Free Online Math Games for 3rd Grade

We brought together the best online math games for grade 3 that will enhance your 8 year old’s math skills. Ready to have fun yet? 😊

Candy Shape Game

Candy Shape Game

One of the most loved among the fast math games! It improves visual attention and counting skills.



This multiplication game improves decision making, processing speed and math skills.



Bored with dices games? Try this one! It improves reasoning, spatial perception, and counting skills.

Subtraction Game

Subtraction Game

This game improves logical thinking, comparison and math skills.

Math problems can become intimidating to third grade students who are gradually approaching middle school. And, not surprisingly, gamification is the key to fix that. So, what are the right games and activities to make children have peace with math?

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Find and Order

Find and Order

This math fluency game for 3rd grade improves visual scanning, spatial memory, comparison skills.

Seen Many Times

Seen Many Times

Hey Detective! This division game improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and visual attention skills.

More or Less

More or Less

This ascending order math game for 3rd grades improves visual scanning, comparison, and planning skills.

Bird Counting Game

Bird Counting Game

Look, birds fly! This counting game for 3rd grade improves visual attention and counting skills.

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Math Activities for 3rd Grade

One of the best ways of teaching the 3rd graders are activities that challenge them to improve their skills while actually having fun with the subjects. Below you can find various types of math games including printable fraction games, math rounding games, geometry games for the classroom, math vocabulary and much more. Enjoy!

Printable Math Games

Using 3rd grade printable math games to explore math facts is a great idea both when the learning takes place at home and in class. Don’t forget to download our free printables while checking out the activities. :)

1. Sudoku for Kids

Sudoku for kids is an excellent brain-teaser that brings together math, shapes and fun!

Sudoku for Kids

This cut & glue sudoku is what you need to make math a leisure activity for children. Print out our free worksheets and cut out the boxes. Then ask your children to fill the grids so that each column and row have each of the pictures.


2. Coding Game

This coding game will improve your children’s math skills and logic at the same time.

Coding Game for Kids

To write the correct word for the image, all you have to do is fill the boxes with the right letters that match with the numbers in the chart below.


3. Number Puzzle

Engage your children to math with some colors! These number puzzles offer a great picture logic exercise which will trigger brain activity.

Nonograms for Kids

With color nonograms, each number has a color which indicates how many cells of that color are to be placed in that row or column.

To play this game, all you have to do is color or leave blank the cells in a grid according to the digits at the side of the columns to build the picture.


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Math Games for Classroom

Keep the children engaged with their peers in the learning process. Discover 3rd grade classroom math games and let math become a fun activity for them! These games can even be used to preparing for Math Kangaroo, as an extra addition to Math Kangaroo Past Papers.

1. Can You Make It?

Team up and get ready! Can You Make It? takes math activities to the next level, not to mention it is one of the best multiplication games for 3rd grade.

Four Operations Game
What You Need
  • Sticky notes
  • A marker
How to Play
  1. Put students in pairs.
  2. Write a series of numbers and a target number on sticky notes and stick them on the board.
  3. Ask students to make an equation or multiple equations to meet the target number. Then, check their multiplication facts.

2. Fraction Match-Up

Let the fraction tournament begin! With this fun game to play in the classroom or on playdates, you can alter fraction games for 3rd grade as a fast-paced match between players.

Fraction Match-Up
What You Need
  • 24 fraction cards in numbers and shapes representing each other on a heavyweight cardstock
  • 24 sheets of scrapbook paper with the same color
  • Glue to stick the scrapbook to the back of the cardstock
How to Play
  1. Glue the scrapbook paper to the back of the cards.
  2. Cut the cards out.
  3. Deal each player six cards. Spread the remaining cards face-down in between two players.
  4. Each player lays their six cards face up in front of them in a row. If any of the cards represent the same fraction, they should be put together in one pile. In order for any match to be complete, the player must have three cards that represent the same fraction.

101 and Out

This simple game brings math and luck together! 101 and Out offers students a great math exercise while supporting their team play skills.

Math Games for Classroom
What You Need
  • A sheet of paper
  • A pencil
  • A dice
How to Play
  1. Pair the students in teams.
  2. One student of each team rolls the dice in turns. They can count the rolled number as a one or a ten. (i.e. if a student rolls 8, they could count it as an 8 or an 80.)
  3. A student who rolls the dice should write what s/he counts on the paper. For example; one student rolled the dice and got 6. Then, the student should write 6 or 60 points for their team.
  4. Students should add the rolled numbers during the play in order to score as close to 101 without going higher, otherwise their team is out.
  5. And, the team closest to 101 without going over is the winner!

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Math Center Games

Math centers are essential student activities to apply and practice the skills they are taught. They allow teachers to evaluate students’ scores individually while they simply play. Let’s discover some of them!

1. Math Boggle

For math, it’s all about equations. The boggle challenge is an important math center activity for you to keep track of your students’ learning processes.

Math Boggle
What You Need
  • A board
  • A marker
How to Play
  1. Draw this grid on the board and pair the students in groups.
  2. Give students three minutes to write as many addition and subtraction equations they can base around these digits.
  3. The numbers in the equation must be connected horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. For example, with this grid these equations are acceptable: 15 – 12 = 3, 4 + 1 = 5 (but not 1 + 4 = 5), 15 – 3 – 7 = 5.
  4. Equations might involve two or more numbers, and one or multiple operations. But no number can be used twice.
  5. After each group writes the equations down, ask them to compare their work with each other. They gain points for each number used in the equation, for example, 15 – 3 – 7 = 4 + 1 earns five points. The player with the highest points wins!

2. Array City

Including imagination is the key for learning math. So why not build a city with equations? This is a fun arts and crafts game for children to learn arrays and multiplication.

Multiplication Crafts
  • A bulletin board
  • Construction paper
  • A pen
  • Scissors
How to Play
  1. You have two options to play this game. First one is having the students construct a ‘city’ out of the construction paper. They just need to make a bunch of tall buildings with rows of windows on them. And for the second option, they can simply use crayons or markers to create their city.
  2. Next, have the students calculate their multiplication arrays from the windows of the city. For example, if the first building is a 8-row, 2-column array, then the answer is 8x2=16.
  3. When students finish their cities, hang them up on the wall to exhibit their work!

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Math Vocabulary Games

Decimals, complex numbers, rectangles… Math vocabulary might be challenging sometimes for students and requires some memorizing for sure. But don’t worry, gamification comes to help with math vocabulary too!

1. Vocabulary Bingo

Guess what is a fun way to learn math vocabulary. Bingo!

Vocabulary Bingo
  • Vocabulary list that the class is covering
  • Paper and pencils for each student
  • Small pieces of colored paper
How to Play
  1. Ask your students to draw a 5x5 grid on a sheet of paper, then write the vocabulary words in the boxes.
  2. Give them the colored paper pieces.
  3. Read the definitions of the words. When students see the word that matches the definition, they should put the colored paper on that box.
  4. The first one to have five across, diagonal or vertical in a row, wins!
  5. Of course, you should check the winner’s chart to see whether the definitions you gave match the words or not.
  6. To play again, have your students swap their cards with each other.

2. Rolling Word

Here is a simple game for teaching math vocabulary!

Math Vocabulary Game
  • Get a scrapbook paper, a pen and scissors to create the word cards. Then write the words from 3rd grade math vocabulary on them
  • A dice
How to Play
  1. Players take turns flipping a card and give the definition.
  2. If they are correct, they roll the dice to see how many points they get. If they are incorrect, it is the next kid’s turn.
  3. The one who has the highest point when all the word cards are gone wins.

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