Fun Games to Play Outside for Kids of All Ages

Outdoor play contributes significantly to kids' physical, mental, and social development. If you are wondering what are some fun games to play outside, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll explore 13 fun games to play outside with kids! Let’s get started!

The Best Games to Play Outside

Outdoor games promote positive experiences and contribute to overall well-being. Here are the best games to play outside that encompass these aspects.

1. MentalUP

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2. Capture the Flag

This is one of the best outside games to play, teaching kids to collaborate as they work together to capture the opposing team's flag, fostering communication and social skills. This versatile game can be adapted for different age groups, but it is generally most suitable for children aged 6 and older.

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For younger kids, you might consider modifying the rules or using a simpler version of the game. This popular outdoor game can be played in various settings, including schools, camps, and recreational areas. So, if you’re looking for good games to play outside with kids on a trip, Capture the Flag might be a good option!

How to play Capture the Flag

Divide children into two teams and establish boundaries for your playing area. Designate a divider to separate the two teams' zones and set up a designated "jail" area, such as a fire hydrant or tree.

In addition, each team should hide their "flag," which could be a towel or tee. The objective is to locate the other team's flag and successfully bring it back to your own territory.

3. Bowling in the Backyard

If you are looking for good games for kids to play outside that will develop their physical and cognitive abilities, you can try this one. Outdoor Bowling hones motor skills and hand-eye coordination and introduces basic principles of physics as children learn to control the trajectory of the ball.

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The game is easy to use for children older than 4 years old. Younger children may enjoy the sensory experience of rolling the ball and knocking down pins, while older kids can engage in more structured and competitive play. So, it might be one of the most fun games for kindergarteners to play outside.

How to play Bowling in the backyard

To play this outdoor bowling game, set up plastic bottles in a triangular formation at one end of a flat outdoor space. Players take turns rolling a ball from a designated starting line, aiming to knock down the bottles, and score points based on the number of pins toppled.

4. Jump the Rope

If you are looking for some family games to play outside that will help you create fun memories with your family members, this simple activity is for you. Jumping rope offers numerous health benefits. It not only enhances cardiovascular fitness but also improves coordination, balance, and agility.

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Embrace the joy of this game, ensuring a safe and entertaining experience for kids outside. Suitable for children of all ages, this activity requires minimal equipment and offers a delightful time in the open air, perfect for friends or family to join in the fun.

How to play Jump the Rope

To play jump rope, start by selecting a suitable rope with comfortable handles. Hold one handle in each hand and position the rope behind you. Begin swinging the rope over your head and then jump over it as it approaches your feet. Try to maintain a steady rhythm and jump with both feet at the same time.

5. Tug of War

Tug of War is one of the most popular strategy games for kids. It is not only a physically engaging game but also a social activity that provides a combination of exercise, teamwork, and friendly competition for children of all ages.

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This interactive game is among the best kids games to play outside, providing a fun and inclusive experience. Tug of War is often suitable for children aged 6 and above, with adult supervision and guidance. It's an ideal choice to enhance physical activity in a playful setting with friends or family.

How to play Tug of War

To play Tug of War, form two teams of equal strength with an even number of players on each side. Use a sturdy rope, marking the center with a flag or a visible marker. The objective is for each team to pull the other across a designated line or marker, and the team that successfully does so wins the game.

Favorite Games to Play Outside Without Equipment

Are you seeking spontaneous outdoor activities that require minimal preparation and wondering what games to play outside without equipment? Here are the best fun kid games to play outside without needing any materials.

6. Duck-Duck-Goose

Fun outside games to play like Duck-Duck-Goose contribute to the development of various social and emotional skills in children, including empathy. Additionally, the constant movement involved in running and tagging helps improve cardiovascular health and motor coordination.

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So, if you are looking for kids games to play outside that will expand their social and emotional skills, you can consider this game. Generally popular among children aged 3 to 8 years old, the game provides a fun way for children to practice memory and concentration as they remember who has been tagged and who is the "goose."

How to play Duck Duck-Goose

A designated person, known as "it," moves around a circle, tapping others, saying "duck, duck, goose." When "goose" is called, the tapped player chases "it" around the circle. If "it" reaches the vacant spot first, the tagged player becomes the new "it," and the game continues.

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7. Red Light-Green Light

Red Light, Green Light offers benefits such as physical activity, improved listening skills, social interaction, development of self-control, and enhanced concentration and focus. It is easy to play, making it one of the best games to play with kindergarteners outside.

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The excitement of these types of outside games to play with family or friends comes from the challenge of freezing abruptly, testing the players' agility and quick reactions to the stoplight's commands. This makes the game not only enjoyable but also beneficial for overall physical and cognitive development.

How to play Red Light Green Light

Commence the game by having all participants stand along the starting line. When the command 'Green Light' is given, everyone begins moving toward the finish line. However, when the directive 'Red Light' is announced, all players must promptly come to a halt. If any players are caught still in motion after the 'Red Light' command, they are required to return to the starting line before the game resumes with the next 'Green Light.'

8. Sprint Race

A sprint race for kids also provides benefits such as improving coordination, building leg strength, enhancing agility, boosting self-esteem through personal achievements, and promoting a positive attitude towards physical activity and exercise.

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Appropriate for all ages, sprint race isn't just about speed; it's about promoting friendly competition, getting active, and relishing that awesome feeling of accomplishment. So, when looking for games to play when bored outside, consider this high-energy activity for an extra dash of excitement.

How to play Sprint Race

Assemble a group of participants in an open area, such as a field or track. Determine the length of the sprint race; it's typically a short distance suitable for a quick burst of speed. Mark a starting line on the ground using chalk, cones, or any visible marker. Designate a finish line at the predetermined distance from the starting line. The first one to arrive at the finish line wins.

9. Leapfrog

This timeless game offers not just agility and fitness benefits but also fosters teamwork and trust. This activity helps develop gross motor skills, coordination, and balance in young children. So, it is one of the most beneficial and easy to play kids games to play outside.

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Leapfrog is generally suitable for younger children, typically ranging from 3 to 6 years old. The game's physical requirements, such as leaping and bending over, are well-suited for the motor skills and energy levels of younger children. However, the suitability may vary based on the individual development and preferences of each child.

How to play Leap Frog

Establish a starting line and designate one player as the 'leaper' to start. The other players line up, crouch down in a frog position, and the leaper takes turns jumping over each participant in succession. The game continues with the leaper role rotating to the next participant after each round.

Entertaining Games to Play with Friends Outside

Are you seeking the answer to the question of what are some games to play outside that provide endless fun? Here are the top fun games to play outside that you should know about!

10. MentalUP Fitness Module

MentalUP also serves as an interactive exercise platform catering to both adults and children. For families seeking to stay active while enjoying quality time, MentalUP provides the perfect solution with a variety of games to play outside.

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Within this module, a diverse range of exercises including balance, stretching, cardio, and enjoyable gymnastic activities are meticulously curated for individuals of all ages. So, it is also a great source if you are looking for fun games to play with friends outside.

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11. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek contributes to the development of various skills in children. The game encourages physical activity, promoting running, mental agility, and coordination. As participants navigate their surroundings to find or evade others, they enhance their spatial awareness and decision-making abilities.

what are some fun games to play outside

It's suitable for various age groups and can be played in different settings, making it a versatile and beloved choice as a fun games for kids to play outside. Whether in a backyard or a park, Hide and Seek captivates children's imaginations, encouraging them to create memorable experiences with friends and family.

How to play Hide and Seek

A designated individual takes on the role of the "It" or "seeker," while the rest become the "hiders." All hiders, excluding the seeker, close their eyes and begin counting. Once the counting concludes, the seeker opens their eyes, and the hiders disperse to find hiding spots.

The seeker then searches for the hidden players. Upon discovery, the seeker tags the hider, and the tagged player becomes the seeker for the next round. The game continues with players taking turns being the seeker.

12. Cornhole

Cornhole is a popular outdoor game that involves throwing bags filled with corn kernels or beans at a raised platform with a hole in it. Cornhole offers a range of benefits beyond just being an entertaining outdoor activity. It promotes strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination.

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Chornhole is a fun and inclusive activity that brings family members together for laughter and friendly competition. It is one of the most fun outside games to play in family gatherings, picnics, tailgating events, and social gatherings.

How to play Cornhole

Participants take turns throwing bean bags from a designated pitcher's box beside each board. The players alternate turns, tossing their cornhole bags toward the board placed diagonally opposite them.

After each team pitches four bags, scoring occurs, and the process repeats with players pitching to the opposing board. The goal is to accumulate points by landing bags on the board or through the hole, and the game typically concludes when a predetermined score, often 21 points, is reached.

13. Hopscotch

This game involves hopping or jumping through a pattern of numbered squares drawn on the ground. It is not only a great way to keep kids entertained but also promotes balance, coordination, and math skills—all while enjoying the outdoors.

Top 26 Fun PE Games for Kids

Hopscotch is one of the fun games to play with kids outside without requiring any equipment. It's a delightful and easily comprehensible game that can be played in various settings. Hopscotch is suitable for children in the early elementary school age range, typically around 5 to 10 years old.

How to play Hopscotch

Players take turns tossing a small object onto a hopscotch grid drawn on the ground. After tossing, they hop through the pattern, placing one foot in each numbered box and skipping the one with the tossed object.

Upon reaching the end, they turn around, retrieve the object, and continue hopping back. The first player to complete the sequence without stepping on lines, missing boxes, or losing balance wins the round.

Benefits of Games for Kids to Play Outside

  • Promote exercise, helping kids stay active and healthy.
  • Playing outside fosters cooperation and communication among children.
  • Encourages imaginative thinking and creative problem-solving.
  • Exposes kids to sunlight, aiding in the production of vitamin D.
  • Running and playing sports contribute to the development of motor skills.
  • Creates opportunities for kids to appreciate the natural environment.
  • Provides a natural outlet for energy, reducing stress and promoting well-being.
  • Contributes to the development of balance and coordination.
  • Stimulates cognitive functions, including memory, attention, and problem-solving.

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