15 Best English Games for Kids

In this blog, we've curated the best English games for kids, designed to make language learning enjoyable. Whether you're a parent or a teacher, these English games for kids in classroom will help your students build their language skills.

Synonym Antonym

Synonym Antonym

This language game will develop your kids' verbal fluency and vocabulary at the same time.

Word Hunt

Word Hunt

This fun game will empower your kids’ verbal fluency and reasoning skills quickly.

Let's Find It

Let's Find It

You can use this fun game to boost your kids’ visual recognition and conceptualization skills.

Word Generator

Word Generator

If you need to improve your kids’ vocabulary, this game is tailored for you.

Effective Online English Games for Kids

Online games in English for kids have become a fantastic tool for teaching and reinforcing English skills. Here are the most effective online English games for kids that will make learning English fun for kids.

1. MentalUP Learning Platform

MentalUP is the ultimate app that kids love and parents trust. This scientifically designed learning app tests kids' cognitive, linguistic, and physical skills through adaptive algorithms and provides them with tailored games, activities, and exercises.

MentalUP’s language learning exercises include a wide range of learning English games for kids. So, if you are looking for games to teach English for kids and support your kids' cognitive and physical development at the same time, MentalUP can be a great option.

Plus, the app can be used with any PC, tablet, or smartphone, making it a versatile tool for supporting kids' academic development in the classroom and keeping them educated at home.

learning english games online for kids

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2. ABCmouse

ABCmouse is an interactive platform featuring a variety of engaging games for kids learning English along with content related to reading, math, art, music, and more. The app’s English module is mostly suitable for young kids as it offers a lot of simple English games for kids.

These simple games include games like letter memory matches, alphabet games, and word card challenges. ABC mouse app is designed by teachers and educators to enhance the learning journey of kids aged between 2 and 8. So, if you have young learners at home, you can try ABC mouse games.

english for kids games

3. Duolingo for Kids

Duolingo is an app providing a wide variety of free English grammar games for kids. The app was originally designed for adults but provides a kid-friendly version dedicated to making English education enjoyable.

Beyond English games for kids online, the app provides small games and exercises to help kids expand their vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills in an engaging way. You can access the Duolingo games by downloading the app or visiting its website. It is designed for kids aged 3 to 10, and the app is beneficial for phonological disorder.

english games online for kids

4. Starfall Education

Starfall Education is a website and an app that offers activities and games designed to foster reading and writing skills in children aged 2 to 10. The app also includes English spelling games for kids.

Starfall English learning games can help children learn and practice English skills such as reading, phonics, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. It has fun and interactive activities but these games and activities might be a bit basic for kids older than 6.

free english games for kids

5. Fun English: Language Learning Games for Kids to Learn English

Fun English provides a collection of games and activities that cover various aspects of language learning. These games teach English through immersive activities that cover grammar and vocabulary skills.

The app also covers various topics such as animals, colors, numbers, food, and more. It provides "Flashcards" that help kids learn new words, while "Listening Comprehension" enhances their understanding of spoken English.

This app keeps learning fun and interactive. It is suitable for kids aged 3 to 10, making it one of the best options for learning English games for kids of all ages.

english for kids games

Favorite English Learning Games for Kids

There are fantastic options to help kids learn with English learning games for kids. Here are the favorite English learning games for kids in English that are designed to be interactive and entertaining.

6. Scrabble Junior

This is the online version of the timeless board game Scrabble Junior and it can be one of the most funny English games for kids aged 8 to 12 who like online vocabulary games.

The game offers a variety of versions of English verbs games for kids that encourage them to embark on a word-building adventure, enhancing spelling skills in an engaging and interactive way. It's a perfect mix of fun games and education, making it one of the most entertaining learn English online games for kids.

free english learning games for kids

How to Play

Download the app and start playing the game. The challenge is to match letter tiles to the words and pictures on the online game board. You can play two tiles on each turn, either on the first letter of two different words or on the first and second letters of the same word. You get a scoring chip for each word you complete. The player with the most chips at the end wins.

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7. ESL Board Race

If you are looking for free English learning games for kids in the classroom, this can be a great option. Plus, it is suitable for kids of all grades and age groups.

learn english games for kids

You can customize the game according to your child's age and level. The game covers a variety of topics, such as grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for helping kids learn English.

How to Play

Divide the students into teams. Write a topic on the board and ask the students to write as many words related to the topic as they can. The team that writes the most eligible and correctly spelled words in 5 minutes wins.

8. Pictionary

Pictionary is an exciting drawing and guessing game. It is not specifically designed as an English learning game, but it can be used as a fun and effective way to help kids practice and improve their English skills.

lvocab games for kids learning english

When played in English, it can help kids learn new words, expand their vocabulary, improve their spelling, and enhance their communication skills. They can also learn from other players’ drawings and guesses, and correct each other’s mistakes.

So, if you need games for teaching kids English, create a list of English words or phrases for them to draw and guess. It's a fantastic way to make learning English engaging and interactive.

How to Play

Divide players into teams. One player from each team selects a word or phrase from a list and draws it on paper or a whiteboard without using any letters or numbers. Their team must guess the word within a time limit. The team with the most correct guesses wins.

Engaging & Fun English Games for Kids

Here are the most fun English language games for kids that’ll keep your kids entertained and interested in learning English.

9. Word Bingo

Word Bingo is a lively game that combines the excitement of bingo with vocabulary building. It is one of the most funny English games for kids.

english spelling rules for kids- games

This is a versatile game that can be adapted for different age groups. As the caller announces words, kids mark the corresponding words on their cards. It's a fantastic way to expand their vocabulary while enjoying a classic game.

How to Play Word Bingo

Create bingo cards with English words related to a specific theme. Call out the words, and kids mark the corresponding words on their cards. The first player to complete a row or fill their card shouts "Bingo!" and wins.

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10. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

An alphabet scavenger hunt is a fun and educational activity that involves finding objects that start with each letter of the alphabet.

vocab games for kids learning english

The Alphabet Scavenger Hunt can be transformed into one of the best English learning for kids games. It helps kids to learn new words, practice spelling, and improve their vocabulary. It can also be a great way to explore their surroundings and use your imagination.

How to Play

Create a list of items that start with each letter of the alphabet, and kids must find these items around the classroom. These simple English games for kids in classroom not only reinforce letter recognition but also introduce new words in a playful way.

11. English Charades

English charades is a word guessing game that can be played by two or more teams. When played in English, it can be highly beneficial for kids' English proficiency.

free english learning games for kids

This game is suitable for kids of all ages and can be played both in the classroom and at home. So, if your kids are bored with learn English online for kids games, you can try English charades to create an entertaining experience for them.

How to Play

Write English words or phrases on cards. Players take turns acting out the word or phrase without speaking. Others guess the word based on the player's actions. Rotate turns until all the cards are used. You can enjoy playing this one of the best vocab games for kids learning English for hours.

12. Vocabulary Memory Match

Memory cards can be great kids games for learning English. This engaging activity not only sharpens memory skills but also reinforces vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

games in english for kids

As learners match words with visuals, they create lasting connections, enhancing language retention. You can unleash the power of visual learning with these memory cards, making the journey to language proficiency both effective and enjoyable.

How to Play

Create a set of memory cards with matching pairs of words and images. Place the cards face down in a grid. Players take turns flipping two cards, trying to find matching pairs. The player with the most matches at the end wins.

13. Rhyme Time

Rhyme Time is one of the most playful games for teaching English for kids. It helps kids learn and practice rhyming words in English.

vocab games for kids learning English

This game improves kids' listening skills by making them pay attention to the sounds of words and enhances their spelling skills by helping them recognize the patterns of word formation. You can find different versions of rhyming word games, but they all have the same basic idea.

How to Play

You have to find words that rhyme with a given word or complete a sentence with a rhyming word. For example, if the word is “dog”, you have to find words like “log”, “fog”, “jog”, etc. Or, if the sentence is “Jack and Jill went up the _”, you have to fill in the blank with a word that rhymes with “hill”, like “mill”, “pill”, “still”, etc.

14. English Karaoke

This transformative experience transcends the ordinary sing-along, offering a dynamic and engaging musical journey for kids. English karaoke is one of the best games to learn English for kids.

games for kids learning english

As they sing along to English tunes, children not only enjoy the rhythm but also absorb language nuances, making learning an unforgettable and entertaining adventure. If you are looking for free English games for kids, you can try playing this game with your kids.

How to Play

Choose age-appropriate English songs with clear lyrics. Create a Karaoke setup with a screen displaying the lyrics, encouraging kids to sing along and express themselves. Make it interactive by discussing the song's meaning and vocabulary afterward.

15. Grammar Twister

Adapt the classic game of Twister by adding an educational twist. Create a Twister mat with free English grammar games for kids with elements such as colors for parts of speech (e.g., blue for nouns, red for verbs).

kids games for learning english

Grammar Twister is a dynamic game to help kids improve their vocabulary skills and enable them to spend their energy. It can be suitable for kids of all ages, especially for middle school kids.

How to Play

Set up the Twister mat with labeled colors for different parts of speech and spin the spinner to determine the part of speech. Players place hands or feet on the corresponding color and incorporate that part of speech into a sentence. The last player remaining without falling is the winner.

Tips to Remember When Playing Games to Learn English for Kids

After exploring the 15 best English games to learn English for kids and absorbing essential tips, let's delve into how these playful experiences contribute to a comprehensive and enjoyable language-learning journey.

  • Ensure the complexity of the games match the age of the kids.
  • Foster a communicative environment, encouraging kids to express themselves in English during gameplay.
  • Align games with specific language learning objectives.
  • Celebrate achievements, no matter how small, to boost confidence and motivation.
  • Establish a supportive space where mistakes are part of the learning process
  • Promote a positive attitude towards language acquisition.
  • Recognize and accommodate varying learning speeds among children
  • Relate game scenarios to real-life situations
  • Incorporate games that promote collaboration, fostering teamwork

Frequently Asked Questions

So far, we have explored the best English games for kids in various categories. If you still have some questions left unanswered, here are the most commonly asked questions about kids' games for learning English.

What are the benefits of playing English games for kids?

English games, especially the English spelling rules for kids- games enhance vocabulary by introducing new words within relevant contexts, refining pronunciation, and fostering effective communication skills in English.

How do you choose the best games for English learners?

Selecting the most effective games for English learners involves considering both entertainment value and language acquisition potential. Opt for games that incorporate language skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

How long should I allow my child to play an English game?

It is recommended that preschoolers (3-5 years) limit their playtime to 15-30 minutes. Elementary school children (6-12 years) are encouraged to allocate 30-60 minutes, adjusting as needed depending on the complexity of the game.

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