As they approach the end of middle school, students need to master more complicated algebraic expressions like square roots, linear equations and integers. These 8th grade math games will help them with the necessary math skills so that they can enjoy a better school performance. 🏫️ 👨‍🎓️👩‍🎓️

8 Free Online Math Games for 8th Grade / K-8

Candy Ratio Game

Candy Ratio Game

Fun online math game for 8th grader. Target core cognitive areas: visual attention and counting skills.

Multiplication Game

Multiplication Game

math game for 8th grade students. Target core cognitive areas: math skills, processing speed, and decision-making skills.

Geometry Game

Geometry Game

Educational math games for 8th graders! Target core cognitive areas: reasoning, spatial perception, and counting skills.

Division Game

Division Game

One of the cool math games 8th grade. Target core cognitive areas: short-term memory, sustained attention, and visual attention skills.

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Number Properties

Number Properties

This kind of interactive math games for 8th grade helps improve short-term memory, sustained attention, and aural memory skills.

Algebra Game

Algebra Game

Looking for free algebra games for 8th graders? Start with this and improve your logical thinking and planning skills.

Equations Game

Equations Game

Math games for 8th grade students! They help improve math skills, reasoning, and processing speed skills.



These math review games for 8th grade are an exact fit! They help improve comparison, thinking, and visual attention skills.

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Top 9 Math Activities for 8th Graders

8th grade Math Worksheets [Printables]

Help your 13 year old’s math practices with these free educational printables.

1. Equation Printables

Equations are the key of math learning and a great part of 8th grade math problems. These easy to follow worksheets will help children improve their math skills.

Math Games 8th Grade Printable

They simply need to identify the numbers that shapes represent and solve the equations.


2. How Many Triangles?

How about a little geometry challenge with these free games?

Printable Math Games for 8th Graders

To solve these printable PDF’s, children need to identify the number of triangles in the shapes.


3. Find the Equivalent

These worksheets will help eight grade students with fractions, decimals and percentages at the same time!

Math Review Games for 8th Grade

They simply need to find the number equivalent for each pictorial fraction representation and circle the right answer.


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3 Fun Classroom Math Games

1. Toss the Ball

This is a fun whole class activity to cover any K-8 math subject and include some competition in math learning!

Cool Math Games 8th Grade
What You Need
  • All you need is a ball to toss to students and a series of questions written on the board. Questions should include the math subjects you are covering.
How to Play
  • The student who catches the ball must answer one of the questions. If the student can’t answer correctly, then s/he is out.
  • After a student provides you with the correct answer, s/he tosses the ball to the next student who repeats the same process.
  • The last one to stand, or the one who gives the best answer till the class ends wins!

2. 314 and Out

This is one of the best math games for 8th grade students to ensure fun in the classroom. Also, a great activity for pi day, March 14th.

Math Games for 8th Graders in the Classroom
What You Need
  • Dice
How to Play
  • It is a simple game where two teams try to be as close to 314 but not over it.
  • To play, students take turns rolling the dice. As they roll, they can either take the number as a one or a ten. For example, if a student rolls an 8, they could take it as 8 or 80.
  • Students keep a record of their total as they play. The game continues until a team goes over 314 and the other team wins!

3. Integers Card Game

This challenging card game requires students to subtract positive and negative integers.

Educational Math Games for 8th Graders
What You Need
  • A standard deck of cards
How to Play
  • Arrange students into groups of two. Have students deal out as many cards as possible from a deck of cards so that each student has an equal number of cards. Put aside any extra cards.
  • Every black card in their pile represents a positive number and every red card represents a negative number. Also, aces have a value of 1, jacks have a value of 11, queens have a value of 12, and kings have a value of 13.
  • As the game begins, have each player place her or his cards in a stack, face down. Then ask the player on the dealer’s right to turn up one card and say the number on the card.
  • Now they need to subtract the numbers. For example, if the first player turns a red 5 (-5) and the second player turns a black 8 (+8), the difference is -13: (-5) - (+8) = -13 If the next player plays a red 4, the difference is -9: (-13) - (-4) = -9.
  • The game continues until someone shows a card results in the sum of exactly -25.

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3 Best Math Board Games

We brought together favorite board games to help children improve their math skills and keep it fun.

1. Absolute Zero

Get ready for a family size educational card game!

Math Games for 8th Grade Students

Absolute Zero Card Game will challenge your children and improve their understanding of combining integers. And the key is simple, the first one with nothing wins!

2. Pay Day

Pay Day ensures a fun family evening and challenges the players to use their math skills!

8th Grade Math Board Games

Players can make deals on property and earn money. You need to have the most money at the end of the game cause at the end of each month you must pay off all outstanding bills.

3. Mastermind

Discover the secrets, unravel the clues and break the codes with this ultimate strategy game.

8th Grade Math Games to Play in Class

Take the Mastermind challenge to improve your logic and deduction skills. To play this game, you need to break your opponent's hidden code by guessing which color pegs and order s/he has used. With over two thousand possible combinations, Mastermind will boggle your minds.

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