Elementary school math is far behind now. Math subjects are much more complicated for middle school children. But don’t worry, we brought the best math games for grade 7 to support their skills as they learn. 🎮️ 🧠️

Free Online Math Games for 7th Grade / K-7

Multiplication Game

Multiplication Game

This free math game for 7th graders improves math skills, processing speed, and decision-making skills.

Geometry Game

Geometry Game

7th grade math learning games are a great way to improve spatial perception and geometry skills when having fun.

Subtraction Game

Subtraction Game

Free online 7th grade math practice! This game improves logical thinking, comparison and math skills.

Integer Game

Integer Game

Fun math games for 7th graders free? Here it is! This game improves visual scanning, planning, and comparison skills.

Check out our platform for more online math games for class 7 specifically designed by scientists and pedagogues to boost your children’s school performance. 🏫️ 📖️

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Hard 7th Grade Math Games

Ratio Games

Ratio Games

Simple, but this 7th grade math game helps you to improve logical thinking, and visual attention skills.

Audio Numbers

Audio Numbers

Help your child practice and play with educational math games for 7th graders while they improve memory skills.

Percent Game

Percent Game

Check out this percentage game to improve attention with a great example of math for seventh graders.

Advanced Math Game

Advanced Math Game

7th grade advanced math games full of fun! Children will fall in love with math and improve their thinking and attention skills.

Top 10 Math Activities for 7th Graders

Free Math Games for Grade 7 Printable Worksheets

With a little practice, even the toughest problems can be solved. Help your 12 year old master math with these free printable 7th grade math worksheets.

1. Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Fraction problems will no longer intimidate 7th class! They can master them with these fun printables.

Free Math Games for 7th Graders

To play these math fraction games for 7th grade, all they need to do is color the equivalents of the fractions and solve the printable puzzles.


2. Printable Maths Games for Class 7

7th graders can exercise equations with these easy-to-follow worksheets.

Printable PDF

Math for 7th graders can be funny! They simply need to identify the unknown numbers the vegetables represent by solving the quizzes.


Fun 7th Grade Math Games for Classroom

These educational math games for grade 7 will engage your students with math while boosting their team-playing skills. Also, these can be considered helpful Math Kangaroo exercises, besides Math Kangaroo Past Papers! So, let’s play!

1. Exponent Card Game

Learning exponents are essential for K-7 math. Then, how about a fast-paced match to ensure that?

Fun Math Games for 7th Graders Free
What You Need
  • A deck of cards
How to Play
  • First, deal the cards so that the entire deck is distributed evenly among the players. Players should leave the cards face-down in front of them.
  • Next, each player will flip over their top card at the same time. The first card is the base. Then, the players flip the next card which is the exponent. (e.g. if a player flips a 5 and a 2, then s/he calculates 52, which is 25. In the same round, the second player flips a 2 and a 10. Then, s/he calculates 210, which is 1024. In this case, the second player wins that round.)
  • The game continues until all of the cards have been flipped. In the end, the player with the highest product wins!

2. Digit Deduction

This is a great 7th grade math practice activity to include some competition to math learning!

7th Grade Math Games for the Classroom
What You Need
  • A board
  • A board marker
How to Play
  • Write a mystery number on the board.
  • Students can get some clues by asking you questions with math vocabulary terms to guess the number. For example, they ask the number of digits, a product of the number, or whether it is an odd or even number.
  • After their guess, they learn how many digits they guessed correctly and put them in the right or wrong places.
  • The game continues until the mystery number is found. And the one who guesses correctly wins!

3. Tic-Tac-Toe Match

Here’s one of the best seventh grade math problems to engage the students with math.

Math Fraction Games for 7th Grade
What You Need
  • Sheets of paper to draw tic-tac-toe boards.
  • Fraction cards.
How to Play
  • For each turn, each player draws four cards. Then, the player must use those cards to get to 1/2 using multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division.
  • When a player is able to get to 1/2 using her cards, she can place an X or an O on a square in the grid.
  • Play continues with the cards returned to the pile and shuffled before the next draw, until a player gets three in a row.
  • If a player is not able to get to 24 in any turn, that player must skip the turn and try again the next round with a new set of four cards.

Printable Puzzle Math Games for 7th Graders Free

Looking for free math 7th games to help your children with school subjects? These printable worksheets are essential when it comes to 7th grade math games.

1. Equation Puzzle

Equations may intimidate seventh grade students sometimes. So why not puzzle them up to make it fun?

7th Grade Math Puzzles Printable

To play these kinds of math puzzles and math equations for 7th graders, they simply need to identify the numbers of fruits in expressions to solve the equations.


2. Addition and Subtraction Pyramids

Addition and multiplication rational numbers are the subjects 7th graders should master by now. These printables are here to make that happen!

Printable Math Test for 7th Grade

To play this game, children need to fill in the blanks with the correct answers. In the addition part, the number above represents the addition of the two numbers below it. And in the subtraction part, the subtraction of the two numbers next to each other should represent the number below them.


3 7th Grade Math Board Games

Board games are essential to make playdates or family evenings fun. We brought together some of the best options to support your 12 year old’s math skills with fun algebra problems for 7th graders as you play!

1. Mind Your Numbers

Here’s a simple yet challenging family board game to improve numeracy, logical thinking, and arithmetic calculation skills with math practice 7th grade appropriate.

Educational Math Games for 7th Graders

In the game, players compete using just 10 numbers and 12 symbols for 9 rounds to earn points with higher results. Planning when to use which number & symbol combination is the key to win the practice 7th grade math!

2. Equate

Looking for a board game to support basic math skills for seventh grade algebra? Then, how about creating equations crossword-style?

Educational Fun Games for 7th Graders

This game is similar to Scrabble. You put down tiles on a board and make points by correctly completing simple equations. Your nine tiles include both numbers and mathematical symbols; you can add on to previous plays both vertically and horizontally.

3. Super Math Spy

Here’s a super fun game to develop mental math, logic, problem-solving, quick thinking, and concentration skills.

Cool Math Games 7th Grade

Take 5 Mission cards each. Roll the operation dice and rush to make an equation to make the target number on your card. Be the first to get rid of all your cards and be the Super Math Spy Genius!

FAQ about Math Games for Grade 7

How to make a math board game in 7th grade?

Choose a game style to use as a skeleton for your new DIY game. Then write down all the new rules of how to play the game; the rules can include what your kids have trouble with, such as 7th grade division problems or other kinds of math games 7th grade. Draw your board game by hand or even print the game board, just be sure to start simple at first. For game pieces, you can use simple household items like buttons. Once you have the board, the rules, and the game pieces together, explain the rules to your children. After that, it’s time to play!

What do students in grade 7 learn in math?

The major math subjects for seventh grade curriculum are: number sense and operations, algebra, geometry and spatial sense, ratio and proportional relationships, math facts for 7th graders, data analysis, and probability.

What are some fun math games for seventh graders?

We brought together some of the coolest 7th grade math activities and math games grade 7 in this article. Click and jump to fun online math games, classroom games, printable puzzles, classroom and board games we recommend.

If you are looking for more tips on free 7th grade activities, don’t forget to check our articles where you can find more 7th grade learning games, such as the concentration card game and mindfulness activities for students.

Regardless of age, children regularly need activities that will help boost their mental development skills, and games are one of the most effective ways to do so.

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