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Publish Date: 06 April 2023

Regardless of our age, we all look for some fun apps to use when bored to entertain ourselves during our free time. Still, not all boredom apps out there may be as interesting and beneficial as they seem.

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So if you are wondering what apps to download when bored, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ve compiled all the top apps for boredom and created a list of apps including a variety of game, learning, and wellness apps to pass the time outside, at home, or wherever you want. Let’s get started!

Best Apps for When You Are Bored

When choosing apps for killing time or entertaining yourself, it is better to check if they provide a variety of activities, have a user-friendly interface, and are engaging enough to keep you entertained for a while. Also, it is best to check how they can contribute to your cognitive and physical skills.

Here is a closer look at all the apps for boredom that checks these requirements.

1. MentalUP Fun Brain Games

MentalUP is one of the best apps for boredom designed by academicians and game developers to keep people of all ages entertained while improving their cognitive and physical skills. The app includes a big collection of fun brain trainers and physical education exercises.

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Thanks to its user-friendly interface, fun and colorful graphics, and rich content, the award-winning app provides an engaging exercising experience in which you won’t even realize time passing. This is why it is loved and used by 10 million users worldwide.

Through a variety of games in categories such as attention, memory, logic, and visual and verbal intelligence, MentalUP offers a fun and continuous learning experience through performance-based, personalized daily programs! 🥳

It is what makes MentalUP the best app for boredom. 💯

Download MentalUP right away to reach the best games and exercises that are suitable for people of all ages and expand your potential. Plus, you can download MentalUP to your phone, tablet, or computer to have a bundle of fun anytime or anywhere! 🚀✨


2. Duolingo

If you want to kill boredom and spend your free time to learn a new language, Duolingo might be one of the best boredom apps for you. The app teaches over 30 languages, including French, English, Spanish, Japanese, and many more.

It offers a game-oriented approach to language learning, where users can learn through a variety of interactive lessons, exercises, and quizzes. It is free to download and can be used on phones, tablets, and computers.

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3. Stack the States

This is one of the best game apps for boredom if you are looking for one that’ll both kill time and enhance your geography skills. It features two different game modes in which users put states in the correct order and identify them based on shapes or capitals.

The app also includes information about each state, such as capitals, mottos, flags, nicknames, and more. It is suitable for both adults and kids and can be downloaded for $2.99 to play on tablets or smartphones.

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4. Flow Free

This is one of the most fun apps to help with boredom. It is simple yet addictive and includes hundreds of challenging levels. Also, it is highly beneficial for improving cognitive skills, like problem-solving and logical thinking.

The objective of the game is to connect matching colored dots on a grid without crossing over the lines and it gets harder as you play. So if you are looking for free apps when you’re bored, you can download this one to your smartphone or tablet.

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5. Smiling Mind

This is not a game or learning app but it is great for clearing the mind when feeling bored or overwhelmed. Smiling Mind offers a variety of short, guided meditations and mindfulness exercises that are tailored to different age groups, from children to adults.

It also includes daily reminders and a tracking system to help users keep up with their practice and monitor their progress over time. So it is one of the best apps that will cure your boredom along with anxiety, focus, and stress.

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6. 2048

This is a puzzle game app that can be played on smartphones and tablets. Its objective is to combine tiles on a grid to create a tile with the number 2048. It becomes increasingly challenging as the player progresses.

It is one of the most fun and challenging apps for bored adults and kids to play while waiting or in their free time. It can provide hours of entertainment and improve problem-solving skills at the same time.

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7. Kahoot!

This is a quiz app available as a website and an app on smartphones and tablets. It includes a variety of fun and engaging quizzes in different subjects, like movies, history, literature, and popular culture.

This alternative, which is one of of the best apps for 13 year olds and older kids, allows users to create multiple-choice quizzes and play in solo or multiplayer modes. So if you are looking for some fun apps for boredom to play with your friends and challenge your knowledge, you can check out Kahoot!

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8. Sand Draw Sketch

If you are looking for some simple and fun apps for when your bored, you can download this app. It simply allows you to create realistic sand art by providing a variety of tools, textures, and colors for unique designs.

You can change the background, add elements like shells or rocks, and export your creations to share them on social media or with your friends. So it is a great alternative to both spark creativity and kill boredom.

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9. PictoWord

This is one of the best boredom apps as it is both fun and easy to play. It simply gives users two pictures to guess what word they represent. The game includes different levels, starting from easy to hard.

Also, it exercises the player's vocabulary, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills and can be played in multiplayer mode on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is one of the most entertaining apps to install when bored and playing with friends.

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10. Doodle Jump

If you need game apps for when your bored, you can definitely try Doodle Jump. It provides a game in which the objective is to jump as high as possible without falling off the platforms or getting hit by obstacles.

It features an easy-to-play interface and offers different themes, characters, and items as you unlock the chapters. Plus, it is one of the most cool and fun apps that both kids and adults can enjoy playing.

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11. Trivia Crack

This is one of the most challenging apps for when bored. It tests users' knowledge in various categories, such as history, science, art, sports, and entertainment, through fast and short quizzes.

The game can be played solo or in multiplayer modes with friends or random opponents. The first one to correctly answer six questions across different categories wins the game. It is a fun and engaging game and can be played on smartphones or tablets.

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12. Programming Hero

This might be one of the most interesting apps for boredom for people who are interested in coding. As it teaches coding with detailed problems, solutions, and explanations, it doesn’t require any coding skills. So it can be used by both adults and younger kids.

The app simply allows you to learn to code while building your own game. Then you can publish your code and show off your work. You can download it for free and start coding with your smartphone or tablet.

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13. Two-Dots

This is one of the most visually appealing apps for bored people. It offers a simple puzzle game whose objective is to connect the same colored dots into squares, make lines, and sink anchors. It gets harder as users progress and provides different themes.

The game can be downloaded for free and played on both smartphones and tablets. So if you are looking for some good apps for boredom with minimalistic design and relaxing sounds, it is worth trying.

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14. Heads Up!

You’ve probably heard about the Heads Up! app before. It is one of the most fun apps to use when bored with your friends or family members. The game is all about guessing the cards from other players' clues.

The app includes over 75 fun categories, like movies, music, and pop culture. It can be played on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Also, you can video during the game to share these hilarious moments on social media.

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15. Tetris

Thanks to technology, the classic Tetris game turned into one of the best apps for boredom. This app offers the iconic Tetris game in two different modes in which you can play against 99 other users or solo.

The app allows you to join a team, work together to complete shared objectives, and earn rewards. You can complete daily challenges to collect XPs and personalize your profile. Also, this cool app can be played on smartphones and tablets to pass some spare time.

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What Should Boredom Apps Offer?

So far, we have evaluated the best apps to use when bored in detail but there are still a lot of apps out there to explore. Therefore, it is best to know what to look for in boredom apps.

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To help you choose the best apps for boredom, now we will take a closer look at the qualities and features that bored apps need to have.

Beneficial Features

Whether you are looking for boredom apps or not, it is always a great idea to check if an app offers some beneficial features, such as improving cognitive skills, expanding knowledge on particular topics, or eliminating stress or anxiety.

Safe Environment

Typically, most apps for boredom are free with in-app advertisements, which means that users encounter various ads from different brands between games or activities. To some extent, these in-app ads can be accepted if users are not kids. Still, it is better to choose from apps that don't contain any inappropriate or explicit ad content.

An Engaging Experience

Boredom apps should provide a fun and beneficial learning experience for a long time. Therefore, it should be designed with colorful elements and rich content. Additionally, it should offer features like personalization, content on a variety of different levels, and an assortment of themes, challenges, and rewards to keep users engaged.

As one of the best apps for boredom, MentalUP provides an engaging experience for each member of your family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

From gymnastics games to fun and challenging brain games and brain teasers, it offers rich content categorized according to different skills and ages. 🥳

Also, it doesn’t include any inappropriate content. So it provides a fun learning environment in which people can enjoy different activities that best suit their interests and needs. 🚀✨

Download MentalUP and reach the most personalized games and activities that’ll promote your cognitive and physical skills! 🎯


Frequently Asked Questions About Apps for Boredom

Now that we have learned all the top apps for boredom and explained what kind of qualities and functions they should have, it's time to answer any questions left in your mind. Here are the most commonly asked questions about boredom apps.

What can I do on my phone when I'm bored?

You can play games, read a book, get in touch with your friends or family, or spend time with a cool app that’ll cure your boredom, improve your cognitive skills, help you learn a new language, and relax your mind.

What is the most interesting app?

The most interesting app depends on your interests, skills, or needs. For example, if you are into coding, Programming Hero might be an interesting app for you. Similarly, if you want to learn a new language, like Spanish, French, or English, Duolingo might attract your attention.

How to cure boredom online?

There are many ways to cure boredom online. In addition to spending time on online game apps, like MentalUP, Trivia Crack and Kahoot!, you can also watch movies or TV shows, listen to music, or take virtual trips to visit cities you want to discover.

What activities fight boredom?

Playing games, exercising, meditating, spending time with friends or family members, using boredom apps, and exploring new hobbies are the the best fun things to do with kids to kill time and overcome boredom.

How can I pass my time online?

You can exercise and practice cognitive skills with apps like MentalUP, take an online course on the topics you are interested in, read online articles to learn new things, or attend virtual events like concerts and conferences.

Which app is best for timepass?

The answer actually depends on your needs and interests. Still, apps like MentalUP, Smiling Mind, Flow Free, and Duolingo are the best apps if you want to pass time in a fun and beneficial way.

Yet, most of these apps fall short of providing actionable insights into the progress you achieve by spending time on boredom apps.

As a scientifically designed app, MentalUP aims to encourage self-exploration and provides five different detailed progress analysis tools, along with 150+ fun games to help both adults and kids discover how they can expand their skills and potential. 📊🔍

Get started with the app right now to discover a fun and easy way of improving yourself and curing your boredom! 📲🤩