13 Problem-Solving Apps for People of All Ages

In a world where challenges arise regularly, problem-solving skills are invaluable for everyone. Through this blog post, you’ll discover the best apps for problem-solving that cater to all age groups and foster critical thinking.

Problem-Solving Apps for Kids

Encouraging problem-solving abilities in children can shape their cognitive development. If you’re looking for the best apps to increase problem-solving skills, here are the best problem-solving apps for kids designed to hone problem-solving skills in young minds.

1. MentalUP Problem Solving App for Kids

MentalUP is a comprehensive educational platform with over 200 games designed to enhance problem-solving and other cognitive skills. These games are crafted to improve cognitive functions such as problem solving, logical reasoning, attention, and memory.

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Through engaging thinking games, brain games, memory games, and interactive events, MentalUP offers personalized challenges and competitions suitable for various age groups.

So, it's quite possible to say that it's the ideal solution for those looking for apps for problem solving skills.

Elevate your child's critical thinking and problem-solving skills using MentalUP! πŸš€βœ¨

MentalUP is a Pedagogical Product certified, The Educate Awards winner brain app recognized for its positive impact on kids cognitive skills such as focus, logic, visual intelligence, verbal intelligence, memory, critical thinking, and more. 🀩

Its easy-to-use interface encourages children to solve problems with fun competition. The app’s performance-tracking tools allow kids to track their improvement. πŸ’―

MentalUP also offers 240+ fitness exercises with different difficulty levels, nurturing individuals' physical development, thus strengthening the mind-body connection and enhancing problem solving skills. πŸ§ πŸ‘Ÿ

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2. Busy Shapes & Colors

Busy Shapes & Colors is one of the best problem-solving iPad apps for kids. It immerses children in problem-solving by incorporating shape and color learning games to boost recognition into engaging puzzles.

By presenting various challenges, the app prompts kids to apply critical thinking and spatial intelligence while navigating through puzzles. Moreover, the interactive design of the app encourages exploration and experimentation, ensuring that learning remains both enjoyable and effective. With each puzzle conquered, children progressively refine their problem-solving skills, setting a strong groundwork for cognitive development.

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3. Busy Water

What springs forth when you merge the intricate dynamics of water with the allure of puzzles? Discover Busy Water, one of the most common problem-solving apps that entices kids to harness their critical thinking prowess.

Through the manipulation of pipes, wheels, blocks, and paddles, young users accompany Archie the fish on a journey from the vast open waters back to the comfort of his fish tank.

Tailored for children aged 6 to 8, this app serves as more than entertainment; it's a catalyst for creative engagement, extending beyond mere play to challenge and expand cognitive abilities and reasoning skills, nurturing a rich environment for young minds to flourish and excel. It’s one of the top problem solving apps for 6-8 ages.

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4. Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2 is a physics-based puzzle app designed to foster logic and problem-solving skills in children. It is one of the most simple yet fun problem solving decision making apps.

Through various levels and challenges, kids maneuver characters through obstacles by strategizing and applying problem-solving techniques. The app gradually increases difficulty, encouraging perseverance and critical thinking. Its colorful design and interactive gameplay make it one of the best ADHD apps, especially for the ADHD kids.

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5. DragonBox Numbers

Designed by Kahoot!, DragonBox Numbers introduces a fresh approach to math education for children aged 4 to 8, emphasizing intuitive comprehension of numbers over rote memorization.

Instead of repetitive drills, the game nurtures a fundamental grasp of numbers, exploring their essence, functionality, and practical applications. children.

By delving into puzzles and challenges centered around numbers and basic arithmetic operations, children not only refine their mathematical problem-solving skills but also cultivate their critical thinking crucial for their development with these apps for critical thinking and problem solving children.

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This interactive app stands as a beacon among apps for critical thinking and problem-solving children, creating an environment where learning seamlessly intertwines with play.

Problem Solving Apps for Adults

Problem-solving games apps can empowering adults to tackle daily challenges efficiently. Here are the best apps for problem-solving for adults to navigate the complexities of modern life.

6. MentalUP Problem-Solving App for Adults

MentalUP offers a broad spectrum of challenges, from logic puzzles to analytical exercises, catering to various problem-solving styles and preferences. The app adapts to difficulty levels, ensuring a gradual progression that suits beginners to advanced problem solvers, providing a continuous challenge.

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The award-winning app transforms the games offered into a daily program tailored to the level of adults, taking problem-solving skills to the next level through personalized games.

MentalUP's intuitive design ensures ease of navigation, making it accessible for adults of all ages and technological backgrounds. So, it is one of the best problem solving apps adults can enjoy.

Need to keep your problem-solving skills active with tailored exercises? Look no further than MentalUP! 🀩✨

Developed by academicians and game designers, MentalUP exercises are based on scientific methodologies that enhance problem-solving skills. The gamified exercises mirror real-life problem solving scenarios, fostering practical skills applicable to work, daily life, and personal development! πŸ™Œ

With five detailed reporting modules, tools to track performance, a library of 200+ games, and 240+ fitness exercises, MentalUP is one of the most comprehensive problem-solving apps for adults. πŸ“Š

Download MentalUP now and start exercising your mind anytime and anywhere! πŸ“²πŸ‘


7. Lumosity

Lumosity stands out among the brain-training mobile problem-solving apps offering a wide array of games targeting problem-solving, memory, and attention.

Its personalized training programs track progress, making it one of the ideal choices for adults seeking to refine their cognitive skills. Lumosity is designed to enhance problem-solving skills across various age groups, catering to adults of all ages.

Its array of cognitive games and exercises targets mental agility, memory, attention, and flexibility, ultimately sharpening problem-solving abilities through engaging and personalized challenges.

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8. Peak

Peak provides a collection of brief and captivating cognitive training games, spanning variety of cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and problem solving.

Users start with an assessment, then engage in daily "Workouts" and cognitive skill tasks to accumulate points, track progress, and compare achievements with friends and other users.

These workouts involve short games designed to enhance specific areas like language proficiency, mental stamina, and problem-solving abilities. So, it is one of the best apps for problem solving along with mental agility.

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9. Elevate

Focused on communication and analytical skills, Elevate offers personalized challenges to enhance problem-solving abilities, memory, and processing speed in adults.

Elevate, one of the free problem-solving apps an acclaimed brain-training platform, employs entertaining games to enhance vocabulary, verbal fluency, processing speed, memory retention, mental math, and various cognitive abilities. Each user benefits from a tailored learning regimen that adapts to optimize results over time.

Consistent use of Elevate leads to tangible enhancements in practical cognitive skills, elevating productivity, earning potential, and self-assurance. So, if you are looking for problem solving apps for Iphone, you can try Elevate.

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10. Brilliant

Brilliant.org stands out as a dynamic online hub for education, delivering an extensive array of interactive courses, problems, and quizzes spanning the spectrum of STEM disciplines.

The app’s content strikes a balance between challenge and engagement, encouraging active participation from learners and thereby fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

The platform positions itself as one of the apps to help with problem solving for both kids and adults. If you find joy in tackling challenging problems and relish interactive, hands-on learning experiences, Brilliant might be an ideal fit.

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11. CogniFit

CogniFit functions as both a cognitive training app available on mobile devices and web platforms. The app entails short, easily grasped games intended to enhance various cognitive functions.

Users have the option to engage in a personalized training session comprising three games selected by the program or opt for games aligned with their preferences.

Each training session spans roughly 15 minutes, and it's recommended that users aim for a minimum of three sessions per week. The app furnishes performance feedback and cumulative scores, offering users a means to track their advancement. It is one of the rare apps problem solving is the main focus.

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12. MindNode

MindNode is a robust and user-friendly tool for mind mapping. The creative interface of it simplifies data entry, facilitating the swift creation of visually appealing mind maps.

Beyond ease of use, it boasts robust functionalities enabling the export of mind maps into polished documents and standard file formats.

Additionally, its swiftness in data entry accelerates the process of creating intricate mind maps effortlessly. According to the user's reviews, Mindnode is among the top problem-solving apps.

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13. Neuronation

Neuronation, introduced in 2011, serves as both one of a cognitive training platforms and apps for problem-solving, amassing over 10 million users since its inception.

The app centers its education on enhancing cognitive functions like critical thinking, learning capacity, comprehension, and memory through its tailored training exercises. The app offers 34 exercises and a variety of levels to provide a personalized and motivating learning experience for both kids and adults.

Math Puzzles with Answers to Boost Your Skills

Tips and Exercises to Improve Problem Solving Skills

So far, we have evaluated a variety of problem solving apps, from problem-solving preschool apps to adult apps. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the best practices to improve problem solving skills in adults.

Playing MentalUP Problem Solving Games

MentalUP's expertise lies in cultivating problem-solving skills across all ages through games crafted to challenge various cognitive aspects. These games create a playful yet structured environment, honing skills such as logical thinking, pattern recognition, and creative problem-solving for individuals of every age group.

Whether for adults or children, MentalUP's personalized exercises are designed for all levels! βœ…

Aware of the connection of all cognitive skills, the award-winning app offers the most comprehensive solution to boost problem-solving skills in a fun manner! πŸš€

Today is the day to make a change in your life! πŸ€—


Brainstorming Sessions

Regularly engaging in brainstorming sessions cultivates a mindset of uninhibited idea generation, promoting creativity and enabling the exploration of diverse solutions. It also encourages collaboration and the consideration of multiple perspectives.

Mind Mapping Techniques

Visual organization through mind mapping helps comprehend complex problems and their interrelations, fostering innovative thinking and the ability to recognize patterns crucial for effective problem-solving.

Reverse Engineering Challenges

Breaking down intricate problems into smaller, manageable parts enables individuals to approach problem-solving in a systematic and structured manner, fostering a clear understanding of the steps needed to reach a solution.

Solving Riddles and Puzzles

Regular engagement with riddles and brain teaser puzzles exercises the brain, enhancing analytical thinking, lateral thinking, and the ability to think outside the box, which are essential in tackling complex problems.

Role-Playing Scenarios

Simulating various problem scenarios and adopting different perspectives enhances empathy, improves understanding of varied viewpoints, and encourages innovative problem-solving approaches through diverse lenses.

Case Studies and Real-Life Problem Solving

Aside from using educational problem-solving apps, analyzing real-world cases relevant to one's field develops the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical problem-solving situations, ensuring a more comprehensive and practical skill set.

Collaborative Problem-Solving Projects

Engaging in group projects that require collective problem-solving promotes effective communication, teamwork, and the ability to leverage diverse skill sets, essential for solving complex issues.

Mindfulness and Reflection Practices

Cultivating mindfulness activities aids in managing stress and maintaining a calm, focused approach to problem-solving. Reflection on problem-solving approaches enhances self-awareness and helps refine strategies for future challenges.

Why Problem Solving Is Important?

From fostering creativity to enhancing critical thinking, understanding the significance of problem-solving is key to personal and professional growth. Here is why problem solving skills are important;

  • Problem-solving sharpens your ability to analyze situations objectively, evaluate information, and make informed decisions.
  • Engaging in problem-solving exercises encourages thinking outside the box, fostering innovative solutions and fresh perspectives.
  • Problem solving skills cultivate the skill to weigh alternatives, leading to more strategic and effective decision-making in various aspects of life.
  • Developing problem-solving skills nurtures resilience, enabling individuals to adapt to change and overcome obstacles with greater ease.
  • Problem solving skills equip individuals to tackle complex problems efficiently, breaking them down into manageable parts and finding viable solutions.
  • These skills foster continuous learning by encouraging individuals to seek new approaches, leading to ongoing personal and professional development.

Frequently Asked Questions About Problem Solving Apps

Exploring problem-solving apps suitable for all ages often raises several common queries. Here are some frequently asked questions about these ipad apps for problem solving and their benefits.

Are problem-solving apps effective for all age groups?

Yes, these apps are designed with various difficulty levels, ensuring suitability for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. They adapt to individual skill levels.

Can problem-solving apps really improve cognitive abilities?

Absolutely. These apps are structured to target specific cognitive skills like critical thinking, logic, memory, and problem-solving, leading to noticeable improvements over time.

Are these apps solely for entertainment, or do they offer tangible benefits?

While engaging and entertaining, problem-solving apps also provide substantial cognitive benefits, enhancing skills useful in daily life and professional settings.

Do problem-solving apps cater to different learning styles?

Yes, many of these apps utilize diverse formats (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) to accommodate various learning styles, ensuring an inclusive experience.

Are problem-solving apps suitable for individuals with cognitive impairments or special needs?

Some apps are designed specifically to support individuals with cognitive impairments or special needs, offering tailored exercises and assistance.

What is the ideal frequency and duration of using these apps to see results?

Consistency matters more than duration. Regular but short practice sessions, around 15-30 minutes daily, can yield noticeable improvements in problem-solving abilities.

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