Math Kangaroo is an international mathematical competition that tests kids’ logical skills with math knowledge.

What makes Kangaroo Math different from the other exams is that it doesn’t focus on pure knowledge of formulas. Math Kangaroo aims to make children from 1st to 12th grades love mathematics and develop their imagination, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills with funny and interesting questions.

Still, teachers suggest that students prepare for the Math Kangaroo Contest with past papers and sample questions. On MentalUP, you can find hundreds of sample questions, as well as Math Kangaroo past papers! Let’s discover all of them together.

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Math Kangaroo Past Papers - PDFs

Testing yourself with Math Kangaroo Past Papers is always a good idea, no matter if the student is in 1st or 12th grades. Preparing an exam with the proper studying strategies is as important as the exam itself. So, all students may feel more confident after checking past papers of the Math Kangaroo.

Here is the Kangaroo Math Past Papers list from 2014 to today that grades 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9,10, and 11-12 can take advantage of.

Kangaroo Math Past Papers and Answer Keys

Year Grade 1-2 Grade 3-4 Grade 5-6 Grade 7-8 Grade 9-10 Grade 11-12 Solutions
2014 Test Test Test Test Test Test Answer
2015 Test Test Test Test Test Test Answer
2016 Test Test Test Test Test Test Answer
2017 Test Test Test Test Test Test Answer
2018 Test Test Test Test Test Test Answer
2019 Test Test Test Test Test Test Answer
2020 Test Test Test Test Test Test Answer
2021 Test Test Test Test Test Test Answer
2022 Test Test Test Test Test Test Answer

Math Kangaroo Sample Questions

You don’t have to work hard to prepare for the Math Kangaroo Contest, unlike other exams. The aim of the Mathematical Kangaroo is to make children love math. This is only possible if children enjoy studying mathematics.

MentalUP is here to help to achieve this goal! Over 10 million kids worldwide use the award-winning app and develop their math, logic, attention, memory, concentration, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills with the funny and beneficial exercises of MentalUP.

Math Kangaroo Practice Questions for Grade 1 - 2

These ages are critical to making children love math! At this stage, parents should be careful not to force children and give them math anxiety. It's an excellent idea to get help from apps designed by academics and pedagogues like MentalUP for Math Kangaroo and other exams.


Are you ready to surprise your brain with Tangram? With the help of visualization and attention skills, prepare for Math Kangaroo.

Seen Many Times

Use your counting and visual attention skills to detect the most viewed images! It’s a great exercise to support memory too.

Counting Blocks

Here is one of the best Math Kangaroo past papers’ questions! You will see lots of similar counting questions on the exam.

Candy Hunt

Are you ready to count some candies against time? Use your visual attention skills to be fast and also successful!

Math Kangaroo Practice Questions for Grade 3 - 4

Let’s take a look at the best Math Kangaroo practice questions for grade 3 - 4. These exercises will help kids to understand the concept of the Mathematical Kangaroo questions while enjoying developing their multiple cognitive skills.

Counting Game

Math Kangaroo requires using spatial perception and reasoning skills as much as counting! Let’s test these abilities.

Number Hunter

Are you ready to hunt some numbers according to the direction? Using comparison skills is a must, just like visual scanning!

How Many Birds?

Count all the birds before they fly away! Use your visual attention and counting skills to find out the correct answers.

Number Memory

Recognizing numbers can be easy, but is your memory strong enough to use all the details you need? Let’s see!

Math Kangaroo Practice Questions for Grade 5 - 6

Math Kangaroo practice questions for grade 5 - 6 tends to make kids think differently and consider every option in detail. Especially testing their attention and logic skills is essential to be improved.

Logic Balls

Math Kangaroo doesn’t test only your math skills. This exercise will help you develop logic, visualization, and planning skills!

Equalization Test

It’s time to analyze how fast your processing speed is! It’s critical to speed yourself up in the contests like Math Kangaroo.

Odd or Even

Check the criteria and select the numbers according to that. Planning and comparison skills will be used during the game.


Math skills are necessary for Kangaroo Math so let’s improve ourselves with this test! You need to focus and count!

Math Kangaroo Practice Questions for Grade 7 - 8

Math Kangaroo for Grade 7 - 8 requires that students use their attention, logic, counting, and concentration skills very efficiently. To help you in this, we’ve compiled the most challenging but also entertaining practice questions together.

Candy Count

You may think counting candy is easy, but don’t make your final decision before playing it! It’s a great exercise for Math Kangaroo.

Logic Challenge

Think outside of the box to get a good score on Kangaroo Math. Play this, and improve your logical thinking and attention skills!

Confusing Blocks

Sometimes, you need more than counting skills to get a good score! Here is an example of why 3D thinking is also important.

Audio Numbers

Let’s strengthen your memory together! This exercise will help you with math kangaroo past papers. Are you ready?

Don’t forget that studying for Math Kangaroo can also be an entertaining activity! Learning apps like MentalUP can help you achieve your goals while having much fun.

Good luck!

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