Looking for math games for grade 4 to engage your children in their lessons? You don’t need to think twice about it anymore. From online games to printable ones, educational activities, board games and even outdoor options can be found in this article! 🥳

Free Online Math Games for 4th Grade



This multiplication games for 4th grade improves math skills, decision making, and processing speed skills.

Division Game

Division Game

This math practice game for 4th grade improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and visual attention skills.

Place Value Game

Place Value Game

This online math games for 4th grade improves visual attention and counting skills.



This geometry math game improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and aural memory skills.

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More or Less

More or Less

This multiplication game for 2nd grade improves visual scanning, comparison, and planning skills.

Subtraction Game

Subtraction Game

This math game for fourth grade improves logical thinking, comparison and math skills.

Remember the Numbers

Remember the Numbers

Test your memory! This math memory game improves visual scanning, spatial memory, and comparison skills.

Audio Numbers

Audio Numbers

The most loved math game by 9 years old! It improves visual scanning, comparison, and planning skills.

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Math Activities for 4th Grade

Games should be played without restrictions. You can do these math activities whether you are in the classroom, at home, or even in the schoolyard.

So buckle up and get ready because we can assure you that math is boring no more! With these activities, you can even be prepared for some exams like Math Kangaroo, as an addition to Math Kangaroo Past Papers!

Printable Math Games

Printable activities are essential when it comes to math practice games for 4th grade. These activities are for both individual practice and interactive playing. Let’s check some of the best options.

1. Addition and Multiplication Puzzles

Equations can become intimidating for a 9-year-old. How about one of the best learning games for 9 year olds, a fun puzzle, to help them learn math more effectively? How about a fun puzzle to help them learn math more effectively?

Addition and Multiplication Puzzles

To play this game, children need to fill in the blanks with the correct answers. In each section, the number below should represent the addition of the two numbers in the middle, and the upper one should represent their multiplication.


2. More, less or equal?

These printable worksheets are great ways to practice number values!

Printable Math Games 4th Grade

All your children have to do is fill in the blanks with the correct symbol representing if the first number is more, less, or equal to the next one.


3. Complete the sums

These worksheets are perfect to master complex math problems and improve your 4th graders’ math skills!

Math Practice for Kids

Encourage your children to fill the boxes with the correct digits vertically and horizontally so that their addition gives the numbers on the sheet.


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Math Games for Classroom

1. Factor Frenzy Headbands

Here is a teamwork game to practice factors!

Multiplication Games for 4th Grade
What You Need
  • Stretchy headbands
  • Stack of number cards
How to Play
  1. Put your students in groups of 3.
  2. The first child puts the headband on and puts a number card on her/his headband. They can’t see it, but their two teammates can.
  3. Then, their teammates give them factors to equal the product. The student with the headband on has to solve the problem to pull the card out in a minute.
  4. But beware, because they can’t say the number that is on the player’s head, so one times the number is not an option!

2. 24 Math Game

Card games are simple, but they do trigger some serious brain activity with basic math facts. Here’s a fun example for fourth grade students.

Card Games for Kids
What You Need
  • Playing Cards
How to Play
  1. The object of the game is to get a total of 24 by using basic mathematical operations.
  2. Deal out four cards face-down to each player.
  3. When all cards are dealt to each player, all players should turn their cards over face-up in front of them and try to arrange their cards in any order, then use three of the four math operations to reach the total of 24. Each player can also use one set of parentheses.
  4. The first player that comes up with a total of 24 first is awarded a point. If nobody comes up with a solution, no points are given for that round.
  5. The one who has the most points after a predetermined number of rounds, wins the game.

3. Plastic Eggs Match-Up

With this fun game to play in the classroom, on playdates, or even outside, fractions and decimals will match-up in your children’s minds!

4th Grade Math Games for the Classroom
What You Need
  • Plastic Eggs
  • A marker
How to Play
  1. To play this simple but fun game, all you have to do is to write the fractions on one half with equivalent decimals on the other.
  2. Then, ask your kids to match them up. The one who has the most eggs, wins!

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Math Board Game Ideas

We brought together the best math board game ideas for the 4th grade for you! These board games are the best activities to help children brush up on math skills and keep it fun.

1. Zeus on the Loose

This fun game is a lot more than a simple math practice for kids. Zeus on the Loose brings math and mythology together to help children improve their addition skills as they try to reach Mount Olympus.

Zeus on the Loose

To win this game, you need to get Mount Olympus (the discard pile) to reach 100 and steal Zeus. The gameplay moves quickly, so you can play about 5 rounds in 15 minutes.

2. Money Bags

This is a fun way to learn about combining coins!

Money Bags

This colorful board game is about earning money while moving forward on the cartoon path. You can earn the money by landing on a square labeled with a practical chore or an entrepreneurial endeavor. But to do that, the spinner should determine which coins can be taken from the bank. The player who earned the most money at the end wins! If your kiddo doesn’t enjoy playing with money counting apps, you should definitely give a chance to this game.

3. Ticket to Ride

To play this fast-paced, award-winning board game, children need to use key math skills and logic.

Ticket to Ride

In this multiplayer board game, players compete to travel to as many cities as possible in North America. But they have only seven days for that. Players should collect cards showing which railway routes connect with others. The longer their routes are, the more points they earn, and the one with the longest route wins!

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