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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

Intelligence: It can be described as the collection of all mental activities such as learning and connecting what you learn, abstract thinking, and reasoning. Intelligence has begun to develop after birth to adulthood. The process for intelligence development is in the fastest rate during childhood. For adults this process starts to slow down but does not stop completely. Brain games for adults are quite good exercises in order to develop intelligence.

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We prepared a detailed list about the games that is going to surprise you. And you will definitely love it. Let’s begin!


“Being intelligent” has been always an important concept in all area of the life in terms of making people lives easier, helping them to come to the forefront and making people beneficial for the society, and providing to have a good level of welfare. Therefore, every human being wants to improve their intelligence. One of the most effective and fun ways of achieving this is to play intelligence games. By playing these games, you can have fun and at the same time you will keep our brain fit. Intelligence games are known as providing a therapeutic effect for problems such as distractibility or dsymnesia.

That's why we have created a list of small but useful alternatives that is most probably going to surprise you about brain teases for adults.




Did you know how beneficial riddles are? You have seen them everywhere and almost every day. Crossword puzzles, riddles and others contribute the development of memory and attention. Solution-oriented thinking, which is one of the most important functions of the intelligence, can be improved by the help of riddles. And the benefits of them are not limited with only these. It is the fact that riddles and puzzles help to develop vocabulary, general knowledge, and communication ability.



Chess is one of the most popular intelligence games among the all. People who play chess know better that there is no a single way to win the game, and how to evaluate alternatives. It develops fast decision-making mechanism while playing chess under the pressure in a limited time. Trying to be careful provides strategic thinking, concentration and attention development because it is a game that needs to calculate many variations, including the moves of the opponent. Chess is a powerful alternative among the choices of brain teasers for adults and children.
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Video Games / Computer Games:

Computer games are fun activities that their benefits are ignored by the adults, and we usually think of their negative effects. In fact, as happens in every field, there is a positive-negative effects situation depending on the correct-wrong usage. Computer and video games have an improving effect on intelligence when it is played for a certain period of time without losing control.

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In a challenging action game, we can improve our abilities to make quick decisions, realize the details, or on the contrary just focus on the important object. It is obviously clear and a scientifically proven knowledge that a car racing game provides hand-eye coordination development. It is also proven that strategy games strengthen the social relationships and provide to improve reasoning ability. It has been observed that people who have difficulty focusing on a job or topic (distractibility, lack of attention, unable to focus) do not have difficulty in focusing on computer games. Therefore, it is a fact that video games provide some improvement to the brain in terms of attention and focusing. If you are looking for a more effective solution, we can talk about MentalUP brain training games, which are the most scientific and the most fun brain improvement games.


MentalUP Brain Training Games:

MentalUP, which is produced to focus on exploring and developing the intelligence potential of children, is a scientific brain training game application that has quickly attracted the attention of adults as well. MentalUP brain training game application provides access with tools such as phone, tablet, computer, and support the development of attention and memory in adults. It keeps the concentration ability at the highest level. MentalUP is a global application supported by the academicians who are specialized in their fields. It has features not only to develop intelligence but also to protect the brain. The Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) has recommended 3 things to protect human brain against Alzheimer's disease:

  • Doing Sport Regularly
  • Having a Regular Diet
  • Regularly Exercise the Brain

We recommend you to use MentalUp brain training games regularly in order to protect yourself against Alzheimer's disease and other mental diseases as well. You can try the FREE trial. During this period, you can analyze which part of you is stronger with your performance reports.

REMEMBER: Brain games for adults and for children are REQUIREMENTS just like foods.

MentalUP Brain Exercise Games: Try Now

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Matching Pairs Card Game:

Matching pairs card game is one of the most popular game played by everyone. In this memory boosting brain training game, you are trying to match the images behind the closed cards. Of course, this game has now been online anymore. Matching pairs card game keeps your brain fit and allows you to improve your memory.

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Mobile Apps for Adults:

There are dozens of mobile apps developed for adults who want to do intelligence exercises. These applications, designed like brain exercise games, work with an artificial intelligence on the background. There are online brain exercise games which are played with a companion and also there are some intelligence exercises that you play individually and then your scores are compared with other players.

Example: It is very efficient to compare and contrast the scores you get and the scores of others in memory games in order to interpret your scores.

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Some of the mobile game applications that adults will enjoy playing include:

  • Paperama
  • MentalUP
  • 2048
  • Flow
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