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Brain balancing exercises are one of the most effective ways to develop your cognitive skills. They are important for all people who are in different age groups, from kids to seniors.

You should choose appropriate alternatives for yourself or your children to benefit from brain balancing exercises at most. We’ve prepared the most effective ones. You can easily implement them and change your life.

Don’t forget brain balancing exercises improve connectivity in the brain, empower immature areas of the brain and provide a strong relationship between the left and right brain lobes. Let’s discover these exercises together!

The 10 Best Left and Right Brain Balancing Exercises

Left and right brain balancing exercises strengthen the brain. This way, our cognitive abilities, such as focus, critical thinking, problem-solving, logic, memory, social-emotional, and behavioral abilities, develop effectively in a short while.

Our list includes the top ten brain balancing exercises that are suitable for both kids and adults. You can use them for training your brain and being more successful in your daily lives, at work or school. You just need to prefer one of these exercises!

1. Imagination Exercise

Imagination exercise is a fun option you can use for your kids or implement it with your loved ones. This simple exercise trains your right brain and also develops creativity.

To do imagination exercise, you will need lots of toys if you implement it with your kids. First of all, gather all the toys and other materials if necessary. Then, you should create a unique world. It can be anything your children want. Don’t limit your imagination and think freely.

After you prepare the world, you should let your children make up different stories. You can share these stories and develop them with characters who live in this universe. You can use a playlist to play when you are doing this brain balancing exercise to have more fun.

If you want to do this exercise by yourself, you can use a piece of paper or materials you find in your home. Don’t think of it as a child’s game. When you start to create a universe and write stories, you will see how much you enjoy it and boost your cognitive skills.

2. MentalUP Brain Training

Sometimes, you don’t have enough time to do exercise at home, or it can be hard for you to provide the right sources for your kids. In these kinds of times, online alternatives save you from trouble. You just should do these exercises daily whenever you want.

MentalUP Brain Training exercises include lots of different options you can use both for yourself and your children. It is easy to use and completely safe for your kids with its no ads policy. You can try the brain balancing exercises below and have fun when you improve.

Logic Exercise

You can develop your reasoning and planning skills with this fun brain balancing exercise.


This visual brain balancing exercise will improve your visualization and decision-making skills.

Focus Exercise

You can use this fun brain balancing exercise to boost your focus and sustained attention.

Word Puzzle

Word Puzzle is an entertaining brain balancing exercise to expand your vocabulary.

If these brain balancing exercises aren’t enough for you or your kids, you can continue developing with MentalUP’s 150+ brain-boosting games. Because they are designed by academicians and pedagogues, they function as entertaining learning games. 🎉

MentalUP educational games app offers you a safe space to improve your cognitive skills at the same time. Its gamified brain balancing exercises are suitable for all people, from toddlers to seniors. You can train your or your kids’ brain in 20 minutes a day. 🚀


3. Juggling

The third alternative on our list might seem very interesting and surprising to you. But juggling is one of the best brain balancing exercises you can use for yourself or your kids.

Juggling trains your motor skills effectively. You can teach it to your children and use it as a family night activity. Because it is very entertaining and can be done both at home and outside, it can be your favorite activity instantly. You shouldn’t be biased about it.

It is important to remind you that juggling is one of the cheapest brain balancing activities. It improves your focus on short notice. Also, children love these kinds of interesting activities, and they can spend hours when trying. Juggling develops kids’ hand-eye coordination.

4. Yoga

Yoga has been known as one of the most effective mindfulness practices and stretching exercises for kids and adults over the years. Probably, you will be surprised when you learn that it also functions as a brain balancing exercise.

Yoga develops memory and spatial cognition as well as your body’s strength and flexibility. Because it relaxes both the body and mind, if you do yoga regularly, you can have a powerful left and right brain balance. Also, it is suitable for your children.

You can prefer taking a yoga class together with your children to have more fun and benefit from its positive effects. Don’t forget yoga is all about the right breathing and your brains start to use more oxygen than before. This way, left and right brain connectivity will increase.

After you start to do yoga for a while, you can focus easily and think clearly. Your kids might be more successful at school and concentrate on their classes without any stress, thanks to this left and right brain balancing exercise. Yoga boosts all brain functions with fun exercises for kids and adults.

5. What If Game

The “What If” game is among the simplest brain balancing exercises you can use to relieve anxiety and decrease ADHD symptoms. Also, you can play with your kids to boost cognitive skills.

To play this game, you should just ask questions that start with “What If.” For example, you can ask, “What if we can fly?”, “What if we live on the Moon?” or “What if we Superman was real?”. Don’t limit yourself. You can ask whatever comes into your mind.

This brain balancing exercise is a fun alternative you can do together with your kids. Because you can play it in the car, at home, or when you are walking, it will develop your mind as well as your kids’ creativity, logic, focus, language, and problem-solving skills.

If you prefer asking practical questions, you can work on solving scenarios with your kids or your friends. This way, you can expand your horizon and start to think critically. This game is also beneficial for developing a point of view and dealing with daily problems easily.

6. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts is one of the most effective brain balancing exercises. You can both have fun and develop your cognitive skills at the same by choosing an activity that suits you.

Don’t forget that children love arts and crafts projects. You can give them an assignment. The important thing is to prepare the materials before and make the process more enjoyable. You might also want to have a proper playlist to listen to when you are working.

Arts and crafts activities boost our creativity, imagination, and different cognitive abilities. If it is hard for you to do these projects at home, you may prefer to join a drawing class. Moreover, you can encourage your children to join a sculpture course and be artsy.

7. Fitness Exercises

When it comes to brain balance, physical exercises and activities are always essential. When we start to be more active, the connection between our left and right brain gets strong.

You don’t have to go to a gym class or push your kids to do exercises they detest. You can prefer to take a hike in a park, play football or volleyball together with them and do pilates. It is important to remember that all kinds of physical activities count as brain balancing exercises.

However, it sometimes can be hard for you to find an appropriate exercise for yourself or your children. In these kinds of situations, it is better to get help from online sources. You can use all-in-one fitness and brain training apps such as MentalUP, or you can benefit from suitable videos for yourself.

Doing a flexible sport is very beneficial for our brains, but regular fitness workouts function as brain balancing exercises. If you need a source that your kids can use whenever they want and wherever they are, MentalUP Fitness is just for you.

Multi-awarded app MentalUP includes 240+ different fitness exercises. Thanks to these gamified fitness exercises, improving both your mind and body become very easy. Your children can do fitness exercises in entertaining backgrounds and boost.


8. Word Fluency Game

Word fluency game is among the favorite brain balancing exercises that develop your language skills and expand your vocabulary. You can play it together with your children.

To play this game, you just need to choose a letter. Don’t forget to prepare colorful pieces of paper beforehand. You can use different colors for different letters. If you want to play it with your friends, you might prefer to play it without paper. This way, it will be harder and funnier.

After you prefer a letter, you should ask your kids to list all the words he or she remembers. These kinds of word games are also suitable for playing with groups of kids. You can give one point for each word and decide who wins in the end. Also, you can limit the time.

9. Number Tracing Exercise

If you want to train your brain and strengthen your brain balance by doing a math exercise, number tracing can be a perfect option for you. It is appropriate for both kids and adults.

Also, it might be used as one of the best brain balancing exercises for seniors because this activity improves math, logic, and counting skills at the same time as well as decreases some symptoms of dementia. You can play it wherever you want.

To do this exercise, you should have an eye band and a pencil with an eraser end. Number tracing activity can be played by at least two people, so you need a partner. After one of the players closes their eyes with the band, he or she needs to open their palms.

The player who guides the other trace a number from zero to nine into the other one’s palm. The only thing the player whose eyes are closed needs to do is guess the number. You can adapt the game according to the number of players.

10. Pencil Game

The last left and right brain balancing exercise on our list is the pencil game. It is an entertaining alternative for spending quality time with your children, friends, or family.

To play this game, you just need a pencil. The game is also known as pencil push-up. It will empower your eye muscles and boost your brain balance. You can play it with your kids, or you can try it by yourself. This activity is appropriate and beneficial for all people.

First of all, you should put the pencil on the nose of the player. When he or she focuses on seeing the pencil, you need to move it. The most important thing is to hold the pencil in front of the nose as far as it doesn’t seem like two but as close as the player can focus.

You can repeat the move three times. If you do this exercise regularly, you can help your children develop their eyesight and diminish the risk of visual impairments. Moreover, you can improve your brain balance together with your kids by having fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to brain balancing exercises, it can be confusing for you to grasp some of the essential information. But you don’t need to worry because we will sort it out for you with the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Let’s begin and get rid of confusion!

What is the meaning of brain balancing exercises?

Brain balancing exercises are the activities that will develop you both physically and mentally. They are suitable for all people from different age groups. You can prefer one of them according to your field of interest.

Why do we need brain balancing exercises?

We need to do brain balancing exercises regularly to improve our cognitive abilities and empower the connection between our brains and body. This connection is important for our daily lives, work, or school performance.

Are brain balancing exercises suitable for all age groups?

Yes, brain balancing exercises are suitable for all age groups. But some of the exercises can be appropriate for older people, and others can be appropriate for kids. So, you should choose them according to your age. Our list will help you in this process.

What are the benefits of brain balancing exercises?

Brain balancing exercises train both hemispheres of the brain. This way, they help us to develop our spatial cognition, memory, logic, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, focus, and coordination exercises support hand-eye coordination, body integration, and many other abilities.

What kinds of brain balancing exercises are there?

There are lots of brain balancing exercises that include both physical activities and mind games. You can prefer one of them according to your needs. It is known that regular brain balancing exercises make our immune system stronger and improve our intellectual abilities.

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