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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

In this article, I am going to cover the topic of being successful in terms of the way that is accepted in the society because being successful is a very general definition. Together with this, I will also give detailed information about the way to success and secret to success by showing the common features of people who are successful at almost every job they do in their lives. When you finish this article, I am sure that you will get clear answers to the question of “What we have to do to be successful?”. It is also possible for you to have a good awareness of raising successful children!

Read the following definition carefully.

Most Important Steps For Being Successful


Success is to achieve an action which is thought to be beneficial as a result, and it also means to overcome something.

As you see, secret to success is not associated with having superior talents. Of course, having superior skills (hand skill, intelligence, power etc.) are some of the factors that make it easier to succeed, but this is not the all. Success is a result and should be considered according to people, events, and circumstances together. Let's go back to the way to success if we all agree until now.


1- In order to be successful you should know to take lessons and to not make excuses:

When you look at the lives of successful people, you will see exactly this: People, who are successful in their academic life, business life and social life, take lessons from all their positive and negative experiences in the past. Instead of making excuses when things do not turn out as you had expected, you should consider where you made a mistake or what you are missing. Making this approach a way of thinking is definitely the first step of success.

When we consider the results which seem like “a mistake” in a moment as something that we can take lessons, we make them experiences not mistakes. When we think so, we can see clearly that we have added a new one to our experiences that will enable us to succeed in life. That's great!

2- Setting Goals is Necessary to Become Successful!

Goals are concepts that increase the inner motivation of a person and making the work meaningful. Every kind of people at any age can set goals for themselves in the short or long term.

Example: A first grade student may be aiming for getting the skill badge for the ones who know how to read. Thanks to this short-term goal, when the student needs to study, he/she finds a satisfactory answer to the question "Why do I study?"

  • Why am I trying to write these syllables over and over again?
  • Because I aim to get the “reads successfully" badge.

Even a symbolic piece of metal that will be wearing by the student is enough to increase the motivation of a student who can be able to read a paragraph without any help. The student who wants to experience this emotion also sets the goal for having it. It is not only about with motivators or goals of the ways to succeed in classes.

The general success methods in this article may also increase the success of children at school, but we also discussed this topic in one our article called "Ways to Succeed in Classes". You can read it by clicking the link.

People's goals grow and change with their ages. We adults also set goals for ourselves to make our work we do today more meaningful.


  • My goal is to come to the point x in my career because if I come to where I want, I will have my economic freedom. I work for this.
  • My aim is to do the job that is given to me in the best way because I want to prove myself. I work for this.
  • I will prove myself because I can get more job offers like this. My goal is to raise my income potential and work for it.

The most important rule while determining a goal is to set the date. Otherwise, our goal will remain as a "dream" instead of a "goal" until it happens. Even if we cannot set a definite time for a goal, we can set the possible time period to make it happen. In this way, we start a planning process.

3- Making an Effective Plan to Be Successful

We do this many times consciously or unconsciously. We plan our day when we wake up every morning. We have plans for a school period or a business period. Then we continue our life according to this plan. The most important part is to do the right planning.

The question of "What to do be successful?" that we try to answer in this article points out that a plan is necessary.

Example: What should be done to make the child successful?

A good study plan for academic success is very important. Within this plan, we can determine which hours of the day, which days of the week, and how we can study.

What is Academic Achievement?

Academic achievement is showing the expected performance or working on it during the school and education process.

4- People Who Know Themselves Well Will Succeed

For those who have discovered their talents, it is the thing which shows what they are good at. However, we all need to know it very well at which topics we are not talented or experienced enough as well. Knowing what we can and cannot do (at least for now) makes us both save time and success by making the right choices.

For example, if we do not sound good while singing, forcing ourselves to be a singer can result in frustration, which leads us to think "I am a failure". In fact, there is no failure. There is a wrong decision. Likewise, if we have the ability to draw, and if we prefer to study in the fine arts faculty, it will not be a coincidence that we will be academically successful.

Those who are able to criticize themselves and who know themselves well are not affected by negative thoughts of others and do not try to copy others. Hey, careful about this. It is good to take successful people as an example however it is not correct to imitate successful people!

5- In Order to Be Successful, Working and Taking Action Is Required

It may be some people who are more successful than you in some works even if they have made less effort. This situation does not mean you will never be more successful than those people. They may be more experienced on that work or developed their mental skills more than you in that direction. All you need to do in this case is to work a little bit more. That's all!

REMEMBER: Success does not mean to get the result in the shortest way. Success is achieving the best result.

Always take action and move on for what you are planning. In fact, waiting for the most perfect plan is nothing actually more than postponing the success. Start somewhere applying your plans with a writing or a little work. When you are involved in this process you will see that you can actually make it.

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6-For Success, Being Consistent is Required

Giving up after few tries or getting bored quickly is a hidden obstacle of being successful. In the same way, constantly looking for the easiest way can keep people from doing their work. Things that are not done are considered to fail. Therefore, being consistent is the secret to success.

7- Choosing the Right Friends Will Affect People's Success in Life

Perhaps you have read hundreds of advice and articles about the choosing the right friends. Here is what I want to emphasize: Do not just consider the necessity of choosing the right friend as "avoiding mistakes". When you get together with the right people and do the right things, you can succeed.

Join the organizations you are invited to, meet new people, and always be social. As Manzie R. Walfer, a successful business man and writer, says, people do business with people. I mean, even if your job will not require to communicate with others, you will still need people at the end because what you are doing will affect other people's lives. The success of an online shopping website is actually the success of people working in the background. Meeting new people would provide you new opportunities.

8- Being A Perfectionist Is One of The Hidden Obstacles to Success. Get Rid of It!

Remember the definition of success again. You do not have to be the best what you are doing. If you can, it is good, but if you cannot, you do not have to leave it. What matters the most is what you are expected or what you expect from yourself. Presumably, the successful people were not the best in their area for some time ;)

9- Being Successful is Hard for Those Who is not Mentally Healthy

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article: Success is a very general concept. Let's say success in life. For success in life, we must take care of our mental health. We cannot get a sustainable success by always sacrificing our social lives, friends and families, and the time we spare for ourselves by only and constantly focusing on the goals and success. After some point, we can find ourselves in a situation where we are away from things we have succeeded in because of burnout syndrome and depression.

Everyone should know, explore, and have some time to do activities they enjoy. As a social being, people should spend time with those who they love.

10- Summarizing the Ways to be Successful by Items

  • Taking lessons from negative experiences
  • Not making excuses
  • Discovering yourself
  • Planning
  • Taking action
  • Being consistent
  • Having the right friends and the right social environment
  • Not being perfectionist
  • Taking care of our mental health
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