16 Best Group Games for Kids to Entertain Them

Group games and activities for kids offer an excellent opportunity to foster social interaction and endless fun for young minds.

Whether you're planning an indoor or outdoor adventure, this blog post is packed with the best group games for kids that will grab their attention. So, let’s dive in.

Fun Indoor Group Games for Kids to Play Safe at Home

Kids might find themselves stuck indoors at times due to various factors like weather, etc. During these times, it is essential to provide them with group games for kids indoor to accelerate their overall cognitive and social growth.

Here are some indoor group games for kids that will keep them entertained and stimulated.

1. Hide and Seek

This simple game is a great way to boost kids' creativity, problem-solving, and social skills. Moreover, it is one of the best group games for kids that require no preparation or equipment.

group games for kids online

Simply choose one of your family members as the seeker and ask them to close their eyes and count to a certain number while the other players hide. Then, the seeker tries to find the hidden players before they reach a designated safe spot.

2. MentalUP Learning Games

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The app features a variety of brain-training games that enhance kids' mental skills, as well as online group games for kids that can keep them entertained indoors.

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3. What’s On Your Head?

"What’s On Your Head?" is one of the easy group games for kids that can improve their memory, vocabulary, and social skills. So, if you need some easy and free group games for kids, you can consider this one which is also one of the best English games for kids. All you need are some sticky notes and a couple of pens.

winter group games for kids

To play this alternative, which is among the funniest vocabulary games, one player wears a sticker on their forehead with a word or a picture that they cannot see. The other players give clues to help them guess what is on their heads before the time runs out.

4. Bob, the Weasel

"Bob the Weasel" is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial large group games for kids. It enhances kids' motor skills, such as concentration, coordination, and reflexes. Plus, it is one of the great group games for kids who enjoy playing circle games with their peers.

animal group games for kids

To start the game, one of the kids can be chosen as Bob. Kids sit in a circle and pass a small object behind their backs while Bob tries to guess who has it. The objective is to pass the object without giving any hints. If Bob correctly identifies the person with the object, that person becomes the new Bob.

5. The Ah, Um Game

If you are looking for some fun group games for kids, you should try out this game. It is an easy-to-play activity that can challenge kids' verbal fluency, confidence, and creativity. This game is a great way to help break kids' habits of using filler words in normal conversations.

social group games for kids

All you need to do is find some topics that kids can discuss. The players take turns speaking on a given topic for one minute without saying "ah," "um," or any filler words. If they do, they have to stop and pass the turn to another player.

6. Lego Building Challenge

This is one of the most challenging games for a group of kids, as it helps them practice their imagination, creativity, and spatial awareness. So, if your kids enjoy playing with Legos, you should consider trying this one out.

active group games for kids

Each team selects a model to imitate and appoints three players: the observer (who views the model), the communicator (who interacts with the observer), and the constructor (who builds the imitative model).

Teams have a limited time to complete their creations, followed by a presentation. The team with the most comparable creation wins the game.

7. Balancing Act

Looking for good group games for kids and adults to play with your family? If so, you can consider this game. It provides hours of entertainment while helping develop players' balance, coordination, and motor skills.

group games for kids

To play, simply put on some music and give each player an object to place on their head. They must balance the object while walking. If the object falls off, the player is frozen until someone else comes and places it back. Everyone stops and resets their objects when the music stops.

8. Twister

Twister is one of the best small group games for kids, as it fosters their flexibility, agility, and teamwork. It is particularly beneficial for supporting the physical development of children aged 5 and above.

fun group games for kids

In this game, players must place their hands and feet on colored circles on a mat, following the instructions provided by a spinner. They must avoid touching the mat with any other body part or falling over. The last player remaining on the mat wins the game.

Favorite Outdoor Group Games for Kids

Outdoor group games for kids are essential as they promote physical activity, social interaction, and cognitive development. Let's explore the best group outdoor games for kids that provide opportunities for exercise, teamwork, and communication skills.

9. Red Light, Green Light

The classic Red Light, Green Light game is one of the most enjoyable large group games for kids. Moreover, it offers significant benefits for developing listening skills, attention span, and self-control.

large group games for kids

Select one child as the leader, who stands at a distance from the other players and calls out "red light" or "green light." Upon hearing "green light," the remaining players must run toward the leader but freeze when "red light" is announced.

If the leader catches anyone moving during a red light, they must return to the starting line. The first player to reach the leader wins the game.

10. MentalUP Fitness

If you need a source of energizing activities that kids can do alone or as a group with their friends, MentalUP is here to help! MentalUP's fitness module is filled with over 240 exercises in cardio, balance, strength, and gym categories.

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The innovative algorithms of MentalUP's fitness module test kids' physical skills and provide them with the most suitable exercises tailored to their age, fitness level, and interests. This way, they can discover the best individual or group games to play for kids.

Kids can practice with quick and efficient 7-minute personalized training programs or choose the exercises they wish. Plus, the exercises are animated with customizable characters, igniting kids' motivation to stay active.

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11. Water Balloon Fight

Do you need some big group games for kids to help them cool off on hot days? Look no further than Water Balloon Fight. It will provide hours of fun for kids and enhance their physical and teamwork skills.

outdoor group games for kids

Start playing the game by dividing the kids into two teams and giving each team a bucket filled with water balloons. The teams have to try to hit the members of the other team with the water balloons without getting hit themselves. There is no winning or losing in this game, only fun!

12. Tug of War

Tug of War is one of the most beneficial group games for kids outside. As one of the best active group games for kids, it not only keeps kids entertained but also strengthens their muscles, endurance, cooperation, and motor skills.

small group games for kids

The game is quite simple to play. The players are divided into two teams, and each team holds one end of a rope. A line is drawn on the ground to mark the center. The teams have to try to pull the rope and drag the other team across the line. The team that crosses the line first loses the game.

13. Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for group problem solving games for kids and want to foster your kids' curiosity and observation skills, a Scavenger Hunt might be one of the best options. Plus, it gets even more exciting with a large group of kids. So, it is one of the most fun large group games for kids.

easy group games for kids

Just give the players a list of items or clues that they have to find in a certain area, such as a park, a house, or a neighborhood. They can work in teams, and the team that finds all the items or solves all the clues first wins the game.

14. Human Knot

Human Knot is one of the most social games for group of kids. This activity, which is also one of the best games to play outside, can enhance their communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills while fostering positive relationships.

big group games for kids

In this game, participants form a circle and connect with someone else's hand using each of their hands. They should avoid holding hands with those standing next to them or with both hands of the same person. The objective is to untangle themselves as a group while maintaining their hand connections.

15. Duck Duck Goose

This is one of the classic, fun games for a group of kids. It is great for helping children develop their speed, agility, and reaction skills during group gatherings. The best thing about the game is that it can be played with a large group of kids.

good group games for kids

In this circle game, players take turns being the "goose" who taps others while saying "duck." When the goose says "goose" instead, that player is chased. If caught, roles switch; if not, the game continues.

16. Dodgeball

Dodgeball is one of the active group games for kids. It is a great form of anaerobic exercise that can develop children's throwing, dodging, and teamwork skills while helping them practice their hand-eye coordination.

educational group games for kids

Divide kids into two teams and give each a softball. They stand on opposite sides of a court. The goal is to hit the opposing team without getting hit yourself. If hit, you're out until one team has no players. The team that eliminates all players wins.

Benefits of Fun Group Games for Kids

So far, we have evaluated the most fun and educational group games for kids and have shared the benefits of each game. However, if you need more information about how these games contribute to kids' development, here is a detailed list for you:

  • Promote social interaction and improve communication skills
  • Foster teamwork and cooperation among children
  • Enhance problem-solving abilities through collaborative efforts
  • Develop negotiation and compromise skills
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem when working with others
  • Cultivate leadership qualities by taking turns and leading the group
  • Teach patience and respect for other's opinions and ideas
  • Encourage healthy competition and good sportsmanship
  • Improve cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, and concentration
  • Enhance creativity and imagination through imaginative play
  • Provide opportunities for learning and practicing new skills
  • Increase physical activity levels and promote overall health

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some questions lingering in your mind about group games for kids indoors and outdoors, here are the most commonly asked questions on the topic, along with their respective answers.

Which group games for kids require minimal equipment?

Simple group games for kids, such as Duck Duck Goose, Human Knot, and Hide and Seek, do not require any equipment and rely on basic movements and interaction, making them accessible and easy to organize.

How can parents ensure that group games for kids are age-appropriate?

Parents can ensure that group games for kids are age-appropriate by first understanding the developmental stages and interests of their children. Also, they should carefully read the game's description and age recommendations to ensure it aligns with their child's abilities.

How can group games help foster collaborative problem-solving skills?

Group games can help foster collaborative problem-solving skills by encouraging children to work together towards a common goal, promoting communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.

What safety precautions should we take when playing group games with kids?

You can take safety precautions such as ensuring a safe playing area, free from hazards or obstacles. Also, the games should be adapted to the age and physical abilities of the children to avoid accidents or injuries.

It is clear that games are great for kids to keep them entertained and support their overall development. Whether played individually or as a group, when the games are chosen appropriately for kids, parents can rest assured that their children are improving their abilities.

Do you know that you can boost your child's mental and physical abilities at the same time?

The multi-awarded educational app MentalUP supports kids to practice their skills at their own pace with tailored activities, games, and exercises. Whether your little one is a curious preschooler or a budding genius, MentalUP is designed to captivate and challenge children of all ages and skill levels. πŸ˜‡

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