robots also have feelings, robotic psychologists will become the hottest profession in this new world!

Robotic Psychology

47 - Artificial Organ Development

One step after organ transplantation, there may be "artificial organ developers" who replace our organs produced and worn out in laboratory environments with new and perfect ones!

Artificial Organ Development

46 - Climate Change Engineering

If the climate is to be designed in front of a computer, of course, engineers specialized in this field will accompany it.

Climate Change Engineering

45 - Space Nursing and Physiotherapist

Of course, we will encounter different physical and vital possibilities in different gravity and living conditions. Space nursing and physiotherapist is exactly where we come across.

Space Nursing and Physiotherapist

44 - Mind Transfer Expertise

Wouldn't it be much better if the information transfers we do first through floppy disks, then CD's and finally USB’s are done directly from mind to mind?

Mind Transfer Expertise

43 - Smart Building Technician

When we say building, we may think of a structure consisting of 4 walls and a roof, but 'smart buildings' will mean much more to us, of course, so are the ones who designed these structures!

Smart Building Technician

42 - Robot Law

As the use of robots increases, we will need 'robot law' to solve the relationships between robots and the problems between humans and robots.

Robot Law

41 - Space Tourism Guidance

The sine qua non of space tourism, which is expected to start in the not too distant future, will, of course, guide!

Space Tourism Guidance

40 - Nanotechnology Engineering

While the number of universities providing nanotechnology education abroad is increasing day by day, experts point out that the industry is rapidly moving to nanotechnology and that the sector with the highest growth potential is the nanotechnology sector.

Nanotechnology Engineering

39 - Wind Energy Expertise

The increase in the orientation towards natural energy sources with global warming has also increased the importance of wind energy. Schools that provide expertise and consultancy certificates on this subject have already begun to be opened.

Wind Energy Expertise

38 - Electronic Journalism

With ecological reasons and the evolution of the digital world, journalism is moving to the electronic environment day by day.

The fact that static news has been replaced by video and visual journalism and the content has begun to take shape according to personal preferences has brought a new field of expertise.

Electronic Journalism

37 - Wearable Technologist

Smartwatches, smart wristbands, smart clothing... Wearable technologies, the most significant technological innovation that makes our lives easier with smartphones, stand before us as a sector that makes our daily life easier and develops more and more every day.

Wearable Technologist

36 - Epidemiology Specialization

Epidemiology, which is the branch of medicine that examines the distribution of diseases, accidents, and health-related conditions in society, their incidence, and the markers that affect them, is also closely interested in the worldwide virus epidemics that we are constantly hearing. It is estimated that the need for this profession will increase by 35 percent in 5 years.

Epidemiology Specialization

35 - Food Chemistry

Chemical studies on food are increasing rapidly all over the world. The need for chemists to make artificial foods that replace natural foods more palatable is as great as the need for cooks. But those who want to make a career in this field should focus on more patient and long-term gains.

Food Chemistry

34 - Actuarial

Anticipating future financial changes, the actuary is an extremely important profession for companies and investors to determine their forward strategies, and the demand is increasing rapidly.


33 - Cloud Computing Expertise

Cloud computing, that is, cloud computing, is a concept we have heard frequently in recent years. This system, which provides companies with significant cost and labor savings, has started to be preferred by all companies, small and large.

Considering that even grocery stores will have to use cloud computing systems in the near future, specializing in this does not seem like a bad career goal.

Cloud Computing Expertise

32 - Plumber

Plumber, a profession you might be surprised to see on this list, has always been one of the easiest jobs to find in our country. Plumber, whose value increases in direct proportion to the construction sector, can earn some professionals as much as a doctor.


31 - City and Regional Planning

City and regional planning, which has been on the rise in the last 10 years, is among the most popular professions today.

This profession, which is trained in the city and regional planning departments at universities, is a specialty that every district needs in public administration in both rural and urban areas.

City and Regional Planning

30 - International Law Practice

With the globalization of the world, the greater interaction of international companies and states with each other has increased the importance of international law.

In particular, 'international maritime law,’ which is a branch of international law, is getting more and more important in the world.

International Law Practice

29 - Interior Architecture

The increase in the importance of landscaping due to the increase in the level of welfare around the world causes an increase in demand in the fields of gardening and landscape architecture and "interior architecture and design,” which provides optimum use of space in architecture. Interior architecture, which is taught in both foundation and state universities in our country, is one of the flash professions of the future.

Interior Architecture

28 - Industrial Engineering

The need for multifaceted studies that can carry out many tasks at the same time increases the need for industrial engineers who have both a good engineering and management education. Industrial engineers have a great role in determining medium and long-term targets and planning applications.

Industrial Engineering

27 - Entertainment and Content Creation

In mass production, a lot of work can be lost to robots, but when it comes to producing 'new content,’ human creativity comes into play. Creative intelligence is needed more than ever to make the existing facilities and technology functional and fun and to offer new areas and possibilities.

Entertainment and Content Creation

26 - Cooking

As in every age, cooking will maintain its prestige as one of the most prominent professions. With the increase in gastronomy departments in universities, cooking will be a more professional profession in the future than ever before.


25 - Social Media Expertise

Social media expertise is one of the most important jobs to promote a brand today.

This sector, which was established on social media to identify the potential customer group for a product and introduce the target product with the right strategies, is extremely important for the future of brands.

Social Media Expertise

24 - Digital Publishing

It is considered certain that internet broadcasting, which has become very popular even today, will completely replace television in the near future and digital broadcasters will turn into 'superstars.’

Digital Publishing

23 - Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics engineering has emerged as a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical-electronic engineering, and computer engineering for the design and production of smart machines, ergonomic and useful products.

From automotive to white goods, from aviation to companies that produce smart robots, mechatronics engineering, which has a wide field of work, can offer you worldwide opportunities.

Mechatronics Engineering

22 - Math Teaching

While some teachers will be replaced by robots and computers in the future, one of them is not math teachers.

The fact that universities all over the world prefer students who know and use analytical thinking skills, math skills, and therefore mathematics, is the most important reason that will keep mathematics teaching popular as always.

Math Teaching

21 - Software Expertise

Software engineering, which is interested in developing application and system software that will make people's work easier in life, such as code development, programming, and operating systems, has become one of the most important professions of today, with computers entering every aspect of our lives. Software expertise is a business line whose importance will continue to increase in the future.

Software Expertise

20 - Information Technology Management

Computer and information systems management has a very critical responsibility in modern technology.

These employees determine the technological needs and targets of companies in the short or long term. Studies show that there will be a growth of approximately 20 percent in this occupational group in 5 years.

Information Technology Management

19 - Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are experts who decide to what extent the cash needs of enterprises will be met with their own resources and to what extent foreign resources, how these resources will be obtained, and for what purposes.

The further growth of the financial sector will increase the need for experts who understand funds and stocks.

Financial Analyst

18 - E-Sports Gaming

Esports gaming, which has become popular today, especially with games such as lol, will appeal to many more people in the future. It is even said that e-sports can find a place in the upcoming Paris Olympics.

E-Sports Gaming

17 - Drone Piloting

An unmanned aerial vehicle, known as the 'drone', is a type of remotely controlled aircraft.

Just as piloting is a popular profession today, it is likely that drone piloting will be as widespread and popular in the future. Universities abroad have even started to open programs that train drone pilots.

Drone Piloting

16 - Occupational Safety Expertise

The need for occupational safety specialists continues to increase day by day. This area, where there is a large employment area, can be a good option for career planning, especially with the obligation to have an occupational safety specialist in all workplaces.

You can also improve yourself and climb the steps with the certificate programs to be followed continuously.

Occupational Safety Expertise

15 - Physical Therapy Specialization

The importance of physiotherapists, who are indispensable personnel of health teams, in the treatment process is increasing day by day.

This department, which also guarantees to start a job as soon as graduating, has become a branch of science that plays an active role in increasing and improving the quality of life in recent years.

Physical Therapy Specialization

14 - Psychiatry

Although psychiatry, a multidisciplinary field, is a branch of medicine, it is a branch whose importance is increasingly understood in the world. In line with the influence of the modern world and individualization, its importance is increasing day by day. Considering the future imaginations, it is seen that it will gain even more importance.


13 - Tourism Management

Traveling and traveling the world is now much easier than before. Europeans travel as tourists on average 2.5 times a year.

While this is the case, tourism management is constantly gaining importance in touristic geographies like our country. The most important benefit of building a career through tourism is its high income. The sine qua non of the job is 'knowing a foreign language'.

Tourism Management

12 - Dietitian

The increase in energy consumption due to work and lifestyle in our age has radically changed our eating habits. However, the increase in the consumption of high-calorie and fast food foods and the sedentary life brought by the business world increased the need for dietitians. It seems that dietitians will continue to be among the professions that shine in the coming years.


11 - Nursing

The fact that there is a large young population both in our country and in the world greatly increases the number of hospitals and the investments made in this sector.

With the aging of this young population in the coming years, it is predicted by career experts that nursing will be almost as important as medicine.


10 - Dentistry

The United Nations Development Organization (OECD) considers dentistry one of the most important professions of the future.

Dentistry, which is not expected to decrease or even increase the importance of developments in technology, means job guarantees all over the world. Experts often emphasize that as the quality of life increases, the need for oral and dental health also increases when we consider that the integrity of the human body will not change in the future and that the human lifespan is getting longer the sub-branches of health gain more and more importance.


9 - Blockchain Expertise

Like everyone else, you must have heard of the virtual currency called 'bitcoin,’ whose value has increased rapidly in recent years.

The 'blockchain', the 'secure data storage chain', the technology behind bitcoin, is one of the most important technologies that will mark the coming years.

Protecting and distributing data from voting to commerce by transferring them over this system will be an electronic revolution that we will encounter in the near future.

Blockchain Expertise

Specializing in the 'blockchain' system, which is introduced in our country through conferences and seminars from time to time, maybe the best career investment to make.

8 - Internet and Network Technologies Security

The internet, which has become the place where we store all our personal information and data, is also open to all kinds of attacks because it is a virtual environment. With each passing day, safe internet usage becomes a more and more important issue for adults. There is also another issue named cybersecurity for kids that parents must be cautious about it.

The world's leading companies also need internet security experts, which we can call "virtual security officers" who will ensure the security of their internet networks.

Internet and Network Technologies Security

Those who work in this field can work as "freelance", as well as have the opportunity to act as affiliated with an institution.

7 - 3D Printer Engineering

As the great breakthroughs made by 3D printer companies in recent years indicate, it is certain that the coming years will put 3D printers at the center of our lives.

In fact, some experts predict that in the future, 3D printers will take their place in every home such as refrigerators and ovens. 3D printer engineering is a brand new business line that will increase in importance with these developments.

3D Printer Engineering

6 - Artificial Intelligence Expertise

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, the richest businessman in the world, often says at his conferences that "if he starts building a career right now, he will focus on artificial intelligence" and recommends this to young people.

It is possible to build a good career in this field by taking advantage of the budgets and opportunities allocated to the development of artificial intelligence by developed Asian countries as well as the USA.

Artificial Intelligence Expertise

Considering that it is estimated that 30 percent of all job descriptions will be delivered to artificial intelligence robots in the next decade, it can be a career opportunity that cannot be underestimated.

5 - Ecology Specialization

The science of ecology, which examines the relations of living things with each other and with their environment, is gaining importance day by day with the effect of global warming and the rapid increase in the world population.

Even scientific articles published in the field of ecology increase in number every year, and in the near future, when we will be more dependent on industry and mechanization, ecologists have important duties.

Ecology Specialization

In addition, the fact that this profession has not been valued enough until today will mean being one of the pioneers of the business for those who want to build their career as an ecologist.

4 - Genetic Engineering

It is certain that genetic engineering will be at the top of the list of the most important professions in the future.

The fact that more and more things are learned about DNA every day makes the appetite of those doing research on this subject even greater.

In addition, the opportunity for genetic engineers to find jobs with high standards in all developed countries of the world makes genetic engineering much more attractive.

Genetic Engineering

3 - Human Resources Expertise

Especially after the 2000s, the importance given to human resources in our country started to increase rapidly.

Research shows that the vast majority of companies believe that it is much more beneficial to solve these situations with their own employees instead of hiring outside staff for new job positions.

Human Resources Expertise

Human resources and development specialists also play an increasingly important role in their efforts to make companies work more efficiently with their existing resources.

2- Product Design

Although manufacturing products has begun to shift from humans to robots, more creative people and designers will fall to the task than ever before.

Especially industrial design will become one of the leading business lines in product design.

Product Design

1 - Data Analytics

With the rapid advancement of technology, the collection of information has become easier, but data analysts will be needed in almost all industries to draw meaningful information and inferences from the collected data.

By 2022, the need for data analytics is expected to increase rapidly all over the world.

Data Analytics

Skill Test for Future Jobs

In the section up to this point, we have underlined some of the prominent mental skills necessary for the professions of the future. So what are your or your child's outstanding skills? Take the test and discover your outstanding skills.

4-6 age skill test

Take a skill test for ages 4-6

7-12 age skill test

Take a skill test for ages 7-12

13+ age skill test

Take a skill test for ages 13+

Why Is It Important to Know the Jobs of the Future?

Holding on to a profession just by going to school is now a far cry from the time. Even today, we often see transitions between professions and changes in working life. However, being aware of the professions of the future gives us another awareness.

It is possible to realize in childhood whether there are talents, interests, and curiosities that children need to develop in order to be successful in these professions in the future. Also, adapting to these professions, even as a name, will be the first step in preparing children for the future.

The sky is the limit of our dreams! The more predictable the future, the happier any parent who wants to eventually steer your children into a career that makes them happy.

How Do You Prepare Your Children for the Jobs of the Future?

Ensuring children's development will lay a solid foundation for careers that are likely to become popular in the years to come. It is your duty to support and guide them at the age when their potential to learn and acquire skills is at its highest. Carefully read the skills needed for future jobs.

  • Problem Solving Skill: Although we rarely experience overly complex problems today, we will face some problems that we will have difficulty in understanding in the near future. In order to solve such problems, we need to stretch the mind as much as we can, that is, strengthen mental skills.
  • Critical Thinking Skill: Although technology and artificial intelligence will enable the automatic management of the process in almost all business lines, the human factor will always remain as a leading force. Therefore, people who can think critically, analyze and produce solutions will continue to be the blood sought for future professions.
  • Creative Thinking Skill: We can state that people who can creatively find different ways to solve problems instead of evaluating standard solutions will be business people who will be needed regardless of the circumstances. That’s why it would be beneficial to start playing imagination games for kids at an early age.
  • Social Relationships: There is a human domain that robots and artificial intelligence are almost inaccessible to social relationships. People with this skill are likely to be favored by their managers and customers because of their finishing and solution-oriented nature. Keep in mind that the two most important criteria in social relationships are empathy and being a good listener. Family participation activities are very useful in acquiring these skills.
  • STEM Skills: Represented by the initials of science, technology, engineering, and math skills. It is useful to remember that these fields will always be in demand and individuals with these skills will be sought after.
  • SMAC Skills: Just like STEM, this phrase is an acronym for social, mobile, analytics, and cloud. Those who develop their skills in the aforementioned fields have the potential to become prominent people for the professions of the future.
  • Interdisciplinary Knowledge Skills: While producing solutions to the problems encountered in both business and social life, using the knowledge and experiences you have gained in a different field also gives you the opportunity to take a detailed look. Therefore, you will have the skills to deal with the problem in a broad framework and produce quick solutions.

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