Top 10 Tips to Deal With Online Schooling During Coronavirus Quarantine

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Last Update Date: 15 April 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread school closures in the United States as well as worldwide.

Students from at least 114,000 public schools and private schools across the US are unable to attend classes as usual. Therefore, while high schools are starting to use online schooling methods, parents are trying to find alternative education methods to support their children's development during this quarantine time.

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What Is Online Schooling and Why Do We Need Online Schools?

Online schools, also known as virtual schools, are a new technology-oriented online education method that provides virtual classrooms as a study space for students to attend their courses in their home environment.

In addition to online schooling being particularly beneficial during the Coronavirus pandemic, there are numerous additional advantages that online schools have as opposed to traditional classes. We can list some of them as follows:

Lower Costs for Education

Online programs provide a more affordable education option for students than traditional colleges. Although not all online college degrees offer cheaper tuition prices than traditional colleges, costs for education are always lower. For example, there are no commute costs and sometimes compulsory course materials such as textbooks are available for free in online classrooms and study spaces.

More Comfortable Environment for Work

Ads that highlight comfortable and happy online students who are trained in their pajamas illustrate only one of the benefits of homeschooling. There is no traditional classroom setting. Students listen to online lessons and complete their online assignments electronically without the need to stay for hours in traffic or miss important family time.


Flexible But Regular Study Time and Convenience

Online schools give students the opportunity to plan their studying time according to what they want to do for the rest of the day. Online students can easily study and also take the time to work on other tasks. All of these benefits help online students with time management skills and in balancing education, free-time-activities, and family relationships.

Great Ability to Concentrate on Tasks

Online courses offer shy or more reticent students the opportunity to participate in easier classroom discussions than traditional classroom settings. Some online students even report better concentration in online study spaces due to the lack of classroom activities.

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Avoiding Commitment

In cases of natural disasters, such as snow storms or hurricanes, or in situations that can affect public health like Coronavirus, colleges may cancel classes to avoid having students spend time on daily, unsafe commutes. Online students in online courses can easily continue their education without interruption in such situations.

With all these beneficial aspects, some online students with learning and thinking differences may develop in online classes, but some children may still not get all the support they need through online learning.

Ten Tips to Maximize your Productivity during Online Schooling

Parents have a great responsibility to ensure that their children make the best out of online schools according to the child’s individual needs. Parents can facilitate the success of online students by following a few simple tips.

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1- Treat Regular Study Time Like a Job

Foster a positive mindset about online education in your children. Teach them to treat their online classes as a job. Setting daily goals and making checklists ensures controlled progress in each course and assignment. Having this discipline can also help them prove that they can work efficiently and independently.

2- Use Online Resources

Children who receive homeschool instruction are more prone to online education tools. Some online apps and tools can help you turn their leisure time into a fun learning period. For example, you can check best apps for 10 year olds to support your kids’ success, and you can easily find educational apps for kids of all ages. The MentalUP Award-winning Educational Games App has been specially developed by academics and pedagogues to support children's mental development and online education. It’s the choice of millions of families and educational institutions.

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3- Manage Time Carefully

Manage study time

Students are usually more successful in a structured educational environment. Don't let them wait until the last minute to complete and submit their online assignments. Last-minute studies do nothing but add more stress. If your children can manage their time carefully and stay proactive in their online courses, they will feel better about completing their tasks.

4- Eliminate Distractions

Create a study environment free from outside sounds and distractions. This is very important for your children to concentrate on their tasks. Mute mobile phones and turn off the TV. A quiet set-up slows down your children's mind flow and helps them feel more comfortable. So they can easily focus on their online course and make the most of homeschooling.

5- Ask Questions

It is very important to be a correct role model for asking questions in communication with your children. Teach them to be proactive and ask for help. You can make them feel appreciated while testing their knowledge by asking questions.

It is also very important for them to ask questions on any subject they do not understand in online courses, so that they don’t fall behind their classmates.

6- Connect with Others

Online schooling parents

Get connected! Communication is inevitable. Apart from connecting your child to online classes you should communicate online with the parents of other online students who are your child's classmates.

In this way, you can exchange ideas and even organize entertaining activities that support online education.

7- Let Them Take a Break

Let your child take short breaks between online classes. Constantly looking at the computer screen reduces concentration. Getting away from the screen and refreshing their minds allows them to have a much more productive learning process when they return to their online lessons.

8- Make a Study Plan

Prepare a clear study plan with your children and stick to this plan. Organize a supportive education program according to the plan you created for the online school and set a school-specific time per day or week. Make sure that you give them enough time to focus on online school, without being distracted by other activities.

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9- Reward

When your kids get a good grade, definitely reward them. It will be good for both them and you to do an activity they have wanted for a long time. Also, this award will be a great motivation for them to get a good finish at the finish line in the next marathon. Remember, life is not only experienced through high school, exams and tasks.

10- Find The Best Learning Method

Not all children learn in the same way. Therefore, try to find out which regular study strategies you need to use in order for your children to understand the new concepts in the best way and to acquire effective learning.

Discover your child's special needs and ways of learning. In its simplest example, some children learn better by listening, some by reading, and others by speaking. Fun learning methods will always work at this point.

Make sure to try Educational Brain Teasers MentalUP, which turns learning into fun.

It is important that your children do not fall behind their classmates after the Coronavirus quarantine. It would be good for all of you to organize this process in the most efficient way for your families to spend quality time and for the education of your children to take place successfully. Turn this pandemic, into an opportunity and teach your child how to enjoy the benefits of online learning.