Brain puzzle games are very beneficial for both children and adults to boost their logic, memory, attention, and problem-solving skills instantly. We compiled the best brain puzzle games for you.

Brain Puzzle Games

Puzzle games good for brain work as mental training and develop our abilities. You can use them to spend quality time and boost yourself. Don’t forget to check these alternatives.

Tricky Puzzle

You can develop your planning and decision-making skills with this entertaining puzzle game.

Confusing Cards

If you want to improve your visual scanning and spatial memory skills, you can play this game.

Funny Puzzle

Start to exercise daily by playing this game and see how your attention ability develops on short notice.

Boosting Game

If you love playing with cards, this game that will empower your short-term memory is tailored for you.

Online Brain Puzzle Games

Brain puzzle games online can help us to entertain and improve our skills at the same time. If you want to empower mental abilities instantly, don’t skip without visiting this best compilation.

Picture Puzzle

This game that will develop your visualization is appropriate for all the people who are into the arts.

Colorful Blocks

If you like logic games that improve your math and counting skills, you can try this entertaining one.

Mind Puzzle

Supporting memory is always helpful for our daily lives. You can do it immediately with this fun game.

Detective Game

Mystery lovers will adore this logic game that helps you to boost planning and attention skills.

Certified educational app MentalUP offers you hundreds of free brain puzzle games. Because they are both suitable for adults and kids, you can choose the best for yourselves and start to develop now. 👍

Don’t forget playing fun brain games is one of the most effective ways to improve mentally. Thanks to MentalUP, you can find what you need, compare your scores and track your detailed reports easily. 🎉


Brain Puzzle Games For Kids

Kids love to play games. But don’t you want them to develop mentally at the same time? Then, you are lucky because you can find the best puzzle games for the brain here. You can help your kids to be more successful in their school classes, tests, and exams such as 11 plus, thanks to these fun games.

Candy Game

This one is among the most entertaining visual games that develop focus and counting skills.

Musical Puzzle

If you like music, you are in the right place. Start to play this game and boost your aural memory.

Messy Room

When you want to spend your time effectively, you can choose this game to improve your logic.

Memory Puzzle

Memory puzzles like this game are beneficial for your verbal memory and attention skills.

Brain Puzzle Games For Adults

Adults need to have fun, too. You deserve to play the most entertaining brain puzzle games free to boost your focus, expand your vocabulary and improve your visual memory.

Confusing Puzzle

If you trust your memory, it is time to prove yourself. Start to the challenge and develop!

Fun Ball Game

To be successful in this game that will boost your sustained attention, you need to be careful!

Tricky Word Puzzle

Puzzle brain exercise games like this one are helpful to empower your conceptualization abilities.

Unknown Places

When you need brain training, you can use this game to develop your long-term memory.

Hard Brain Puzzle Games

Puzzle games for your brain are important for our mental abilities. If you solve them easily, you can try these hard ones that will drive you mad and entertain you at the same time.

Strategical Puzzle

This logic game can only be solved by geniuses. Check it out and boost your brain.

Numbers & Letters

If you trust your visual scanning and planning skills, then try to solve this tough puzzle.

Puzzling Balls

Tricky balls are waiting for you to play. Start to solve this puzzle to improve your reasoning.

Crossword Puzzle

The people whose language skills are powerful will love this word game in no time.

You can find lots of brain booster exercises and educational games in MentalUP. After spending time on these regularly, you will see the effects puzzle games have on the brain by yourselves.

Because MentalUP is a safe learning environment with no-ads, it is one of the best choices for kids. Remember that there are 150+ games to play and 240+ fitness exercises to do in it.


How Do Puzzles Help Your Brain?

Puzzles train our brains and develop our mental abilities, such as our different types of attention, memory, and logical skills. You can choose to play brain puzzle games for a fun way of boosting.

Because brain teaser puzzle games like spot the difference are suitable for both children and adults, they can be used to improve kids’ left and right brains or adults’ strategical thinking ability. Actually, you can think of them as mental exercises.

Fun online puzzle games for the brain also support school classes of children by expanding vocabulary, empowering verbal fluency, and helping to develop math or counting skills. The easiest approach to work with them is to use a brain puzzle games app such as MentalUP.

Moreover, you can spend time effectively by playing brain puzzle games with your whole family. You just need to prefer a game according to your interests and have fun. Don’t forget puzzle brain games are beneficial for different learning styles.

FAQ About Brain Games for Seniors

What Part of The Brain Works With Puzzle Games?

Brain puzzles games support the left and right sides of our brains at the same time. You can exercise by playing fun games and developing your logic, math, focus, and memory skills.

How Do Puzzle Games Affect The Brain?

Playing puzzles regularly trains our brains and increases the production of dopamine. In this way, they improve concentration ability and also regulate our mood positively.

How Puzzle Video Games Affect Brain Cells?

Puzzle video games affect especially the frontal lobes of our brain. So, online puzzle games for the brain are associated with our emotional regulation and executive control ability.

Are Puzzle Games Good For Your Brain?

Brain exercise puzzle games strengthen the connection between our brain cells and develop mental speed. Therefore, playing these games is good for both kids’ and adults’ brains.

In the multi-awarded learning app MentalUP, you can find lots of brain puzzle games alternatives according to your pursuits. These number puzzles, word puzzles, or picture puzzles in the games are designed by pedagogues, and they are suitable for different age groups. 🌈

Also, when you finish the game, you can compare your scores with your peers and check out other entertaining stuff such as brain teasers, educational activities, or mindfulness exercises. Start without wasting any time and boost your brainpower. 🎮